Stone Sour - Taciturn Lyrics

Across the sea to you
I've left myself deserted here again
Across the sea to you
My pieces are too broken now to mend

In the middle
Under a cold black sky
The sun will only burn for you and I
In the moment
Before I lose my mind
These hours don't mean anything this time

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything

I'd cross the world for you
My reasons have no reason to remain
I'd cross the world for you
I don't know what I'm doing wrong
but I can’t stay the same

In the middle
Under a clear blue sky
The sun can only burn for you and I
In the moment
Before I lose my mind
These hours don't mean anything this time

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything

Give me a sign
Show me the line
Maybe tonight
I'll tell you everything


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Stone Sour Taciturn Comments
  1. Ben Mari Margelino

    I've already give the best of me. I even pleaded to here just to correct all of my wrong choices. Now, I am stucked in the darkness without her. I am literally in the urge of commiting suicide. I am hoping listening to this song prevent me on doing that.

    Nicklas Larsson

    Dont do it. You only have This life This moment. Take your time to heal again even how painful and dark it is. One day you be strong again. God bless you.

  2. Ben Mari Margelino

    I've already give the best of me. I even pleaded to her just to correct all of my wrong choices. Now, I am stucked in the darkness without her. I am literally in the urge of commiting suicide. I am hoping listening to this song prevent me on doing that.

    Anika Barbu

    Hey man, nothing is worthier than your life, remember that! Talk to someone, get help! You need someone to get you out of that dark place! Stay strong!

  3. Crystal Taylor

    Give me a sign Tara how you feel? It matters to me what you want from me!

  4. Jason Moore


  5. Paula Ferreira

    Maravilhoso 💞

  6. Williamsinelevy

    Corey Taylor has helped me a lot throughout my life 🙏🏾😭

    John Mellan

    Me too!

  7. Brandon Blount

    I used to not listen to this song because I though my mind was pushing me away from who I wanted.

    We separated over a year ago and I loved her with all my heart and I didn’t let her go.

    I remember that our last moments she hugged me and said “see you soon” with a reassuring smile and kissed me.

    I didn’t say goodbye either hugged and kissed her back, and coming to now she changed over drug abuse and she’s not the person I once loved and this song right now is helping me let her go.

    I miss her but i wish her the best.

    But that’s my story. If you see this and feel something similar then everything will be okay I promise you might stay with that person you love but you might not you’ll find someone better I promise.

  8. Darcfase2o

    It’s hard to believe that this is the same guy who sings, ‘People=Shit’...

  9. chazz Lucas

    because you asked for a sign, none will be given : (

  10. chazz Lucas

    what fallen angel gave him these lyrics ? : (

  11. poetrygirl810

    love this song

  12. Bruno Silveira

    Amazing stuff. Corey work is great

  13. The Fallen Kings

    I can't help but cry while listening to this.

    Missin Link

    It's a hell of a song. Corey Taylor puts so much emotion into it. Makes it hit like a 10 ton hammer. Love it.

  14. Jake DeSax

    people be like "anyone here in 2018? 2019?"

    guess what? i'll there forever until i die..
    Corey is a living legend.

  15. Andy Pacheco

    The best!

  16. Sarah Aprilia Lukman

    aduh enak banget

  17. Nelson Khuraijam

    Coreys fav song! He said that didn’t he?

    John Mellan

    Not sure but it's one of my favourites to sing (terribly lol)

  18. FoolishBloodHunter

    in this moment before i lose my mind...ill make things right................

    damn to late. like always

  19. Anna Ballou

    One of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard

  20. Banshee666

    Under a cold black sky, the sun will only burn for you and I 😍

  21. Gerald Elsbree

    Cory is a lyrical genius, rock and roll Jesus and the John Lennon of Metal and Melody with a soul so deep and dark at the same time it can only find light and it pours out emotion to all the broken souls to heal mend all wounds but let your scars tell their story forever a fan to a ledgend in his own time Cory Taylor's music and lyrics will live forever in the hearts of the tortured soldiers....

  22. Mateusz Czerniawski

    Dude, how you can create something like this? Not only text but voice and show your feelings into it. Travor, Tralor, Taylor dont kow what your name is but I am feel ashemed that I listen it for free. Surely need to buy a ticket for one of your concert! In future maybe you will read this. Hope of idiot. Heh.

    Anna and this are perfect songs, I will be back soon. Again and again.

  23. Tayzonday95

    Avelina, this is our song baby <3

  24. Benny Bagel

    Give me a sign, casey...

