Stewart, Rod - That's All Right Lyrics

That's all right my mama, that's all right for you
That's all right my mama any old way you do
But that's all right, well that's all right
Well that's all right my mama
any way that you wanna do

My mother she did tell me
Papa did tell me too
Son, that woman that you're foolin' with
she ain't no good for you

I'll be leaving here tomorrow
leaving here for sure
you ain't gotta be bothered with me
hangin' 'round your door

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Stewart, Rod That's All Right Comments
  1. Brian Young

    As an album, does it get any better? It's like having the boys over on a Tuesday night and man, can they play! Oh, toss me a cold one

  2. Greg McMillan

    Best album ever...

  3. Mark Leon Tanner

    Crazy bass...

  4. Cindy Gray

    This album was done almost seamlessly, in one take, so these guys were brilliant, serious musicians, real pros! Rod and Faces always deliver the goods. MAGNIFICENT ALBUM.

    R&R Peg

    one of the ultimate BEST rock records EVER.

  5. Bluesmn9

    Written and originally recorded by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup in 1946. Been a Rod fan since late 60's, but I like when the original artist gets credit.

  6. Valentino Valentini

    Absolutely fantastic!

  7. Steve Sargant

    The absolute best version, end of story.

  8. Hollysbuddy

    you cant feel depressed after listening to this song

  9. Edwin Bitsoe

    Sorry Elvis......, But Sir Rod turned this tune INTO an HOMERUN.......!!!!!!

    Kevin Pate

    I love both versions myself.

  10. Lucy Potato

    My favourite Rod album of all time, Thanx!!!