Stone Sour - We Die Young Lyrics

Scary's on the wall
Scary's on his way

Watch where you spit
I'd advise you wait until it's over
Then you got hit
And you shoulda known better

And we die young
Faster we run

Down, down, down you're rollin'
Watch the blood float in the muddy sewer
Take another hit
And bury your brother

And we die young
Faster we run

Scary's on the wall
Scary's on his way

Another alley trip
Bullet seek the place to bend you over
Then you got hit
And you shoulda known better

Faster we run
And we die young

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Stone Sour We Die Young Comments
  1. Maximiliano Cardillo

    Alice in sour | Stone in chains | Alice in Stone (?

  2. Matt Kirkland

    My face when I listened to this😵😵😵😵🤯🤯🤯🤯

  3. Moon man

    Holy shit... I just came.

  4. Madhu Sharma

    Corey.... U ruined it

  5. Santosh JAngra

    Not as layne

  6. Planet Nate

    Corey has got to be the greatest living rockstar of all time

  7. Jaikay1

    This is a really good cover, but good lord it show just how good Layne's voice was. SO powerful and all the grit you'd ever need.

  8. River Throat

    Not bad

  9. Charles Manson

    Dammit Not Baaad ♥️♥️

  10. Marcus Vinicius Oliveira

    Stone in Chains!!

  11. Tasha Vladimiroff

    Oh fuckkkkk yes

  12. The Wedge

    this is who needs to be the lead singer of Alice in Chains

    Tasha Vladimiroff

    The Wedge check out the singer of facelift an aic cover band. He is fucking murdering the fuck out of love hate love.

  13. Strix aluco

    Better than Slipknot

  14. Nathaniel Baker

    i mean who else can you get to cover alice in chains?

  15. Douglas Venancio

    Alice in Corey

  16. LayneStaley


  17. Noah Fulks

    Only Corey Taylor can do a great cover of Layne Staley AND Ronnie James Dio

  18. cooper savignac

    Who else found this by accident


    Barely came across this. Facelift is such a classic beautiful album

  20. La Manzana

    Hola 2019

  21. Michael Browning

    Anyone picture ghost doing this maybe slower ?😀

  22. brandon harvey

    I like it but i think cory shouldve been more aggressive with some parts like "watch where you spit!" "Then you got hit!" "Down! Down! Down! You're rolling!" "Take another hit! And bury your brother!" Ive always felt this particular song had a very serious tone and that those parts in particular were meant to sound terrifying, terrifying like nearly dying from an overdose!

  23. Hell Raiser77

    Not bad...

  24. Peyton Gibbs

    This and Cane Hill's cover is pretty neat.

  25. Khalil Khan


  26. Jigsaw Vocalist




    Scary's on the wall
    Scary's on his way

    Watch where you spit
    I'd advise you wait until it's over
    Then you got hit
    And you should've known better

    And we die young
    Faster we run

    Down, down, down you're rolling
    Watch the blood float in the muddy sewer
    Take another hit
    And bury your brother

    And we die young
    Faster we run

    Scary's on the wall
    Scary's on his way

    Another alley trip
    Bullet seek the place to bend you over
    Then you got hit
    And you should've known better
    Faster we run
    And we die young

  27. Will Zavala

    Corey made this song hot garbage

  28. TheHooded Witch

  29. Michael Vukich

    they did a badass job all around vocals and instrumentals but the instrumentals are what really has it a good cover. they did a good job finding that aic flavor

  30. Paul Bertuleit


  31. TWSTF 8

    Word 🤘🤘🤘

  32. Jimmy The Clown

    Awesome Cover ❤❤

  33. Swag Memes

    Why have I only just found this

  34. Paulo David

    Corey vs layne

    Santosh JAngra miles

  35. Crooner1901

    Layne would be so fucking proud. Shit, I bet if Jerry heard this he'd be proud!

    Alan Heyes

    Crooner1901 Corey was actually contacted to join Alice in Chains before DuVall entered the picture, he is good friends with the band and has performed on stage with ‘em once or twice before. Not to mention Corey liberally covering their work in the past. Corey had to refuse by order of his record label, since he is already in two majorly successful bands 😆
    He was very sad. Same thing happened with Anthrax.


    @Alan Heyes interesting.

  36. Dein Busfahrer

    Nothing better than orginal

  37. Frank Rodriguez

    I love Corey, stone sour, and slipknot but I think cane hill's version is better JUST because cane hill's singer has a more rough/gruff singing voice like layne. I'd recommend checking it out

  38. Scottish Trendkill

    Damn Corey just spotlights this track Holy fuck!

  39. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

    Never heard this version before, good to know Corey is doing it! Fucking awesome

  40. Salvatore Genovese

    I love Alice In Chains and I think it’s a sin to even attempt to cover them. But this!!! This is pure gold!! Fucking Corey Taylor could polish a turd and turn it into a priceless gem!

  41. João Ataíde

    ... I demand man in the box now !!! :(

  42. Son of the XII legion

    God damn it Corey....You just keep on giving.

  43. Here4TheFire

    👍 One of my old favorites! Awesome cover

  44. 813lynch

    Take another hit

  45. HockeyCliqueMom

    Corey is the one to do AIC covers

  46. B4its2L8guy

    2015?? WrTF have I been!!!! This is......unbelievable.

  47. Haaris Rajah

    *_this is pretty fuckin gooid_*

  48. Deadly Nightshade

    Awesome cover, guys!
    R.I.P. Layne. 💖⚘

  49. flapadoda whitewoods

    Hes got a good voice, but it's not a voice fit for grunge, stop comparing him to Alice in Chains's new singer.

