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  1. Bill Hamm



    Longing is the animal inside you when you bleed
    Suffering is critical in finding what you need
    Deliverance is evidence there's more than what you say
    Pain is there the moment that you wake up from your dreams

    Oh, I know you can't tithe
    Oh, when you look inside yourself
    You've got to cross that line
    Yeah, you're running out of time

    Loneliness is beautiful, it leads you home again
    Happiness is overrated, joy is infinite
    Liberate the hate you feel before it's permanent
    Smile when it hurts, it works like mother's medicine

    Oh, I know you can't tithe
    Oh, when you look inside yourself
    You've got to cross that line
    Yeah, you're running out of time

    You've got to learn your lesson to see what you've been missing
    You've got to cross that line

    Yeah, you've got to look inside
    Yeah, it's time that you decide
    Yeah, you've got to cross that line
    Yeah, you're running out of time

  3. Karolina Knopik

    okay but why isn't this on spotify anymore?

  4. Lucas Gratão

    Please put this on spotify

    Nicholas Benicchio

    This was on spotify, but I don't know why they removed it


    Trials Rising !!!

  6. Lukas Lager

    Take a load off take a load off... oh wrong song lol

  7. Galaxy

    I'm listening now July 24, 2019

    (20 🎗)

  8. A Ω

    Hell in A cell 2013

  9. laura reyes

    This is so fucking awesome, rip chester, he was the best and most underrated singer ever, his vocal were so powerfull.

  10. Joy_Jwalker


    Longing is the animal inside you when you bleed
    Suffering is critical in finding what you need
    Deliverance is evidence there’s more than what you say
    Pain is there the moment that you wake up from your dreams

    Oh, I know you can’t tithe
    Oh, when you look inside yourself
    You’ve got to cross that line
    Yeah, you’re running out of time

    Loneliness is beautiful, it leads you home again
    Happiness is overrated, joy is infinite
    Liberate the hate you feel before it’s permanent
    Smile when it hurts, it works like mother’s medicine

    Oh, I know you can’t tithe
    Oh, when you look inside yourself
    you’ve got to cross that line
    Yeah, you’re running out of time

    You’ve got to learn your lesson to see what you’ve been missing
    You’ve got to cross that line

    Yeah, you’ve got to look inside
    Yeah, it’s time that you decide
    Yeah, you’ve got to cross that line
    Yeah, you’re running out of time

  11. Jake Sutherland

    I personally feel Chester is the perfect vocalist for this band if we can't have Scott then Chester is fully capable. Sounds really good! I admit I'm late on checking this album out but it's one I'll buy. Love Linkin Park and STP. Chester is very capable of many styles of music and an amazing vocalist

  12. Brandon Desroches

    Rip chester?? Nah, Rip Scott Weiland

  13. Necro RPG

    I'm sorry but this EP is incredibe. RIP Chester

  14. Rohxx

    Anybody somehow make it here from trials rising?


    I did! :3

  15. Captain Pie Fox

    His voice gives me strong AIC vibes

  16. Jéssica Araújo

    Eternal Chester Bennington ∞♡

  17. Brys Eyler

    trials rising

  18. Shane

    Fuck everyone who shit on Chester for joining this band. It could have been something really special. Chester was born to sing this kind of music.

  19. Coffee Pot

    The High Rise EP isnt on Apple Music anymore and I'm legit pissed off

  20. HinjuRock

    I've always hated Linkin Park with a passion, but this is pretty good.

  21. Zerocide

    Scott, Chester, new guy. Fuck they are still Fucking great.

  22. Shin Igami

    It feels like listening to a very young Scott.. RiP Scott, Rip Chester... You'll be missed...

  23. taxation is theft memes news & more

    I don't get it. Why are the gods of the 90s cursed with death

  24. ohhollywood

    Thank you for this song. It takes me back to a better place. Rocked this song from day one.

  25. Julio Cesar Inacio

  26. Whorashio Freshfry

    Damn, he sounded like he was meant to be in STP if Scott never was and they came out around the time this record was released.

  27. shane woodard

    A year yesterday, enjoying all your work.

