Stewart, Rod - Long Ago And Far Away Lyrics

Long ago and far away, I dreamed a dream one day
And now that dream is here beside me
Long the skies were overcast but now the clouds have passed
You're here at last

Chills run up and down my spine, Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied me
Just one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you

[Music break]

Chills run up and down my spine, Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied me
Just one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you

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Stewart, Rod Long Ago And Far Away Comments
  1. Emmanuel Mcneil

    You can't compare Jo Stafford and Rod Stewart singing this song, Jo singing style is different, Jo came along before Rod. The music in the 30's and 40's are not the same. I love Rods better the music is more lively and full of love, indeed, it's takes you to the Peach Moon baby, Thanks Rod for your beautiful rare, ruggish voice.

  2. anthony wayne

    The calendar may say it was long, long ago we danced cheek to cheek to this song, but hen I close my eyes it was just a day ago

  3. Fred Virtuoso

    good job Rod

  4. борис киселев


  5. Topper954

    Great arrangement LOUSY VOCAL.

  6. James Miller

    Never thought I rocker like Rod Stewart would even attempt a classic like LAAFA...but he did it justice...I liked this slightly uptempo version and Rod stays true to this lovely melody...he plays with his voice effectively and I am left pleasantly surprised and satisfied...and wanting more...

  7. adabsiz2000

    Is it the singer ... or the song ... ??

  8. M Woodard

    Awesome! One of the best, and I've been listening to this song since 1944.

    John Smith

    M Woodard: Me too

  9. Vivian Geidt

    My favorite omg send to me from my love Mark Albert 2016,

  10. eoselan7

    Sweet. There's a lot more to this great song than Stewart reveals as he skirts over the surface , but there is something touching about his childlike nievite.

    Barry Schlesinger

    Yes, Rod Stewart captures the 1940;s vibe

  11. Barry Schlesinger

    Renaissance Man..... Very cool....

  12. Melissa Schroeter

    We become what we need to be to is all about living....then we are what we always wanted to ..we do what we do....

  13. Emmanuel Bizo


  14. Anthony Alfaro

    No question that Rod Stewart's rendition is great but Jo Stafford takes it up a notch

  15. Nadia Lynggaard

    Fantastico !!

  16. billy johnnson

    good music

  17. Péter Szőke

    It was with Rod Stewart that I realized that rock and pop singers that I used to find simply dreadful could turn out to be awesome musicians if given a chance to sing good songs. Lady Gaga is a case in point.

  18. Emelio Salazar

    The one and only Sir Roderick David Stewart of United kingdom.

  19. Nicholas Santiago

    Yesssssss I Love It.

  20. Strange Lights

    what happened to Rod Stewart? all he releases is cheesy shit

    lita tale

    Danny Boy those are classic . You're the shit

    lita tale

    Danny Boy those are classic . You're the shit

    Strange Lights

    @lita tale he was great with the Faces and Jeff Beck but sold out long ago. He sucks, waste of a great voice on this Shite.  

  21. maria augusta GE


  22. Ashoke N Lyngdoh

    absolute magic

  23. Anne Vansweevelt

    twin soul song

  24. Alvaro Medina Peniche


  25. abbie baker

    God as my witness, I was really only joking.  Just exploring the human condition.  Shalom

  26. Peggy Turpin

    long ago and far away, closer than ever

  27. abbie baker

    What about all your women?  I want us to have the three days together.  Please give that to me.  I seldom ask for anything and all I want is to love you three days and make love.

  28. abbie baker

    Rod we found each other this time.  That was a ,miracle. We will find each other again. Be good to your self my love and be all the wonderful things that you.  You are wonderful.  I love you.

  29. cynsmi

    Very nice..

  30. abbie baker

    I want you to be with me.  Don't wish me love, love me!  You should have waited for me.  You are my twin flam, which means that in the eyes of God, he only  recognized us.  Your life is complicated.  Do what you feel is right in your heart.  Remember that I will always love you.  If we can'n be  then I'll never settle for second best.  I wil never get married.  Remember how much I love you and every once in a while look up into the galaxies and think of me,  Abbey

  31. abbie baker

    My heart for Willie.  He sure has been brave.

  32. Steve W

    Rod really nailed this ----- plus a beautiful arrangement.

  33. Ali Howas

    muzyka mojego życia
      music my life 
    we are waiting on Rod in Poland

  34. Micky Alberta

    Linda Ronstadt can ace any style with class. Rod Stewart is just a rock singer. His phrasing plods.

  35. aliceband2

    This beautiful Jerome Kern/Gershwin number, is crucified by Rodney, e.g. Long agoo and far aweigh.  Excuse me while I vomit.
    You'd have to a total musical illiterate to find anything in this dim album. He'd jump on any bandwagon and do anything for dosh. I hate his rock stuff, please leave the American Songbook to those that love it.

  36. getthawa jeng

    The dream I dreamed was not denied me  !!!!

  37. Elsa Leon

    Lovely! ♥ ♥

  38. Devon Dandy

    The old rocker croaks his way through this really well and to his credit he sings the introduction.  For me though this kind of song belongs to the likes of Edmund Hockridge, really powerful, and precise phrasing.  This version is  great for dancing a foxtrot - there's nothing more elegant.

  39. Zoltán Takács

    thank you Rod!  Zoli from Budapest Hungary!

  40. maureen1938

    GEORGEOUS.....Drool...drool...drool.... LOVE him. Thank you so much for posting.

  41. Leontina Rodrigues


  42. susana victoria varela

    Long Ago and far away Idreamd
    Long the skys but now the clouds youre here and last

    Jut one look and... there all alone to

  43. Rhonda Howard

    Just love Rob Stewart!!! Must get this one!!!

  44. Minombreesmonica

    i love it

  45. Safrina Putriasti

    always love this song =)

  46. Piotr Szewczyk

    Greate! ;)

  47. noyainyo

    this song reminds me of my father,,,,,miss him so much.

  48. noyainyo

    this song reminds me of my dad....miss him so much.

  49. Carmen Peluso

    Every time I listen to this song I remember my father-n-law who was a War II Veteran and I used to love to dance with him. He made you feel like the queen of the ball. Rest in peace Fred Piriano. Your Daughter-n-Law Lovey Piriano

  50. adelino kho

    there is no denying that Rod Stewart had gracefully transitioned from rock to standards.. much like what Linda Ronstadt did 2 decades ago.. If Jo Stafford were alive.. she would definitely be please with this version..

  51. Edward James

    Yeap you're right, Jo Stafford was living the song, I agree. But this is nice too :)

  52. adelino kho

    Rod Stewart was reminiscing..Jo Stafford was living the song.. that's the difference.. both are great renditions..

  53. Teresa Lynn

    Great Song and well by the rocker!

  54. clocbo

    Magnifique du point de vue de l'Harmonie !

  55. enzovzd

    great song

  56. Richard Danks

    Jo Stafford was certainly a good singer in the War years, but Rod is superior when it comes to interpreting a song. And it's the interpretation which sells the songs. That's why people such as Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Tina Turner who don't have classical singing voices reached the top of their profession.

  57. moggs

    If you like this song,go and listen to Jo Stafford singing it. Sorry Rod,you are not in her class on this one.