  25. Joan Jett

    Amazing ...

  26. funky

    I can't be the same
    My reasons aren't reasons to remain
    Fav lines👆

  27. Jerry Acheson

    The difference between his 2 bands slipknot and stone sour is Astonishing....its like night and day. He is so versatile even the writing is so much different between the too...its amazing ...if i didnt know any better id swear that its 2 different people ...its rare in music today that you would find someone with so much talent...keep it up corey...your AMAZING....

  28. AltFreak25

    How did I go from (Sic) to this??

    John Mellan

    bcoz you have good taste

  29. Hanga Hodruszki

    Favourite song <3

  30. Daniel West

    Sucide is starting to become a voice if your not careful you might answer.

  31. Heather h

    How the fuck is there dislikes fuck that shit this song is absolutely amazing and this is a awesome video

  32. Manuel Meraz

    I miss you Shoes. Love you!

  33. Allen Lambert

    OIF veteran this was my daily play through alot of turmoil and inner bullshit. Essayons my brothers

  34. JJ Reyes

    The beginning of this song really had me thinking this was I want it that way by the backstreet boys 😂😂😂

  35. pigebear

    God this hit too close to home today

  36. Rhowdan

    That voice !! Tears right into your soul 💝

  37. Elizabeth Buckman

    Corey Taylor saves my life, every time I feel like I'm on the edge 😞💜👌

  38. Joel Asher

    Let the holy Spirit rain upon your people God of Host Christ name sake

  39. U 2

    beautyful song for a wedding

  40. Joel Asher

    Father and brother in lighten us


    Joel Asher tf

  41. bxbbly _

    *Give Me A Sign*

  42. Truly Redheaded

    ....and then they fired Jim Root. Never the same.

    Nick Bowater

    He quit?

    Truly Redheaded

    Nick Bowater, they fired him.

    Nick Bowater

    On 17 May 2014, Stone Sour released an official statement saying that Root was no longer a member of the band. Moments before their statement, Root told a fan on Instagram of his departure, explaining "Not my decision. Not happy about it." In interviews, Root accused the band of being financially motivated and pursuing a more commercial musical direction, but also observed that he "wasn't really happy in that band anymore". Nothing stating about being fired, more like being pushed out.. still a shame regardless

  43. brimstonebull

    honestly one of his best songs vocally. its so fucking catchy and hauntingly restrained at the same time, fucking brilliant shit. cant wait to see them again soon.

  44. ToXiC FiRtH

    The guitar blew me off

  45. Mo Ana

    Corey the stonner boner ..!!!

  46. Mo Ana

    🖕🏻... there’s your sign ..!!!

  47. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    Beautiful ❤

  48. Andrey Sychev

    Для Руссских нормально, пока русские живы вам не грозит дъявол!

  49. shat stain

    I've been with my wife for 16 years out of high school and love her more and more every time i look at her and miss her at the same time.

  50. hellatime73

    i miss her and she knows it and wont allow herself to feel again...its too bad so i will move on since there was no sign

  51. Jonas Ramaut

    How can you dislike this song, I mean cmon!!

  52. Music Lover4 life's a great way to tell the truth about feelings that are ones cross to bear....I have waited for a long time for a sign but I just never seem to get the right one...

  53. Jackie Jones

    Sometimes you just never move on. No matter how hard you try or how much you fake it. It just never happens. It is something I've learned in my 30s. He will always been my lover even if he doesn't want me. Sometimes it's a harsh reality we live in. I'm just starting to get use to his choices, and it still kills me sometimes, but I've learned to hide my pain. Sometimes I wonder if I was ever is home.

    johnny Bgood

    I really don't think a lot of people have found a true home cause most man always fuck up something good and I'll put myself at the top of the list.

    Kel Lea

    100% relate girlfriend! Half of me will always be gone.

    johnny Bgood

    @Kel Lea I'm a boy why you let dudes hurt you

    johnny Bgood

    @Kel Lea ops NVM

    johnny Bgood

    Hey Chic well you can look at the music that we like and kinda of have a good guss of how old we are but who cares I have no idea who you are this is just me and who I'm I nobody but I lost all contact with my x wife my daughter mom sisters son and so on and then it hit me and I look back all that pain got me to be who I am sometimes pain is good but fuck IDK just saying

  54. Alexandru Daniel Raia

    Corey, pur si simplu u deserve an oscar man, esti genial ,GENIAL!!!