  28. M t

    So cool forever

  29. d3m1gawd

    Chester > new guy

    Trev Mac

    Scott > Chester > New Guy

  30. ohhollywood


  31. EliteMaster64

    Man this solo was ripped straight from take a load off

  32. David Lopez

    love this song

  33. David Lopez

    who is listening in 2018

    DJ L3G3ND

    listening every day in 2019 - cus I play trials every day!


    @DJ L3G3ND same

  34. Ry1911 45acp

    Man he fits right in with these guys well Sounds fucking A1

  35. Jarmir Hung

    Everyone shit on chester in stp until he died. Funny how that works.

    Michael Wood

    Jarmir Hung ~ Sad, but true

  36. Al Filmore

    I heard of STP, but I wasn’t familiar with their sound. I heard this song on the radio hoping to find it again. I found it and was surprised that Chester was singing on this; didn’t know Scott was the original front man. With that said...this song is hype!

  37. Lightness©

    Chester. :'(

  38. Любитель музыки

    Rip Chester

  39. Luis Gonzalez

    RIP Chester

  40. Elite Shoppe

    Only the best front STP. RIP to these awesome voices.

  41. Gary

    We've said goodbye to Kurt, Layne, Scott, and now Chris and Chester... Sad to say not many of the most influential ones left.

    Jacob Carlsen

    Yeah, Eddie Vedder's the last great grunge artist. Well actually, David Grohl too

  42. Se7enbells

    R.I.P Chester Bennington. You are missed, and will never be forgotten. ♡

  43. Jacob Kroeger

    RIP Chester. Thank you for singing for two of the greatest bands on earth.

  44. Felipe Díaz Bo

    Rest in peace Chester. We'll miss your beautiful and powerful voice.

  45. Matt Garcia

    R.I.P Chester

  46. Matt Garcia

    R I.P Chester

  47. Christian pxredes

    RIP Chester


    RIP Scott...

  48. Fatima Mejia

    ¿Cómo una voz tan hermosa se pudo apagar?

  49. Callous Penguin

    R.I.P. Chester Bennington, we hardly knew ye.

  50. MirkoS1995

    RIP Chester. You and Scott will rock forever on the other side.

  51. Zachary Rizzo

    RIP to Scott and now Chester. We love you guys

  52. Hunter

    RIP Chester.

  53. Ian Lindblom

    rip Chester and Scott

  54. Ry B

    RIP Scott and Chester...

  55. Mr Big

    RIP Chester Bennington ..... just why man .....

  56. jeff golden

    R.I.P Chester

  57. Mister Flak

    Rip Chester :(

  58. Samuel Berger

    RIP, Chester.

  59. Justin Clark

    Rest In Peace Chester

  60. Routers

    R.I.P Chester Bennigton...

  61. BlinkPS2

    Man, I really wish Linkin Park's newest album would have AT THE VERY LEAST sounded something like this.
    I know people would still be griping about it not being another Hybrid Theory, but it would have definitely been better than One More Light, which is a tragically awful album and the biggest embarrassment in Linkin Park's discography.


    BlinkPS2 he's ded


    micahw64 I'm well aware of this. I posted that comment BEFORE he died. Now I feel bad for bashing the new album

  62. /Fenikkusu sukairōzu/フェニックス・スカイローズ

    Oh god. Sorry but no thanks....

  63. Jackson Langford

    chester doin his best scott impression. better than I thought. doesnt have nearly as much as emotion though

  64. EliteMaster64

    Why is everything so heavy

  65. Felipe Díaz Bo

    This song would be just perfect on a racing videogame like the Need For Speed or Burnout series.

    Connor McCartney

    @DJ L3G3ND 2.5d*

    DJ L3G3ND

    well the game itself is technically 3d because it's possible to move the camera around freely in the world and it uses models and everything, but I get why a lot of people call it 2.5d since the actual gameplay camera is fixed to side view in official maps

    Connor McCartney

    @DJ L3G3ND the game itself is technically 2.5d

    DJ L3G3ND

    I'd say 2.5d is when a game is 2d but the art looks 3d, games like Intrusion 2 are 2.5 I'm pretty sure

    DJ L3G3ND

    you can make first person shooters in the editor and move the camera freely in replays. I see what you mean but idk I guess you could argue 2.5d doesn't even exist considering the game I mentioned is 2d hand drawn art making a 3d looking sidescroller, but people also consider trials 2.5d

  66. Interestingenough4

    They should've changed their name. This song is decent, but Scott was far too intertwined with their identity that any singer change was basically an entirely new band being created. Just like with Three Days Grace and The Sick Puppies, the old singers were pretty much the core identities of those bands.

