Stone Sour - Sailin' On Lyrics

You don't want me anymore,
So I'll just walk right out that door.
Played a game right from the start,
I trust you, you used me, now my heart's all torn apart.

So I'm sailin', well I'm sailin' on.
I'm movin', hey I'm movin' on.
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.

Try to see if I'll give up,
But there wasn't any luck.
That's a fact, a fact of life.
That's the game, game of strife, everything is all in stride.

So I'm sailin', well I'm sailin' on.
I'm movin', hey I'm movin' on.
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.

So I'm sailin', well I'm sailin' on.
I'm movin', hey I'm movin' on.
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.

There's too many years with too many tears,
Too many days with nothin' to say.
How will we know when there's nowhere to grow?
What's the facts for life to show?

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Stone Sour Sailin' On Comments
  1. Wrath Of Vishnu

    This cover stinks worse than india

  2. thesweatleaf

    Everything else was mostly decent...ish. Then the singing started - ugh it sucks ballz

  3. Johnny Miller

    I admit, I'm not use to hearing Corey singing punk. But who are you guys to judge what kind of music should sing. Corey is a grown man and can do or sing what ever genre of music he want's. All these rude ass comments remind of the time fans started talkin shit about linkin park's album "One More Light". Fans didn't like it because it wasn't as heavy and rock like their original albums. And now that Chester' s gone everyone's like "best linkin park album ever". I mean that shit just pisses me off. What I'm trying to get you guys to understand is, it could be a day or two from now that we might see on the news that something terrible happened to Corey. We should appreciate what we have until it's gone. Besides I bet none of you shitheads can write a punk song better than this.

  4. deBidi

    its not baaaddd

  5. lunch box tooth pick

    Man never would have thought they'd cover this...props ...but not as groovy and original

  6. Ryan Huron

    This sounds like something that plays at the bar at Applebees

  7. Morgan Brown

    if he had used his screams from slipknots self titled this would be badass.

  8. Brian Camaccho

    esperaba mas de ustedes pablines :(

  9. Tsv 1860 München

    So true

  10. CKendlesspain222

    You don't have to be a "hater" to recognise that anyone who believes this is better than the original needs hearing aids. That being said, I find it hard to understand how people over the age of 16 could enjoy this band. Get a grip.

    Alan Heyes

    CKendlesspain222 Someone’s opinionated.


    great cover...!

  12. Gannicus

    Better than the original for sure! You retarded haters go all hang yourself.

    Kenneth Browning

    Gannicus this version is shit

  13. Tj Davenport

    this shit rocks u haters get a life

  14. Am Co Gaming

    You did a good job on this Album Sam is proud of you... Check your other bands... To miss Hot stuff I said Damn!

  15. Zach lovett

    So much hate.... anyone ever stop to think they are doing these covers for FUN and not for any of your fucking approval?? shocking....

  16. Ethan Bottensek

    I actually think this is a really good cover. I think most people just don't appreciate the hardcore punkrock sound they are going for.

  17. rwe 1012

    not necessarily a great version but i give em props for acknowledging a truly great band in music history...

  18. Joe Sauer

    Love Slipknot and Stone sour, but this sucks a dirty donkey dick.

  19. Ahmad Malki

    Love stone sour not really diggin the punk on Corey's vocals. Wish Jim was still in the band.

  20. Łamburyn

    for me its amazing :D

  21. Nate Caney

    Stone sour should have covered die die my darling instead of this song that song suits Corey better

  22. RedDragonAutomaton97

    could be better but it could also be so much worse

  23. Austin Lininger

    why this song? its to short and corey doesnt suit the punk vocals at all..

  24. Keely Holland

    I fucking love it.

  25. Seth Frazer

    Odd choice. I think Corey COULD pull punk off. He just needs a better song that's not as short & fast-paced. He's the kind of singer that NEEDS slower pace in parts of a song to work his own little spin in. He didn't really have much room to do that here

  26. Janin

    corey sorry mega shit...

  27. Zaher Sankari

    i really love stone sour but this is shit -_-

    Jakaś Nazwa

    +Zaher Sankari This is just punk music ;_;
    This is just a cover of punk band.

  28. Yacine Völgarr

    Dafuq corey ? really ?

  29. AquilaTempestas

    I love Stone Sour and Slipknot, but I don't think punk really suits his vocals here.


    +Swag Daddy that makes no sense. I love stone sour and slipknot and punk is my favorite genre. I saw in an interview that Corey said they covered a Bad Brains song so i immediately looked it up. For hardcore punk, vocals were always sloppy which isnt one of the characteristics of Coreys voice

  30. Osmanir Bispo


  31. Alex Hernán Salazar Placencia

    por cosas como esta se fue el bigote :(

  32. Matthew P41N

    Its the first of their covers that i dislike. its not good as the other and way too weird. I wanna hear Season in the abyss made by them

  33. Me Soo Kornyy

    lot better then the original lol bc corey taylor is a badass

  34. Vynyster

    I think they did a good job with this one. Made it sound better, to me at least. Personally, I don't get why people love the Bad Brains, they never sounded good to me.

  35. Page Sevilla

    I wanted to like this sooo much. maybe next time.