  55. Kamal Thapa

    anyone here in 2019?

    Laura Arion



    Im always here

    Danny Lampron

    And I will be in 2020... Ive discovered this song in 2019 and I will surely make a cover of it... I will never be as good as corey but it is so fun to sing.

  56. Luka Horvat

    Guess I should have told you everything that night.
    I miss you.

  57. Tony Jones

    Corey gets me every time such a powerful song and voice truly the best of our time

  58. Admiral General N.N.

    Valentine's day is almost here... I bought her one of those infinite roses... But idk what I'm supposed to do... She doesn't want a relationship but she loved me. I still can't give her up.

  59. Killer Queen

    Better than ununderstandable screaming

  60. one H

    you never needed any help, you sold me out to save yourself ... or so they say

  61. Denise Storey


  62. Gattos Alem

    P&to el que lo lea

  63. Lucas Gregory

    This is the REAL Stone Sour! Without Jim, this band will never be the same!

  64. MarkoRollo

    "I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I can't stay the same" this....

  65. kissurassgoodbye

    My reasons have no reason to remain.. 💔 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Corey knows how to write deep lyrics

  66. Trixter Schadows

    Corey has a tendency to twist the mind on a journey to Hell & Black to realize our demons have a lighter side

    Alan Heyes

    Trixter Schadows Our demons are vulnerable.

  67. Jackie Wilson

    This song says all I would like to say to ppl. But why bother.

  68. Mad Max

    Badass, awesome band!

  69. Jeremy Hillard

    God damn.

  70. Lonnie Baty

    Chris :(

  71. lGuili21

    This song remains me 2014.

    I was in United Kingdom Learning English, and I had a girl in Venezuela, So after 5 months I came back to her it was a huge decision, stay in UK or follow my heart, nowadays I am disappoint it with my decision for sure! cause this relationship just was 9 months...

    Master price Stone sour, Thanks a lot!

  72. Mini Me

    Can't believe it took me so long to find this song. Just amazing

  73. Stacy Tucker


  74. frank Passmoree

    turning a simple tune into something great.

  75. Dahmerxx

    My husband and I are splitting up. I'm devastated. This is a special song to him and so it is special to me. Just give me a sign, show me the light... don't let go. We can make it.

    Miriam Lackner

    I hope you two made it 🤗

    Lynn Lowe

    @Miriam Lackner me too

  76. E. A.

    Did anyone notice that the tuning of the song it's been pitched down a bit??? 432 Hz???

    Michael Gilbert



    432 was the standard years ago, some of us still like to use it now and then.

  77. Deverie c Cram

    This song is so real, I am leaving on this song my soul mate don't even know or believe in us or remember

  78. ProgrammedForDamage

    This song really resonates with me. In relationships I am taciturn. I want to open up and tell people like my wife how I feel inside and share who I really am but I really struggle. It's like being trapped in my own body; I want to scream out my true emotions but I'm blocked by a wall of silence I myself created. All I can think of is "maybe tonight I'll tell you everything". It's always maybe.

    I love how this song ends with a disconnect tone, like he wanted to tell it all to whoever was on the other end but couldn't bring himself to do it. They've hung up and he's still there.

    chris sumi

    That's so relatable and also so unhealthy at the same time. It gave me so much pain but I just couldn't do it differently


    Trapped in your own body.. the only time I've heard someone else describe it that way.

    I completely get it, me and my partner of 5 years just split essentially because I was emotionally unavailable.. I would think in my head most days i can't wait to see her when I get home and fill with joy but the moment I walked through that door it took hold of all my emotion and I was left there just stone cold but inside I was screaming at what I was doing just trapped inside.

  79. Adrienne Kettle-Verleyen

    Ive always loved this song!

  80. Benjamin Wright

    I heard that you are seeing someone so I wish you the best that's all I ever wanted for you I will love you forever I hope who ever he is knows how lucky he is to have found someone as special and wonderful as you I know I have truly been lost and sad and upside down with out you I honestly say from everything that is left in me I love you I live you more than a person is supposed to feel I won't be able to love another you were my souls mate