  67. suburbanindie

    I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. It's not Chester's fault. Scott was a legend. And Eric Kretz is a shitty drummer haha

    Sam K

    How is Eric Kretz a shitty drummer?


    He's just uncreative and boring to me. He never adds anything to the music. Listen to Army of Anything and realize the potential of the DeLeo bros through great drumming in Ray Luzier

    Sam K

    You could say that about a lot of drummers. I saw them live and the first thing I noticed was that he was like a metronome. He never sped up or slowed down and didn't make any mistakes.

  68. Luca HAMBLETON

    You know exactly why WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 brought me here.

  69. Rin

    this is so good

  70. Asadel H.

    Wow. Making a stupid song even though you have CHESTER BENNINGTON??? Man that requires talent. STP really doesn't know how to use the best vocalist ever.

  71. Brad Miller

    The voice sounds too weak and clean to be an STP song. Its like drinking a bud light or coors instead of an IPA beer.

  72. guitarscott626

    Cool Song. Nice effort. Does not have "THAT" Cool Mystical Music Vibe that Dean, Robert and Eric are fully capable of doing. almost like they knew "someone" really cool was coming along and they were saving the Good Stuff. Lol. ( I love STP) So, See Ya Chester and best of Luck with LP and your family.

  73. Take It Easy - I'm Easily Offended

    This isn't Stone Temple Pilots


    +Philadelphia Flyers Fan It actually is Stone Temple Pilots. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was the new frontman from 2013-2015. He left due to not having enough time to put into the band. He already performs full time for Linkin Park and has 6 kids.

  74. Eren Jeager

    Who's listening to this in 2016? Love this song!!! :D

    Monica Recendiz

    Ayyyeee 🙋🏻


    +Monica Recendiz (BabySymmetry) Olá

    Acoustic Surya

    Eren Jeager in 2017

  75. Daniel Dudas

    This isn't bad

  76. Guilherme Croscopp

    peaples subscribe in my chanel please

  77. Cody T

    Why doesn't this have more views? great driving song

    Courtney Averett

    YES! I love playing this while

  78. Cydney M

    I have mad chills

  79. James Linen

    hahahahaha wieland is out of time. dead as a door nail. get the fuck out the way son

    James Linen

    +richard mattson Go suck a peter, son.

    Scott Patterson

    +XxJamesRobinxX go get yer mama boy before you get hurt.

    Rosco P. Coltrane

    Shots fired. In all fairness Wieland brought it on himself

  80. Dark Warrior The Great

    Chester Bennington is a real superstar what the hell is he doing with STP, they suck!!! Chester, go back to LP where you belong.


    +Dr Sadist Three 6 STP is still grunge though. Not this "Alternative Metal" Bullcrap

    Dr Sadist 3 Six

    +tailsofUSSR21 you are so right STP is grunge and run stands for dirt where their music careers are they need to step aside and Let It Go STP sucks today people listen to bands like Disturbed Linkin Park and Metallica STP really really sucks they need to give it a break once and for all

    Dr Sadist 3 Six

    +tailsofUSSR21 excuse me the definition of grunge is dirt and there is no more grunge you moron you sound as stupid as Pearl Jam did in the 90s when they won best heavy metal and went on stage and said we're not heavy metal grunge grunge died on April 5th 1994 behind the death of Kurt Cobain


    +Dr Sadist Three 6 Quite the troll. Shame you don't know what you're talking about

  81. Falafel Boi

    I like lp but I came into it thinking I wouldn't like it... but it was pretty good

  82. Nick Dianni

    Unit bad. Much better than I expected it to be.
    That being said, STP had their moment. And they made some amazing music in the past years.
    Sometimes, it's best to gracefully bow out though, rather than trying to reinvent the band.
    Had Scott passed away and they sought out a new vocalist then so be it (like what sublime did.)
    So, as decent as this sounded I think it says it best on the cover for this video. "Stone temple pilots with chester Bennington."

