Stone Sour - Love Gun Lyrics

I really love you baby
I love what you've got
Let's get together, we can
Get hot
No more tomorrow, baby
Time is today
Girl, I can make you feel

No place for hidin' baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun

You can't forget me baby
Don't try to lie
You'll never leave me, mama
So don't try
I'll be a gambler, baby
Lay down the bet
We get together, mama
You'll sweat

No place for hidin' baby
No place to run
You pull the trigger of my
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, love gun

Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun), love gun
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love gun)
Love gun, (love)

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Stone Sour Love Gun Comments
  1. Eder Alexandres

    Mister Corey Taylor....

  2. SweetRogue29 **

    If your intent is to sound EXACTLY like the original, well, BRAVO!! ThanQ!

  3. James Smith

    Perfect cover , most accurate poss.

  4. Salvatore Perez

    Corey is Amazing but Mike Patton is Better at vocals

  5. Mark Peace Thomas

    Sounds good.

  6. Dallas Bishop

    See Ronnie, his dick is the gun!

  7. Chris Grissom

    Just hearing this... awesome

  8. Keith Ferrilla

    Holy Fuck! I don't even know what to type. So fuckin' badass!

  9. XBettie Page

    you did this song justice... this Rocks :P


    I had no idea that this cover existed until Saturday. I was in awe the whole time, it's so good. I love Kiss and Corey MF Taylor

  11. Eric Johnson

    Idc Corey Taylor is the best singer of a generation. If u dislike u have no idea the talent he has from hard metal to slow shit amazing.

    Jacob Flores

    Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and they all stink...

  12. Shawn Simmons


  13. Evin Crabtree

    My favorite kiss cover besides maynard in shandis addiction

  14. Rubens 1LE

    This is better than Slipknot.

  15. ReaperhunterB

    He should cover War Machine or God of Thunder.

  16. Markus Mai

    Hammerversion .. so gut singen KISS schon lange nicht mehr ;-)

  17. Popescu Nicolae

    sounds like kiss

  18. southern hot mess

    I am so blown away by the talent of this band.... My God, so damn impressed by the way they made a classic to be even better lol

  19. sugarplum 14

    You pull the trigger of my LOGAN

  20. Jacob Wilson

    Holy shit! Not a KISS fan but they fuckin nailed it!

  21. Jose Mateo

    so good I had to come back for seconds. Loving this tasty tune.

  22. silver moon

    Love how Corey sings this his voice is awesome would love him to sing it with Paul stanley and get to see him do it yeah

  23. Matthew Brown

    Corey Taylor remixes kick azz. I would love to hear them cover skid row 18 and life

    Alan Heyes

    Matthew Brown In-studio, possible. Live, it’s a little too high up in Corey’s range for him to sing comfortably. He could sing it, but he’d have to be in good voice.

  24. The Carver

    They do this a little too good but any kiss head can tell def. I was hoping they would give it a heavier feel love gun is one my fav from kiss I do love they choose it

  25. Myles Montgomery

    I'm going with the original love gun song from kiss

    Alan Heyes

    Myles Montgomery With all that fanaticism, I’m surprised you haven’t joined ISIS yet.

    Myles Montgomery

    @Alan Heyes Not Interested

    Alan Heyes

    Myles Montgomery I bet you’d slurp up Paul Stanley’s ball sweat.

    Myles Montgomery

    @Alan Heyes Imma come buy to your house and punch you in the Gonads and you won't have babies

    Alan Heyes

    Myles Montgomery You can try. But tell me I’m wrong.

  26. Sheldon Murray

    Feels more like a tweak of the original than an actual cover.

  27. JanBENssen

    Aside from the slight difference of Cory's fantastic vocals, this sounds spot on to the original KISS song... You guys nailed it 100% keep bringing more of this stuff to my ears!!🤘

  28. maJESStic77 ***


  29. Jeffrey Wilcox

    Yeah !!! You guys hit the Ball out of The Park. I Love Kiss. I Love The Knot !

  30. Имя Фамилия

    Оху%но брат! Это KISS группа моего детства! Спасибо!!!

  31. Jigsaw Vocalist

    really love you baby, I love what you've got
    Let's get together, we can get hot
    No more tomorrow, baby time is today
    Girl, I can make you feel okay

    No place for hidin' baby, no place to run
    You pull the trigger of my
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun

    You can't forget me baby, don't try to lie
    You'll never leave me, mama, so don't try
    I'll be a gambler, baby lay down the bet
    We get together, mama you'll sweat

    No place for hidin' baby, no place to run
    You pull the trigger of my
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, love gun

    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun)
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun), love gun
    Love gun, (love gun)
    Love gun, (love gun)
    Love gun, (love gun)

  32. Travis witcheck


  33. Bryon RVSO

    Awesome cover, now i wanna jam right now


    Anything Corey sings sounds good!

  35. Jordan Taylor

    Corey sound like Gene Simmons

  36. Kaybag d


  37. Victor Cano

    Damn that was great

  38. Omar Villarreal

    Heard this excellent cover last Friday night & I absolutely love it!! I've been a huge KISS fan for over 30 years!!

  39. arrow waterable

    I really love this cover, baby I love what you've done.
    This is really a decent cover.

  40. Ace Bentley

    Sorry, Paul. Corey kicked your ass on your own song.

  41. Ace Frehley

    And here's what new bands would sound like with them sticking to the natural rock way !!

  42. Rick Shaw

    not a kiss guy, but best song about dick, and awesome cover.

