Stevie Nicks - Every Day Lyrics

Don't keep me hangin' on a string
Tell me what I feel is no big thing
Don't turn away I'm listening
Over and over again

Don't give me visions to explain
There are no doubts I feel the strain
Of all my senses yearning
Over and over again

Every day I see you
Every day I need you
Every way I breathe you
On and on and on and on again

It's not important to wonder why
What is just is no more to imply
This simple thought repeating
Over and over again


Imagine all the ways to cope
I close my eyes, that gives me hope
It cures the silence


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Stevie Nicks Every Day Comments
  1. C. McClanahan

    Miss you Stevie...

  2. Heather Finley

    Stevie Nicks is a living goddess 💖

  3. Mike Thaxton

    Stevie is like a fine wine ! I was 14 when leather and lace came out and loved her then and still do today !!

  4. jordan Fogarty

    I love the swans!

  5. Tim Hill

    At the height of her addiction, Nicks infamously had a huge hole in her nose from her cocaine use, and was warned she risked a possible brain hemorrhage if she continued using the drug....from article

    Praying you get Jesus, Stevie, He works 100% Always and'll have perfect don't want the other place

  6. obxkiteflier

    This song and video seem to describe an unfulfilled love.

  7. Oneisha Ledoux

    She sounds like Serena Ryder in this song

  8. BeatleLoverification

    Rest in peace mommy.

  9. Michele Mazzatto Cell

    I have been looking all over for this song and i’am very excited that I found it on my birthday now I have and I will purchase this song on my I tunes this song is amazing and she is an amazing artist keep up the phenomenal wonderful fantastic work Stevie you look phenomenal and you sound phenomenal

  10. Billy Morgan




  12. Rajander Philip

    Conceptually, her best song yet.  Beautiful.

  13. Amber Crystal

    Beautiful always💜💜💜

  14. TheSharkPuppet Fan

    Fuck you nicks Every day Life I like that Random Ginger

  15. Celluloidkid

    So under-rated!...

  16. Michael Andrews

    My God in that pink dress she looks 30 years old Stevie u look good in color

  17. Michael Andrews

    My favorite song from her trouble in Shangri-la

  18. Chris Tharp

    I worked on this video. She seemed a bit fucked off to have to do it and was impatient with the director (at one point I felt bad for him). But she treated the crew with absolute respect.

  19. Chris Sorick

    My favorite song by Stevie! What is just is, no more to imply!

  20. Nowhere Man

    Hey Stevie,. On & On & On Again ? - Great Stuff - Don't care yr age,.. Infinite wisdom IS What the PEOPLE Want ! - Seriously-Hope U-R well, & Happy ? (U.R. on my links list.) Will - ALWAYS Luv ya,.. :)

  21. Sesshoumaru Luna

    Quando criança, tinha mudo medo dessa música. kkkk

  22. Yello80s

    She looks so much younger than I know she is in this! Amazing Stevie, why am I not surprised?!

    Michael Adamcik

    61 in 2009

  23. Cupla Mairtin Egal3

    2018 2019

    Sesshoumaru Luna

    2018 ✋

  24. Antonio Barrella

    One of the most beautiful songs

  25. I Dream Of MeeMees

    The chorus sounds like something that 90’s-Early 2000’s Aerosmith would do, which ir probably why I love it.


    You need to get off the drugs.

  26. Lobão

    Procurava por essa música faz anos. Finalmente achei 👏👏👏

    Michelle Santos

    Eu também! Lembro que a primeira vez que ouvi ,foi quando minha mãe colocou tv a cabo e tinha um canal de música cowntry eu acho. Finalmente tbm achei

  27. Kimberfleaz

    This song describes my love for her. I need her voice and lyrics everyday!

    Bee Ehess

    She's one of a kind. I'm sure you are as well:)

  28. taraniso

    I believe this is one of her finest videos. Nicks was a little dismissive of this in some audio commentary she recorded. She looks terrific throughout. I'm glad she wore pink and white instead of black every single time.