  36. Jordan

    No, no, no... weak cover, they just don't suit that kind of music

  37. Johnny Bench

    Why does it sound like Corey Taylor isn't singin this song? I mean the one of the biggest reasons I love the Knot and Stone Sour is Corey's mythodic voice. I've loved it since I first saw them back in 99'. But this just doesn't sound like Corey at all. Anyone else feelin this??

  38. Lenin Castillo SG

    I love u S

  39. Chayna Renee

    I don't think punk suits his voice but it is not terrible.

  40. Anthony Marr


  41. Chris Williams

    that was garb dude

  42. Jakaś Nazwa

    Jesus... So much butthurt about doing covers by Stone sour. They did 5 amazing albums, so they can now rest a bit by doing these amazing covers. Also they are going to make another album in 2016, so this hate really annoys me. They do what they want.

  43. fede camusso


  44. Albert Adam Zaleszczak

    Now i Know why Jim have to leave the band... This is [email protected] joke!

  45. Elías Muñoz

    esto es necesario??

  46. MechDvil 7

    Stone sour you did your best album and now this...

    Jakaś Nazwa

    +Lowortix Tfw What's wrong with doing covers? They will have released their new album in 2016.

    Sean Eggers

    They're doing a Burbank trilogy before a new record

  47. Niall Evans

    Song ruined

    Ben Barnes

    Yes. Because the original no longer exists and you HAVE to listen to this version for the rest of your life...

  48. Sudeb Sarkar

    Corey's voice doesn't suit punk.
    You need to be a shitty vocalist to be a punk vocalist. Corey sings too well to do old school hardcore.
    Sounds really really weird, it would've probably sounded better if he had growled.

    Μάνος Καραμάνος

    +Sudeb Sarkar True!

    Alex Jamerson

    I agree with you. I hope the other 3 songs are good.


    +Sudeb Sarkar yeah HR was a really shitty singer

    peter hardy

    WTF are you talking about, there are some great singers in punk And HR was one of them!

  49. George Dömse

    Now I see why Jim Root had to leave the band.

    Bruh ImDone

    lol could be.

  50. Ballad2Grave

    Nice cover, but it doesnt sound... hmm... that much punky to me. :) HIM covered this song also, and thats the best cover of this song in my opinion.

  51. Fucking Satan

    Living Color did this already


    +jeremy oliveria Imagine if more than one band could cover a song... woah

    Matt Goode

    +jeremy oliveria This song has been covered by Living Colour, No Doubt, HIM, Moby, Elf Power, Assfort, Soulfly, Red Thread, Profanacja, Deafness by Noise, SKAndalaous All-Stars, Outbreak, Tarbaby, Halfoff, and Valient Thorr.

  52. Amanda Farias

    Caramba que música fodaaaaa, Corey Taylor arrasa nos vocais, e amei os solos de guitarra, Stone Sour é uma das melhores bandas do mundooo

  53. Mike Stankovich

    not much of a cover, sounds just like the original

  54. Nahuel Barrio


  55. Nahuel Barrio


  56. Eduard Jorquera

    Martucci is a Shit, we dont want to Martucci in Stone sour

    Bruh ImDone

    No, YOU don't want Martucci in the band, and you're the one who's shit.

    Eduard Jorquera

    Friend shut up

    andrew ehalt

    You're very ignorant in your assumptions. You have no idea how stone sour will sound until new material is released. You've heard him play covers so far. No original material. Save your dumbass opinions until new material.

  57. Deimos000

    This will probably be the oddball among the songs? I like it. :-)

  58. Dylan S

    who replaced Jim Root


    +Dylan Suriyaarachchi A guy called Christian Martucci, seems like a solid guy, he has good energy when singing, never seen him play guitar live.

    Dylan S

    +thebaconflapsable tks

  59. Dylan S

    Excuse me Justin Bieber and Rudimental are not Rock and Heavy Metal

  60. Rusty Grill

    sounds like the Ramones

    Wolf 90

    Rusty Grill nah

  61. Jamerson Maggot

    muito boa a musica

  62. alex baker

    personally I hate most music from princess style bands. they always claim to inspire people and influence them. This sounds is a mix of punk meets B.lack metal.

  63. alex baker

    some words are deceiving, XlX, is a good one to compare this Album too.

  64. Jeremiah Thomas

    Ugggg.... Nooooooo please be a joke

    Michael Ward

    +Ricardo8388 daft

    фелер шилд

    @Mathew Bellamy
    your one brain cell must be lonely.


    +Mathew Bellamy daft?

    Jorge Vivanco

    Well, the drummer plays in Amebix and used to play in Nausea...

  65. Stefi teran

    oh por dios

  66. Daniel Ives

    Grungy af. I like

  67. CallMeDavid

    Well, that was interesting.

  68. Yunus Emre

    Lan durun ilk yorumu ben yapim bi kerede amk corey abi s.a

  69. René A. Rojas Robles

    esta buena :)

    Eduard Jorquera

    +Zod player a donde suena horrible

    René A. Rojas Robles

    Percepción po xd

  70. joso76522

    Fuck yeah!!!!