  43. joelburgos69

    Great cover

  44. Michael Martin

    Other than that signing over the solo bull shit that I've always hated this sounds great.

  45. Invinci-blaaalls

    I really love you baby!!!!

  46. thedude22

    been hanging out with steel panther too much, got him trying those 80s screams.

    Hayden Jacobs

    thedude22 late 70’s lol


    @Hayden Jacobs idk I wasn't there lol.

  47. Matt Adams

    Good shit guys! I did a triple take when I seen the name of the song. Even the solo is on point. Corey sounds better than Paul Stanley haha.

  48. Atlas

    This was amazing, sounds like a remastered version of the original and it kicks ass.

  49. khalilrockmetal

    super great cover


    I heard this one before!

  51. Tyler The great

    This song is too cheesy for Cory's voice. It feels out of place. I still like it though. Just not as much as other covers they did

  52. Cody Hilton

    Corey Taylor definitely has to be one of the greatest vocalists. It’s safe to say that he can also cover everything damn near perfect if not perfect. About to head over to gimme shelter now lmao

  53. dyrhee1

    hellz yes!

  54. Tim Foley

    Thanks for loaning me your larynx Mr Stanley!

  55. Sinista Gangxtaz

    Motherfucking perfect cover. Nailed it! I'm so impressed! This was obviously one of his favorites growing up. As well as mine!

  56. Christopher Smiddy

    OK, I love the original masterpiece by Kiss but Damn this is really good

  57. Eric Eakes

    Im curious if jim root played on this track an what he thought about playing it. The solo is an exact copy of aces style.

  58. Robb Hotdog

    Damn That was good. Like Holy Shit that was good.

  59. SuperSonic2324 YT

    This is the first song I ever heard by stone sour 😂 it from when I was into kiss a while back way before I got into slipknot and stone sour

  60. Przemek Mańkowski

    Cream of the crop:)

  61. Gallo Pereida

    Corey’s voice mind blowing

  62. Rogue Outbreak

    Holy shit if i didnt know the thid was a cover i would think kiss remade this

  63. Joel Junior

    Corey fela da puta que canta

  64. Anthony Stiles

    Beautiful job gentlemen, love it.

  65. Abruu Belenn


  66. Orion Desautels


  67. ava elisabeth

    my gun don’t shoot bullets, it shoot L O V E

  68. Diogo Alves

    Very gurt !!! 👏👏🎸🎸🎙🎙

  69. Adriano Rosa De Sousa Filho

    Best cover ever! !!! Corey and KISS are FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!

  70. crazydude415

    What is this travesty?

    Alan Heyes

    crazydude415 Oh shut your fuckin' mouth, KISS loved this cover so much they put it on their own website.

    You wouldn't know quality if it danced naked on your prone body screaming "This is quality music! The quality music has arrived!"

  71. Tommy Storm


  72. hevs68

    I'm a huge kiss and Paul Stanley fan . . . And this guy is Amazzzing ♡♡♡♡♡♡

  73. skydiver 91

    That moment when the cover is better than the original. Epic work Stone Sour!!

  74. Isiah Taylor

    NOW THAT is a cover

  75. Kelly Alldread


  76. musical roses

    Very nice, almost nailed Paul's voice.

  77. Gingerbred_Hed

    Wow!! This sounds identical to kiss' track!! Impressive

  78. Renato Guns2014

    Banda do caralho de boa

  79. Fearpocalypse

    good cover, they give the og song justice.

  80. pikindownunder

    Un fucking believable!!! Corey is so god damn talented

  81. Kaleb Brown

    This is so good its kinda scary

  82. Papa Emeritus ii

    I'm sorry but this song sucks. That is all.

  83. le druide

    hush hear!!!!

  84. Ivyy

    Escucho esta canción y digo: Hostia!! En este tema Stone Sour tiene un estilo muy parecido a Kiss y les queda muy bien, miro detenidamente y es una versión de la original Kiss - Love Gun jajaja les quedó genial!!!

  85. Gonzalo Vargaz

    2:55 Michael Starr??? or Corey??

    James Garrand

    Gonzalo Vargaz Rosie O'donnell

    Alan Heyes

    Corey can hit some decent highs, he's just not as comfortable in his upper register. He was when he was younger though.

  86. lisa horn

    Love Corey Taylor......awesome covers. Dude can fucking sing

  87. Chris B

    This is a great fucking cover

  88. Rachel Owst

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  89. David martinez

    one of the best covers I ever herd .

  90. Tony Houle

    One of the greatests Kiss cover!

  91. Ant s

    oh how I wish kiss were this damn heavy,STONESOUR done good.😈

  92. David Burk

    Fucking love this album. So many covers done perfect.

  93. Juan TheDon

    Garbage! No one beats Paul Stanley!

    James Arnold

    Juan TheDon Not to deter you from your opinion, but Paul actually loves this cover. He told everyone about it through Twitter, and this song was featured on the official Kiss website.

  94. ZBlacktt

    My favorite KISS album.... I sold my soul to KISS in the 1970s. Greatest show on earth!

  95. miss Green

    actually only listen to kiss on holidays when I get to pick a cd in the car (dad has some classics) and I always thought they sang 'no more'

  96. Victor Adebayo

    Impressive cover

  97. fernando gonzaga

    A great song in a great band. This is... I don't know, I'm speechless. This is so fuckin asome.

  98. gabriel barblay

    -corey stanley-

  99. Cjs Fontaine

    this sucks