  29. Voc Mark

    nie nasladujcie ,dzisiejszych pseudogwiazdek..badzcie soba,,, co to teraz ma byc?? wierze ze .potraficie wydobyc z siebie ,duszę,,jak,,(like ,song Bird)

  30. Itsallabunch ofhooie

    Don't keep me hangin' on a string 
    Tell me what I feel is no big thing 
    Don't turn away I'm listening 
    Over and over again 

    Don't give me visions to explain 
    There are no doubts I feel the strain 
    Of all my senses yearning 
    Over and over again 

    Every day I see you 
    Every day I need you 
    Every way I breathe you 
    On and on and on and on again 

    It's not important to wonder why 
    What is just is no more to imply 
    This simple thought repeating 
    Over and over again 


    Imagine all the ways to cope 
    I close my eyes, that gives me hope 
    It cures the silence 


  31. doorbell5

    on & on & on
    my pretty birdy

  32. Bella Angel

    Love you Stevie forever ❤

  33. 1960jefbot

    no problems, i started my "Stevie phase" in about 1977, some phases last longer than others i
    and its not just looks, check her body of work, as well as what she does for Wounded Warrior (completely without fanfare), Our Stevie is truly a National Treasure. "Once in a million years a lady like her rises...." Semper Stevie

  34. Leonard Evans

    I added all those James Blunt videos years ago when I had a music phase going on... I know she's really pretty all I'm saying is your comment sounded a bit...misleading... forget I said anything

  35. 1960jefbot

    not a stalker "mate" anymore than you are stalking this "james blunt" (whoever the hell he is). you are clearly new to those of us who hunt for more and more works from Our Stevie. I have been a serious fan most likely since before you were born. Quite frankly, your opinion means basically nothing to me, as i did not come here to here you, rather to hear Notre Sorcière Blanche, Notre-Dame de la Montagne, Notre Stevie. SEMPER STEVIE!

  36. Leonard Evans

    You sound like a stalker mate...

  37. 1960jefbot

    i could stare into those eyes...and just drown happily. Our Stevie, Our White Witch (though she drives me crazy in black....but i ramble) SEMPER STEVIE!!!

  38. newman paul

    she is just great, love her,

  39. Servodude1

    This was the song that hooked me into being a Stevie fan. I'd heard her music growing up and many moons later this gem was released. I watched the clip several times on a music channel and thought to myself: 'Wow! This chick is cool. I wonder who she is?' After a little research I realised I'd been a fan since I was a kid. Gotta love connecting the magical dots in life :-)

  40. pierre benard

    THANK YOU !!!!

  41. Servodude1

    I saw this every Sunday on a cable music channel at a mates place. That was was my hook.

  42. 75VWhippy

    Stevie needs to tell me where this forest full of hot guys is

    Daniel Belardino


    Rock & Roll Lady

    75VWhippy We filmed on a soundstage with actors/models 😉

  43. Hubs00

    I always wanted to know who is her.

  44. Matt Harlow

    stevie will always be my rock...... whirl on gold dust woman

  45. fossaalta

    fantastica e sognante ..

  46. moonrice555

    @icinglover95 Yeah---almost girlish. Looks great.

  47. dougsaroma

    This song was written by Damon Johnson of Brother Cane. Do a Youtube search and check out his solo version performed recently.

  48. tom321974

    she doesnt look like shes even aged at all shes as beautiful as ever and she sounds even better then ever

  49. CC McSunshine

    @icinglover95 I saw her live in 2007 & she looked AWESOME!!!

  50. Elle belle

    lol, ya she does

  51. icinglover95

    Oh my gosh, she looks much younger in the pink dress with her hair curly.

  52. icinglover95

    @ikshaku It was in 2007. And she wasn't too old, 59, or something like that.

