Stone Sour - The Uncanny Valley Lyrics

Careful, the heathen wants to play...
Do you wanna be saved?
Someone doesn't feel himself today...
What a way to behave

When does your karma start to disarm your explosive demeanor?
It's not a reason to seethe
I see you showing your teeth
These are the valleys of greed

I can't believe my eyes
There's a fire across my skies
There's only so much left
But what does it matter?
Everything is shattered

Careful, the medicine's designed to stain
So we can see your veins
Rosa Americana pennies will rain
In the face of the same

Better depression builds hungry legends
I always imagined the end was here in our sights
I never said it was right
This is the battle we fight

Oh, I can't believe my eyes
There's a fire across my skies
There's only so much left
But what does it matter?
Everything is shattered

Oh, I can't believe my eyes
There's a fire across my skies
There's only so much left
But what does it matter?
Everything is shattered

Everything is shattered

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Stone Sour The Uncanny Valley Comments
  1. Attila Felföldi

    If it's past 2012, DON'T ULPOAD IN 360p!!!!

  2. dante primus

    this music sound like broke something oh yeah

  3. rosyideen

    You said it already All The Money In The World Cant Buy Me...

  4. South Charlotte Remodeling

    613,000 people love this song including me. Good Choice SS

    Creeping Darkness

    South Charlotte Remodeling uhh. Don’t call it SS it‘s a German Word in the nazi time which killed a lot of jews

  5. Dele Petco

    I'm finally able to say it, who's watching in 2017?

    Jack Johnson

    how about 2019

  6. ArinInQuotes

    The "grammar fail" at 0:56 isn't a mistake. Add the implicit word "of" after "showing"--"I see your showing of your teeth," which shows more clearly the sentence is using the --ing verb as a noun, therefore explaining the use of the possessive pronoun. Add a proper name here: "I see Gerald's showing his teeth" or, reworded, the showing of Gerald of his teeth (awkward but correct).
    Sorry for the grammar talk, fam, but I wanted clear that up.

    Dormammu Subjective

    Would have been less confusing with an apostrophe..

  7. JamSessionTV

    god jim root is such a good guitar player but i feel that his ability to come up with great melody driven solos gets lost in his constant melodic runs.

  8. taftvalue



    come again?

  9. cafb74

    great song by a enormous band! go Corey!


    Grammatical fail 0:54

    B. Fagan

    @Kissai Sith Jen'ari True, because calling someone immature would have to be an insult, but you proven my point by not understanding that: Thanks for proving me right :) And if you're really getting it on with my mom, you're a necrophiliac...she's been dead for 11 years.


    @Sinte Norske I don't even understand what you're trying to say up to the point in the comment below, so I'm skipping to that

    "And if you're really getting it on with my mom, you're a necrophiliac...she's been dead for 11 years"

    What can I say? I like the European model body type.

    B. Fagan

    @Kissai Sith Jen'ari I didn't expect you to understand too much.


    @Sinte Norske That's because you're a fucking moron.

    Lucius Ferrer

    Don´t be a wise ass

  11. Nemanja Skoric

    That voice.

    Tom Shaw

    It's a good voice.

  12. Qbonumber1

    God, I love good music 

  13. Evil Toad

    Honestly I wasn't a big fan of Stone Sour from their first 3 albums. Then I heard Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero and was blown away. Figured it'd be worth checking out. After checking it out I was amazed. I had no idea Corey could make such amazing songs. Then part 2 came out and completed my 2nd favorite album of all time.

    Benjamín Hernández

    +A Masked Curse you are a fucking troll, man

  14. Chris

    ROSA AMERICANA PENNIES WILL RAIN IN THE FACE OF THE SAME. That's what I hear. Or penis! Online lyrics say "In the face of the sane". What the fuck do we believe people?!

    Evil Toad

    I thought it said "panties"

  15. NixNZ


  16. Evan Faraday

    What is this song exactly about?


    I don't know. For me it sounds like war, economy, not caring. It's a shot in the dark I think. Really it's what you make of the song.

  17. justin labree

    360p? W.T.F Stone sour. 

  18. SavaS X

    1:47 Rosa Americana penis will rain in the face of saint



    @Christian Banks yeah some people last the ability to lighten up. Maybe he's just a really serious guy. Not a personal thing, some people are like that.

    Jakaś Nazwa

    I heard that the first time XD


    I agree it sounds nothing like penis

    Dustin Tavolazzi

    theEvilToad {GD} yes indeed. please try not to.

    Dustin Tavolazzi

    Chris it just sounds nothing like that... it's grasping at straws. Now heartwork by Carcass - THE MANATEE. Haha funny. Not a pretty picture.

  19. jlawson540

    this is on pt 2

  20. Big Chungus

    I thought it said "Rosa Americana, Panties will rain" when i first heard the song xD

    Evil Toad

    ME TOO!

  21. David Taylor

    whoops whoop

  22. Scy

    1:47 Rosa Americana penis will rain

  23. Hollow Bones Films

    I believe you mean Benjamin Mother Fucking King

    Hollow Bones Films

    Its been 2 years and i still dont know what the fuck im saying here.

  24. Tyler Quantrill

    1, 802 likes
    7 dislikes
    That says it all really

    Marie-Louise Würtz

    Now it is
    3 td likes
    19 dislikes

  25. Jose Cruz

    ¿Porque Rosa Americana? Que no sería pink american?

