Stitches - Love For My Haters Lyrics

They wanna see me broke (But I got love for my haters)
They wanna see me dead (But I got love for my haters)
Police wanna lock me up (But I got love for my haters)
They'll do anything just to stop my paper [x2]

Money brings problems and happiness
Watch what you say up on that phone because they listenin'
(Them FEDS!)
They'd rather see you die than to see you win
I keep my circle small: I will not let you in
I sip lean in public
I sell chickens; no Publix
FEDS watch me it's nothin'
No job, tatted to my face, I'm stuntin'
I know how it feels to have a lot but to also have nothin'
I came up on my own, nobody gave me nothin'!

Man, who cares about the dyin' part?
My fear is bein' broke
If I die soon, I want go to leave my son with that least 50 mill
Is that too much to ask for, Lord?
Stitches is my name, no snitching is my statement
And I'm only 18, bitch!

They wanna see me broke (But I got love for my haters)
They wanna see me dead (But I got love for my haters)
Police wanna lock me up (But I got love for my haters)
They'll do anything just to stop my paper [x2]

I stick to all my choices, I don't turn my back (Never!)
I'm not too friendly, cause that's how you get stabbed in the back (Them fakes)
They claim to be your friend: but they's yo number 1 hater
And they'll do anything just to stop your paper
You can't stop my paper! Because I earned that paper!
If you owe me paper! Don't pay me a minute later!
I served it to your bitch: but I'm no waiter
That's what you get for tryin' to pay a minute later!

They wanna see me broke (But I got love for my haters)
They wanna see me dead (But I got love for my haters)
Police wanna lock me up (But I got love for my haters)
They'll do anything just to stop my paper [x2]

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Stitches Love For My Haters Comments
  1. Reverend Red Pill

    Just found this gem

  2. Artur Sitarz

    Kurwa mać petarda i nie trzeba nic gadać polska pozdrawia palczasty Aaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Artur Sitarz

    Coś zjebistego kocham to aż po grób

  4. Artur Sitarz

    Aaaaaaaaa kurwa jeszcze więcej Aaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Artur Sitarz


  6. AZRAEL Pink

    Keep making me famous. Haters make me grater

  7. John Smith

    still the realest shit 5 years now

  8. Brian TV


  9. Hailey Matthews

    Greatest rapper of all time in all generations in all realities in every Cosmos in every universe.

  10. Firyal Majed

    anyone knows where can i get the instrumental version plz

  11. Kevlar

    💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 call me I’m ready to record


    Listen to this. It’s just a preview of what’s to come.

  12. Damian Emmure

    All Time Favorite Stitches Track followed by Facts and Mail🙌🏻


    Damian Emmure 💯

  13. cougar planes

    so ummmm i guess you love haters right

  14. Moski

    nice track keep it up

  15. Eric Big-E Alford

    This fuckin beat so wicked

  16. Давид Ристић

    This song is FIRE

  17. Cloudman326


  18. Inked Arachnid

    But I got Love for my Haters! <3

  19. Casper 7


  20. Berkie Allen

    well im 12 bitch

    Raymond Fuentes

    but your not popular or bout nothing but video games


    hahahaha this guy is boss

  21. lex jayke

    his best song but honestly i can bump any song by stitches but i had this shit on repeat all day when i first heard stitches over a year ago

    Raymond Fuentes

    shut up

  22. Christina Lezama

    love this one

    Dave Cyr

    Christina Lezama sexy

  23. Martin Boyer

    dope song

    Raymond Fuentes


  24. X savvy

    this fucken flame. check x savvy on youtube

  25. Grand Music

    This my Jam i know its old but i hope one day for a video, i think a lot of people can relate to this one. They wanna see Me Dead ,But i Got Love For My MutHafuckin Hataz Fuck A Job Tmi Gang

  26. Kryminalny Świat

    so true fuckin track , i wish u in more this kind tracks, emotions,  greetings from Poland !

    Kryminalny Świat

    +TRAINS come on bitch!

    Heisenberg Csgo



    So many Stitches` fans from Poland. :)

    Tony Tomski


  27. yamaguchigumi2

    Best Song!



    +yamaguchigumi2 Saludos to my Polish compadresfrom Peru


    saludos bro!

  28. Care.

    he went in as fuck on this

  29. otto8867

    808 Mafia in this bitch....

  30. Booty WarriorJr.

    Pretty good

  31. Nicholas Noble

    50 mill? lmao ok

  32. thenageone

    Stitches is the master of so bad it's good rap. It's terrible, but very very entertaining


    boab Fawcett your persuasion skills need a little work dude.

    Boab Fawcett

    ultra gay.. sign this L

  33. Evan Mannion

    This is catchy as a motherfucker

  34. Judy Pratt

    Love this sosg

  35. Duck

    Garbage music, and looks like a fucking moron clown. Ugly shit kid

    Exmortis Lunarcop


    Brayton Myers

    Trump won haha

  36. Garett Clark

    Hell yea this track is tight.

    jesus Christ

    +Garett Clark FUCK YEAH

  37. Lou Skunt

    Kindergartners have deeper flow than this

  38. p3arljam26

    The fact you have a favorite track is disturbing.

    Mike GX

    STFU and hang bitch !


    you're so jealous it's hilarious... you comment on all his videos ahaha buddy I love real hip-hop not this trap BS but you know what.. i respect this dude cause he knows he's not a good rapper, but he also knows he can make mad dough from it... you don't know how this guy grew up, he clearly had some serious problems growing up so stfu and realize not everyone is like you and has parents that were their for you and family.. 

    Mike GX

    Nah... Not jealous at all !!!! I like this dude !!! Just because I made a simple statement on THIS JAM doesn't mean ish!  I was just in the vibe to make a stupid comment because I got used to his other jam...." BRICK IN YO FACE" Check that out... I'm from Miami, Florida so I love to see new artist coming about !!!  Nothin' but love here inside a war machine... ;) 


    @Michael Gonzalez yea i wasn't responding to you lol 

  39. K. Kerr

    This my fav track on the album!