  53. Kush B

    is this recent? cuz she looks old. :(

  54. Paul Casali

    I'll never understand why this song and this album didn't do better than it did. I keep hoping it will somehow be rediscovered. It was either bad marketing by Warner Brothers or just the steady decline of American taste in music, or maybe a lethal combination of both. It makes me sad. Beautiful song and video, nonetheless.


    Agreed. It was a combination of all the factors you listed. First of all, Nicks waited to long to capitalize on the exposure she and FM received with The Dance. That was essentially Stevie's big comeback after a few years of inactivity. Arguably, Nicks was the star of that album and show. Instead, she waited 4 years to do a new album, and then it wasn't properly promoted. Actually, the choice of songs (like this lead single) is questionable. She - IMO- recorded some much better songs with FM the following year (Say You Will LP). I think had Stevie put out a new album in '98 or '99, with some of the SYW tracks she had, the LP would have done much, much better. As it is, TISL didn't even go platinum in the U.S.

  55. sefrims1

    Every ones voice changes with age..a perfect example would be Lucille Ball..if u remember the early "I Love Lucy" shows, her voice is quite different in the later shows..much deeper..I would imagine a singer trying to sound the same at the age of 60 as they did at the age of 20 would be a strain on their vocal chords..

  56. fossaalta

    suono spettacolare.. e bellissima..

  57. BohemianNeil1975

    @529wes The voice changes with age. Hitting those high notes is easy when you're young, but that changes with age.

    nssjd kttk

    maybe i am 8 years late but her voice has lowered because if drugs too

  58. thecatdancer1

    @MysticGoddess1975 My point exactly.

  59. Misty Vaughn

    @ora331j she was the front of Stevie Nicks....they were NOTHING before her....and NOTHING after her....GO STEVIE!!!

  60. Misty Vaughn

    @thecatdancer1 EXACTLY...and who's still standing? STEVIE NICKS RULES!!!

  61. 529wes

    There have been comments about Stevie's voice. I've always wondered what was going on with Stevie's voice myself. If you compare this with her earlier work there seems to be a big range difference. Maybe it's mannered or maybe her voice changed due to age,smoking,or drugs.... but it works for me...I think the voice reflects where she was in her life at that point.

    Tim Hill

    I've heard she use to do a lot of coke and was about to destroy her nasal passages and was told to stop

    Tim Hill

    Tim Hill

    Tim Hill

    From iheart article.....
    At the height of her addiction, Nicks infamously had a huge hole in her nose from her cocaine use, and was warned she risked a possible brain hemorrhage if she continued using the drug.

    Tim Hill

  62. bmg0079

    She sounds like a man with a cold.

    Travis Kym

    bmg0079 and you look like a dead dying dog.

  63. thecatdancer1

    @ora331j Excuse me?! She made Fleetwood Mac!!!! Hate to say this, I love Christine, I love Lindsey but if it wasn't for Stevie Fleetwood Mac wouldn't be as famous as it is today.

  64. Matt Harlow

    stevie invented gorgeous

  65. mspjmason

    I love how Stevie's voice has deepened and enrichened! Love her!!

    Mike Thaxton

    A while back she said her cocaine habit gave her that singing voice

  66. mspjmason

    I love how Stevie's voice has deepened and enrichened! Love her!!

  67. Assassin B

    How u improve perfection?..Just add Stevie Nicks

  68. Mark McGregory

    awesome video. love stevie. but...can't imbed..come on warner bro's...get with the program. free promo. (the reason record labels are goin' down the drain..ignorance)

  69. CynicalHippie

    Even if Stevie isn't quite sure what to make of this video, I think it's my own personal favourite. Not my favourite song but my favourite video. I think it's a really beautiful video and Stevie as always looks stunning.

  70. larciabella

    Great video love the sumptuous imagery and palette of colours.Thanx. Penguins forever.

  71. 31robbin

    I guess this is a Damon Johnson song

  72. RMS1103

    This is actually a very well done video..Stevie looks gorgeous. Thanks.