    Ricky Townsend

    +Nick Dianni relevant

    Scott Patterson


    Nick Dianni

    Lol seemed to be

  83. David Lee Wrath

    They should call the singer from the Talk Show project. But I don't think it would be profitable. The album didn't do well back then, even though it was fucking awesome.
    This song's not bad, though.

    jake rover

    +Iggy Montpellier That singer was awesome. I remember looking him up to see if he did anything else but couldn't find much. Talk Show should come back.

    David Lee Wrath

    @harakiri rover Indeed, "Hello Hello" was a great single. Don't know why it didn't do better. They could bring that song back and try it again. If they release it under the STP name, even if it has Chester on it, it could chart well. After all, Coverdale remade "Here I Go Again" years later and charted even better, so...


    When LP debuted, and I first heard Take A Picture by filter, I thought Richard and Chester reminded me of Dave a bit.

    I was trying to find anything remotely close to Dave, but it was SO hard.

    The closest I got was Gods Made Love from here in Detroit. Tom Furlong was their vocalist. They have a song called Velvet Baby that can be found here on YT.

    Dave just released a new song called To The Ocean! He still sounds great too! It is also here on YT.

  84. Aaron King

    WWE Hell in A Cell 2013!!!

  85. Purple Pulp Inc.

    Last time I check, it's 3/4 STP, which totally gives them the right to keep using the name. I'm tired of people saying they should change the band's name just because of one person.

    Talk and Reaction

    oh you mean like emphatic, drowning pool lol I agree with you

    The Abortion

    Macbitties Demarco right. Nobody gives a shit when its not the singer

    Jarmir Hung

    Chesternut Temple Park

  86. Mark Honey

    Great voice,great song.I´m fan since 1994.This song is 100% STP.Do not think if Chester comes from the band Linkin if not Scott ... the important thing is how it sounds, and sounds great.

  87. Rockero Lagunero

    fuck chester ... must better army of any one.. come back scott. !!!

  88. Mike Whitney

    Kinda cool... would be cooler if they didn't call it STP.. and if Bennington didn't try to be Weiland. - If STP is going to be STP then they need Weiland. - If not, then just move on with Bennington and create something new and different. Because to me it feels like an STP tribute band or something. - Get Scott back or move on already.

    Aaron Trainor

    Mike Whitney Bands change Members all the time look at Journey or Chicago(Band)

  89. Sarkis Samuel

    Sounds like Dave Mustaine...not bad. Could have been a lot worse.

    Purple Pulp Inc.

    Um it sounds great, but definitely not like Dave Mustaine.

    Sarkis Samuel

    Matter of perspective.

    Ryan Corrigan

    @Notasinger music
    Um it's not like Mustaine but it definitely does not sound great!

  90. tibschris

    Don't really like LP. Don't like lead-singer-swaps. Kind of surprised by how this turned out.

    Qualifon Johnson


    Ryan Woodward

    +Qualifon Johnson You can go f*ck yourself as well.

    Evan Retzer


    Sachin Johri

    +Evan Retzer Lol you were just too irrelevant for him to even yell at


    @Sachin Johri I think his mom saw he wrote "f*ck" and took away his internet privileges.

  91. Houl

    R.I.P STP _ l _

  92. Matheus Henrique

    Sometimes I don't get why people act so irritated with chester's inclusion. Ok, I agree that's a big change for STP fans but c'mon guys he, at least, sounds great in the new songs. Could've been worse. They could've picked a nobody with no voice and it could've ended the band.

    Matheus Henrique

    I know, right? Agreed.


    +King Harkinian II just saw your post. I'll take nothing over this mediocre crap.

  93. The Adversary !!!

    Ugh going to drown this out with some Tiny Music

  94. Lau Jo

    Chester's way of singing here, reminds me of his time with Grey Daze ^^

  95. Jason Chamberlain

    I like how Bennington is keeping his vocals in check to the STP sound.