Stevie Stone - Suicidal Lyrics

[Hook - King Harris:]
Call to flip a double up
My lil' niggas run amok
I pull up to the club, let the Chevy idle
Middle finger to the law I'm feeling suicidal
Yeah, suicidal
Yeah, suicidal
I'll fuck a nigga up I'm feeling suicidal
I just don't give a fuck I think I'm suicidal

[King Harris:]
I've been up for 40 days
All my niggas strapped, I'm talking 40 Ks
All my niggas strapped 140 ways
Got money on my head, but can't afford to pay
I tell 'em "meet me at the Double Tree"
She bust that pussy open right in front of me
I tell her "throw it back. Girl, don't you run from me"
I'm suicidal, what the fuck you bitches want from me?

All across the board nigga
Said "You ain't never been shit without your boys, nigga"
Shark waters deep, I heard you been swimming with them kois, nigga
Keep talking slick I have you swimming up to shore, nigga

[Hook - Stevie Stone (Glasses ad-libs)]

[Glasses Malone:]
Now let me show you what a 'loc is
I don't know what broke is
Show up, show out, way before show biz
Wavy, feelin' like the back door to that Rolls is
That Phantom screwed me good, my Nig'
Hold up, let me try and find a fuck to give
Can't find it
Fully loaded semi-
No shows in that UK 'til I'm selling out that whip
He's shootin' nines and I'm shootin' mine
And this motherfucker hit me
No joke me, Imma go broke before these record label pimp me
Midwest, to that West Coast I'm the realist nigga rappin'
See me, Nigga greet me
Holla out, what's happening? where we?

[Hook - Stevie Stone]

[Stevie Stone:]
Roll call, told 'em "Meet me at the back door"
Line 'em up, load 'em up, klick clack Joe
On some bullshit, hope I make it back yo
It's go time, what you think I got these straps fo'?
I'm having suicidal thoughts, nigga
Walk in the bank, whip out a mask and take it all, nigga
Cut through the station tryna blow up all the cars, nigga
Find me up in the Ocean swimming with some sharks, nigga
Keep it real, think I'm bi-polar
Can hear the loud yelling "Paranoia"
I keep the chevy on auto as I'm aimin' for your vitals and I'm clutchin' on my bottle of rum

[Hook - Stevie Stone]

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Stevie Stone Suicidal Comments
  1. CityinFlames

    Me daily

  2. Franklin Hurley

    Here at 688 still bumpin ya boii stevie this shit hits hard af on my brothers subs

  3. Stephen Harding

    Mix this with Lil whyt homicidal suicidal instrumental?

  4. Richard Glass

    why was it removed from the play store?

  5. Jason Carroll

    The sped up version is better. It works because the lack of lyrics is less noticeable when sped up. I'm not hating on Stone, but when songs like this are slow, it just sounds lazy.

    Jaybee Laze

    Jason Carroll lmao. The speed up version probably just caters to your autism better

  6. Lucky Irish

    this just set my ears on fire

  7. Maria Laura

    I've heard 2 versions of this.. the other one was faster... so which one is right?

    Haley Twelven

    Maria Laura Whichever you like best lol Prolly this one, people always change songs up. Sometimes it can be pretty cool though

    Chuy Constantino

    Maria Laura the slow one .

    Michael Foster

    This one. I got his CD and this is right.

    Golokin TheGhost

    This one is on the album

  8. No1noez

    I just don't give a fuck I think I'm suicidal🔥🔥🔥

  9. Brandon Wilz

    so f****** raw

  10. Clayton Hole

    By far my favorite song in the album next to "Wait On It". Keep up the great music!

  11. hatchetninja- warrior

    This by far is one of my favorite Stevie Stone tracks of all time. Such a great album and such a great lyricist