    Benjamin Wright

    Idont know what im doing wrong but i cant stay the same .you never loved ne you never made ne your everything younever said hey thats my ben and he worth more to me thenany fuckin game any money any fuckinsex clubromp whilenyou were off fuckinandhaving agrand fuckintime my whole godamnlife was self destmteucting ivenwaited thisnwhole time for nothing because inwas nothing ti you ti hear thatyou cheated in me thru the enture rationship makes me wanto put afuckinbullet in my godamnhead .ive lost everydunfkeoersonni kived unmy lufe and somehiw uncenters around you .the gamethegame nithung us stooing you fromoucjinguothe ohinw utsnastudy thats beungdome onalk of us they are using mund controll exoerunents you are all alowed to returntoyournormaklives nkthungwull happen you are lost and knsomedfantasy your livong um out here qaiting for younto comehome and you refuses you know whatim saying tobe true you just dontgkvesshit about me to matter to you sone bkaxkdudes dick isnmireimoortant to you thenthelove of agoid man and honey myim better than this imnetter than ti let yiu make me beg anither moment for your love you have singlehandly drstroyed any swlf presevation i had fir you wrre my light you werr my outpose and i was just some guy stayin inYOURNHOME MY HOUSE ISNWHATBUNSAID AND ALLNINWAS DOINGNWASNORILOTECTINGNYOUS ANDNUNKNEWNTHEYNWERENTHERENJUST LIKE THE OTHERS YOU FEDNMENTONTHENWOLVESNINARMEDNYOI COULDHAVEATLEAST GAVENMENTHEINFONORTHERUNDOWNOFWHATITWAS.IM HONNANMAKENSURENNININEGETSNTHISNJEEP IM GONNANMAKENSURENKIBIDYNGETSNME EITHER ISIDNTEXPEXTSOMEBIGNANSWER YOU DONTGIVENASHITABOUTNME JUSTNKNIWNTONME YOU WRE GODDESS AND I WOULD HAVE ADIEED YOU TILL THE DAY IDIE THATS TONIGHTNSO GOODLUCKNFINDINGSOMEONEELSENYOU WONT THEYMIGHTSAYTHEY DONBUTTHEYNAREJUSTDOINGYOUHIWU DIDME DOGMAS . Get out of my phone im ginna cry onelastrime for you it should bes cry for when j out my arms ariund u u let me down amy you letne down .

    Benjamin Wright

    Ill mail u the knife

  81. RebelNick

    Just Pefect Art !!!

  82. Anthony Haller

    Reminds of the Unforgiven trilogy.

  83. metalkitten 666

    I want to fucking end my life right now. I'm not going to do it, but I want to.

  84. RecklessOne11

    Discovered this song last December after splitting with the mother of my son. It is a very deep and involved story but this song plays perfectly in this chapter of my life! Even cooler that I can sing it pretty much exactly like Corey. Awesome, powerful track! Love it

  85. Michael Gabdlfo

    Cory sounds like the new Richard Marx

  86. Michael Gabdlfo

    Corey is the best

  87. Atlas

    Selam bebek ❤️

  88. I AM HERE

    I love you. Home.

  89. Cruiz Cox

    Corey Taylor is the best vocalist of our day and age. Close your eyes and feel this shit.

  90. Sora Müller

    Omg... im a Slipknot fan since 7 years but i just started listing to stone sour this year... oh boi.... i missed something

  91. metalkitten 666

    Oh my god, ow! 'The sun can only burn for you and I' dammit that hurts!

  92. Janet Deloach

    I just listened to some slip knot I am astonished this. Is the same guy screaming himself hoarse. He has such a beautiful powerful voice. The way he pronounces his words, the emotional tone in his voice. He is amazing. Corey is one of the best singers of this age.

    Gregory Retzepis

    @Andy Baker Cory does ALL the heavy screaming on all the albums. Hes the only singer in the band dude. One word backing vocals from Clown don't count lol To imply otherwise is just not knowing what you're talking about.

    Andy Baker

    @Gregory Retzepis have you seen them live?

    Gregory Retzepis

    @Andy Baker ive seen them live 3 times with the most recent being at Knotfest this year. Live performances have Clown and the rest of the guys doing slightly more vocals so Corey can catch his breath. On the albums, Corey is the ONLY MAIN SINGER/SCREAMER. All the others are literally backing vocals only.

    Ernest O' Connell

    Thats corey for U if U know corey like we do he emotional all the time he an master an god the world will only except his name after he is long gone! he is about the truth!! M4L.....#8

    James a

    Take away his heavy metal roots and you will find one of the best vocalist alive. Like seriously up the with Freddy Mercury. Dare I say just as good with the vocal range. The guy is a born singer lol

  93. Steeve Steeve

    Shelter is here☎️

  94. JuNioR

    Give me a sign ... show me the LINE (not light)