    Kaye Gillanders

    flapadoda whitewoods why not he's fuckinfantastic

    andy jones

    first of all AIC is metal not grunge stop lumping them into that genre just because they are from seattle!!!

    andy jones

    Although Alice in Chains has been labeled grunge by the mainstream media,[273] Jerry Cantrell identifies the band as primarily heavy metal. He told Guitar World in 1996, "We're a lot of different things ... I don't quite know what the mixture is, but there's definitely metal, blues, rock and roll, maybe a touch of punk. The metal part will never leave, and I never want it to.

    andy jones

    Drummer Sean Kinney rejects the grunge label, stating in a 2013 interview "I mean, before we first came out there was no grunge, they hadn't invented that word. Before they invented the word grunge we were alternative rock and alternative metal and metal and rock, and we didn't give a shit whatever, we were a rock and roll band!".[290] According to Mike Inez, they were always the metal stepchildren of the Seattle scene.[291]

    andy jones

    Alice in Chains' sound has a "Black Sabbath-style riffing and an unconventional vocal style. every comment except my first one was taken from AIC wikipedia page and are quotes from the band members!

  50. Ricardo Freitas

    Wow, nice cover!

  51. FF F

    Well you tried 👏

  52. Phill G

    Good cover

  53. Anubisuez

    He's good.. but yeah nobody can nail the intro like layne...

  54. sjhorton030

    That's bad-ass!

  55. wesker9041

    I usually dont like remakes but this is bad ass as fuck.

  56. Fabrício Assis MG

    I love this tribute!
    Thanks Corey and all of the band!

  57. Chris Donaldson

    im the mask in the box...that would be the shit.this is great cover.

  58. chv cobaltss

    I fucking love Corey twice as much after hearing this.. his performance when he played "Down in a Hole" and "Nutshell" live was nuts, but this here is twice as good!!!

  59. Miss Anthrope

    Never been a fan of stone sour but I'm impressed with this cover. It's badass

  60. phoenixforce22

    god damn corey you killed it. i love your alice covers. that live would video on youtube rocked my socks. do would on a record

  61. Brian O'Neil

    Best alice cover ever fuckin epic

  62. Yo Sushi

    Why have I only found this! Omg!!!

  63. JP_L

    Not easy to cover this the right way. Well done!

  64. jakob Lewis

    aliceknot or slip in chains

  65. Isaac Frias

    No... just don't... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  66. Nick Lala

    Stone Sour did make this their own. Sounds real good! Not as raw as AIC, but still great!

  67. Ant s


  68. Gamefreak99

    nice cover of one of the best songs ever made !!!!!!

  69. Cmikament

    I personally like this cover the least of those I heard. It is not bad, it's just that I like the original vetter and the most the cane hill version.

  70. Scott X

    from the best AIC album ever, facelift

  71. Dannie Henriksen

    I love Corey but this One you cant nail

  72. Turk

    Corey is fucking great people give him shit, but he his helping keep rock music relevant.

  73. Danilo ferreira

    Alice in stone chains

  74. David Kropp

    yes !!!!

  75. Master Dragon 2048

    This and that stone temple pilots sexy type thing cover Corey Taylor did, kinda wonder what other 90's grunge musician songs he'll cover. They sound awesome!

  76. martin rodriguez

    should be the new Singer for Alice, not duvall

  77. martin rodriguez

    Guitar is a bit softer...

  78. Amber Taylor

    #coreytaylor #aliceinchains

  79. Tim Nauer

    I like Stonesour and Slipknot. I really like Taylor.....Quite versatile.....But I feel that Stonesour is not a good ENOUGH band to be doing covers....Cover songs are great! Bar bands do covers...For a cover song to be worth listening to, it really matters who is doing the covering.....

  80. Laz Rodríguez

    Jesús fucking Christmas this rocks.

  81. sargentD808

    This sucks Rhino balls, seriously shitty, doo doo.

    Alan Heyes

    sargentD808 Close your porn tabs, you'll be able to hear it better.

  82. mike white

    take another hit and bury your brother

  83. esteelouder

    If Corey has the 2nd loudest vocal range going he could of been more powerful in places where Layne was real guttural, still good though

  84. alessio carrara

    perfect cover

  85. Redfish Media Peru

    Is the same as alice in chains (copy). Sounds like a warm up cover

  86. BenjiHazyEyes

    very nice

  87. Mateus Pereira

    Oh My God!No more words!👏👏

  88. Cellar Door

    God I miss Layne's brilliance

  89. fede camusso

    This cover is ridiculously great....FUCK YES!

  90. Okan Aslankan

    song is too short, I have to replay every fucking 2 minutes

    Dylan Gilbertson

    not unlike we, the song dies young as well.

  91. Ville Vanakoski

    Awesome. We who survived the 90's won't die young anymore!

  92. Orlando Q

    Ohhhh por Dios, que grata sorpresa, de unos grandes como Alice.

  93. Jason Hawkins

    I am impressed

  94. Angry Chair

    Alice In Chains > Slipknot
    Slipknot and Stone Sour suck!

    Eduard Jorquera

    Pretty Guapo 😂👍🏻👍🏻

    Jess Young

    Pretty Guapo well said!!

    Billiam Longbottom

    Pretty Guapo then why click on the link.

    Cj Twiztid

    Pretty Guapo dude shut the fuck up. Corey is one hell of a vocalist and a hell of a musician

    Jacob Stephens

    If you honestly think they suck your dumb asf, but Alice is definitely better in my opinion, they're my favorite band

  95. I am speachless... it is incredible cover... no one can sing as Layne but this shows his respect to him and AIC!!!!!!

  96. 5500somerandomdude

    Now this song I like. It is not bad.