Stone Sour - Too Fast For Love Lyrics

Oh no, oh no
Oh no, oh no
Oh no, oh no
Living on a jet
Making love to someone else's dreams
Say it again
She puts her leg up
Well, calls it good luck
Do you know what I mean?
Do you remember?
Well I remember

Oh no, oh no
Dream machine
So damn cool she can turn on the night
The more she gets
Well, the more that she needs
Do you know what I mean?
Do you remember?
Well I remember

Oh no, oh no

Too fast
Too fast for love
Too fast
You're too fast for love [x4]

Oh no, oh no
She's a streamline queen
On a sex craved movie screen
Say it again
She'll use her time up
Have nothing to show
Well mark my words
Do you remember?
Well I remember
Oh no, oh no

Too fast
Too fast for love
Too fast
You're too fast for love...

You're too fast
You're too fast for love

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Stone Sour Too Fast For Love Comments
  1. shelia joss


  2. ReaperhunterB

    I love Corey (no homo) but this is no where near as good as Vince Neil.

  3. jumpfart666

    holy shit this is garbage

  4. Trina/ candicane862/ miss universe Austin

    Like this cover well done!

  5. Ben Moore

    This is coming from the biggest Crüe fan.... THEY DID MÖTLEY PROUD!

  6. TWSTF 8

    Cörey Täylor 🤘🤘

  7. Jimmy The Clown

    One of the best songs of 2015(awesome cover)

  8. Alberto Gomez

    I love motley crue seen them two times!!!this is good too.

  9. drbilldc

    This cover F-ING ROCKS!!!

  10. Ulfric Stormcloak

    stone sour should do a slipknot cover and vice versa

  11. Here4TheFire

    Can’t believe Cory got his voice so high to sound so much much like V Neil

    Alan Heyes

    TrueDuckFan Corey has deceptive range.

  12. Tbarr73

    I’m not the biggest crue fan but I prefer this version to the original.

  13. Rafael Kuvasney Marcolin

    hey slipknot fans, do you know that Crue guys dressed up like queers? Leave this song for the grown ups

    Alan Heyes

    What is that even supposed to mean?

  14. Erin Coley

    awesome city

    Alan Heyes

    Erin Coley #AttitudeCity

  15. Jon Miron

    I love Corey Taylor but I think this song was meant for Vince Neil

    Rich Morris

    Well that fat ass can't sing it anymore

    Duper Super

    Idk this sounds almost like if Roth sang for crue in the 80s

  16. autoerotic colonoscopy

    look at that Corey Taylor lookin' dude lol

  17. Orlando Ramirez

    fucking perfect.

  18. Anderson Douglas

    Corey cantando Motley Crue, oloko

  19. Fred FeedBack

    Best Motley crue ever !!!!prety good !!!

  20. HinjuRock

    Who's the idiot who claimed that Taylor has a 5 and half octave range? LOL More like 1 and a half octaves - he can't even hit Vince Neil's high notes here, and Vince is a pretty weak singer.

    FUCK nu-metal whiners like Taylor - they can't hold a candle to REAL metal gods like Dio, Halford and Dickinson.

    Alan Heyes

    hinjurock You're an idiot.

    Robert D Bonamassa

    Halford sucks


    +Robert D Bonamassa

    Yeah, right - the best metal singer of all time totally sucks.

    Trolling imbecile.

    Jakaś Nazwa

    Look who tries to make their musical taste valid for strangers here by insulting people's favorite singer. Congrats, you have your attention. 👏

  21. jim moler

    IT'S " I AM ROOT" NOT I AM GROOT...... MIND BLOWN!!!!!James is a key Cog in Stone Sour and Slipknot. as was joey. life goes on and so must the show... but we are all a bit lesser with out them in the bands.

  22. Jeanann Hartman

    one of my fav crue songs, hell of a job stonesour

  23. Владимир Евсюков

    Странный голос тут у Кори...

  24. Mayra García Velázquez

    OMG!!!!!! IT'S AMAZING!!!!!

  25. Jim Easterday

    great fucking cover.

  26. John Miller

    I hate Motley Crue with a passion, but this is pretty good. Think it's funny when a cover is way better than the original.

    Kevin Cloar

    John Miller I'm not a major crew fan but Shout at the Devil was a pretty good album

    Steve Bramlett

    You're an idiot! Crue was fucking awesome.


    This is an alright cover, but not even a 10th of as good as the original. It lacks the energy and passion that the debut MC album had. Not even close.

  27. Leticia Borghetti

    Bring back James Root!

    TheReal JRW

    Oh slipknot ain't just screaming, u gotta hear it man

  28. Kristina McGregor

    Corey muthafuckin taylor !! YOU ROCK MY talented!! love everything you put on record. ..your voice is like a drug lol cant get enuff !!!

  29. János László Vasík

    Holy shit!
    I just discovered Stone Sour, and they are playing a song from one of my favourite bands!
    Guys, u have a new fan :)

    Howie Yost

    have you been under a rock? Corey Taylor aka; Slipknot, Stone Sour, anything he sings is gold!!!