  26. markdamianuk21

    outdoes every band at moment  sound and songwrighting top notch 

  27. Pepper Myers

    very very good video, I loved;

  28. Nitrocide825

    HQ is anything that matters :)

  29. donald2551

    this song just oozes cool also 1 hell of a catchy explosive chores

  30. justin turple

    What album is this off of

  31. Joe Dirt

    Your hash tags are not welcome here, fucking classic! Lol!

  32. julie barnett

    Instead of 'cherry picking' favorites from fhe album.listen to it as it is meant to be listened to as a whole together with Part 1,You will be amazed at them all over again!!!!!

  33. godc123

    Vma can go to hell

  34. Finnly Orgov

    Too right mate.

  35. jam3895

    @afroheadwes I agree with what you said about '82 and Stalemate, those would be two of my favourite from the album, but I still think Do Me A Favour is a brilliant song. My top 4 are Do me a favour, 82, Stalemate, and house of gold and bones... But Uncanny Valley is an odd choice for a single

    Jack Johnson

    I love it, but i know what you mean

  36. afroheadwes

    I swear the singles selected for part 2 were horrible choices, don't get me wrong but I feel like 82 and Stalemate were by far the strongest songs on the album. Idk just my opinion

  37. mnogobukv

    This is YouTube, not twitter. Your hash tags are not welcome here.

  38. SkullScience77

    People say they don't hear 'the chains' in this album but this song in particular is very AiC to me, and perhaps a little Jerry Cantrell. A great influence to draw from!

  39. Anurup Rao

    hard to believe he is the lead vocalist of slipknot #madgeniuscorey !

  40. Cristina Domiciano


  41. Mirosław Piskorz

    great !!!

  42. TheHeavymetalthunder

    Corey is a living LEGEND ! great voice great band! can't wait for new Slipnot classic

  43. Joe Torres


  44. Matheus Viana

    1300 likes 5 dislikes XD

  45. pavlo666lost

    the conflagration sure is a pretty one indeed :)

  46. Raphael Silveira


  47. Henry Slawinski

    Ive Had 2 Reply

  48. Henry Slawinski

    Ya I Messed Up

  49. Jogatina Games

    MY Favorite Band Crazy Song.

  50. jeff hill


    Jack Johnson

    wrong band but yeah ok

  51. Mauricio Cedeño

    bueno muy bueno

  52. Jeimisson Barbosa

    Muito legal, Stone sour é foda!

  53. toby henry

    Enough said in that last comment

  54. AZ95Yotes

    Corey is a legend!!! love this band.

  55. TeZNight

    the quality is cd quality no doubt. 360p is not audio its video. and nothing to see here really except words.

  56. Pamela Hammers

    I love it!

  57. Jujube

    White chocolate heads exploding in the sunset. *-*

  58. tatagentilTinkerbell

    Totally in love with pt 1 &2 *-*

  59. tatagentilTinkerbell

    Awesome song. Congrats guys !

  60. SpLaTTyDaDDy

    Videos Get uploaded as they put the singles out. This is stone sours channel not a fan made

  61. FtwHaters84


  62. FtwHaters84

    please upload rest.of album. its impossible to.find any songs except live versions

  63. Benjamin Ruvalcaba Ortiz

    A legend of band!!

  64. Michael Churchman

    The video is clear and watchable, stop.

  65. Sean Plane the face of the same?.....or sane?

  66. caio henrique

    Sensacional !!!!! Viva Stone Sour

  67. drop dead

    not bad

  68. Tiger Hawk

    I don't think they'll do a video for that song cause it was on part 1, im pretty sure there ddone with video for part 1.

  69. Andres Anlas

    am I the only one waiting for a "House of Gold and Bones" tour? this needs to happen NOW!

  70. Cody H

    strong 360p

  71. iBranflakes

    2013. Not uploading in HD. What are you doing?

  72. Trevor Gee

    0:53 *you're

  73. thedazedbandman

    At first I almost thought that was Kratos =)

  74. WolveZiGamer

    Corey "Motherfucking" Taylor. CMFT.

  75. Imran Tahir

    Don't forget RU486.

  76. Alex Isherwood

    they should do a video for blue smoke, do me a favour, the conflagration and the house of gold and bones all in one because all the songs are connected, it would be great to see 1 video represent them all!

  77. Ken Bitner

    666th like!

  78. valefromhell


  79. System Out

    Why this is not in HD ?

  80. Hanna Lara

    i love this song!!♥

  81. CrestFallen91

    At first i thought he said "panties will rain" & if you've been to as many Stone Sour concerts as I; its still a true sentence.

  82. Jeffery Revercomb

    the video is great, kudos to whomever designed it

  83. Hamzel Estenzo

    Pennies will rain

  84. Chubby Doughnut

    All the songs on the album are amazing. The Conflagration is the best in my opinion, and Sadist a close second.

  85. Cherrypie26

    I love this song so much

  86. Mark Horvath

    Really? This is the second top comment?!

  87. The Hiver

    That voice.......

  88. fghtffyrdmns96

    Honestly the whole album is a masterpiece so any song they make a video for is awesome.

  89. Peter Bock

    0:55 : this is a german cent with the brandenburg-gate on it :O

  90. MRTN_ VW

    No dislikes... finally!

  91. Sara Sandić

    Nice... :)

  92. TDAWG Productions

    Do a video of '82 please!!!

  93. Madeline M


  94. Caledonius


  95. Alex Guns

    oh... I was hoping Stalemate to be the next single.

  96. mikołaj Tarapata

    great song !