    János László Vasík

    Howie Yost Nope, i havent, but i actually hate that kinda metal, where they only scream. That's not my style. Sure, there can be screaming, but not only screaming.

    Fathom Darkness

    Howie Yost pretty true

  30. Mick Funz

    Rock albums & singers sound so processed & weak now!

  31. Joe Bradford

    I hate YouTube sometimes. That last comment was meant for their cover of Iron Maiden's Running Free

  32. Bryan Lindbeck

    good version!

  33. Carlos David

    seems like a 90's rock


    well...Motley Crue did come out with it in the early 80's so.....

    Warren Jensen

    @Jim Williams 1981

  34. Drums2.0

    Pinshi corey por que no trabaja con Slipknot ya deberian sacar otro album despues del .5 :'v @Stone Sour :v

  35. W W

    SLAYER rules! FXXK this awful shit.

  36. Caleb Lake

    Someone needs to tell Corey that these songs don't fit his voice. I mean come on. Give me shelter was freaking awful and so was love gun


    Shut your ass up.

    Jakaś Nazwa

    +Caleb Lake I disagree.

  37. dorkatis767

    Life complete.

  38. Bou levard

    sorry this is shit......

  39. Jenny Brown

    I'm a huge Crue fan, and I gotta say, this sounds awesome!

  40. Paris Campos

    sounds like they heard Queens of the Stone Age for the first time and tried to make something different

  41. Night Shade

    Love to hear them do a cover of Slice of Your Pie.

  42. Евгений Гладков

    Motley "Fuckin" Crue

  43. Jaxx Sari

    wow Good job guys

  44. Cactus Anal

    wheres some slipknot 2016????

    Brandon Martin

    rumor has it that slipknot is starting to write music for a new record

    Night Shade

    +Brandon Martin..... God One can Only hope.

    Cactus Anal

    why all caps bruh?

    BtB Official

    +Slayer xUMFWx Music Slipknot are taking a 2 year break, Clown's directing a film, Corey's doing more Sour stuff, Jim's doing a side project but when The Knot come back they're planning a 2 disc special album!!

    BtB Official

    They've all talked about it in interviews individually

  45. XxMLGSwaggy NoscopesxX

    i feel like complaining that Jim is gone just like how I complained when Joey left Slipknot. :(

    get over it


    no corey ask him to please go so yeah


    the difference is that Jim's style was actually the core of Stone sour just like Corey's voice is.

    SuperSonic2324 YT

    abanofeso like if Corey leaves either stone sour or slipknot the band will fall apart sooner or later for that reason 😂

  46. Simon

    love Mötley Crüe but I've always hated this song.... till now

    Alan Todd

    How in the fuck do you "claim" to be a Crue fan, but yet hate this song?

  47. Marcepan

    It will be 100x better with Jim, i belive.. :(

  48. Terrence Jasso

    HELL YEA !!
    What a tribute ?! Just in time for Mötley Crüe's final show !!
    This band is becoming one of my favorites 😎👍

  49. Paulius Leistromas

    Corey is sooo versatile! Very good!

  50. Shauna George

    do "starry eyes" ...please do " starry eyessss"...*beg*

    David Allen

    I know right.

    Robert Rodriguez

    Yes perhaps it would make motley crue play it live if they were to get together for another live show since they haven't played it since it was new.

  51. Alvaro Vargas

    What does he say at the end of the song? I can't hear it for that beep sound

  52. Dead.Skin.Mask

    That's a pretty decent cover of one of the best Crue songs.


    I want old stone sour and jim must back :(( this is not stone sour anymore

    Jakaś Nazwa

    +MAADMAAC LOL this is a cover.

    TWSTF 8

    It's a cover of a really early Mötley Crüe song!

  54. Cynasix

    This made me happy :)

  55. Franck Stone

    I like..I like..

  56. t Kier

    Corey mother Taylor

  57. SaculAdams

    Wow. Not really a fan of Stone Sour but they did a really nice job on this. Grew up on the first two Crue albums and I'm very impressed.

    SuperSonic2324 YT

    SaculAdams that's too fast for love and shout at the devil right?

  58. Bruno Silva

    For a song so goofy it's kind of long, still decent though.

  59. Bruno Silva

    Bring back James Root. The song sounds good but come on, he was one of the most important aspects of the band...

    Bruno Silva

    @jackson marshall What difference does it make? :P


    that's right

    Chris Lewis

    Bruno Silva James Riot quit because mostly everyone in the band was in it for the money. James didn't want to be involved,anymore.

    Crap Bag

    he didn't quit. he was fired from the bald bitch.

    SuperSonic2324 YT

    crap bag bald bitch?

  60. Al Ferreri

    Why is it censored?

  61. Feña Fuica


  62. Giovani Santos

    James Root!!!!

    Rodrigo Moura

    sorry. he is not in the band anymore

    E M

    +Slayer xUMFWx Music It's actually James. He just goes by "Jim."

  63. Rusty Grill

    hell yea

  64. Sam Samsøn

    This is why I love this fucking band!!