Steven Curtis Chapman - Only Getting Started Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I was just a little kid when
I heard about You for the first time
And all I really, really knew for sure
Is You were God, I wanted to know You

And now the years have come and gone
I'm still singing that same song
You might think by now I would have reached the end
But the truth is...

I am only just beginning
I am only getting started to know You now
I'm only getting started

And when I start thinking I'm getting close to the end,
You just smile at me and say
"Hey kid, you ain't seen nothing yet"

I'm only getting started
I'm only getting started now

[Verse 2:]
Now Your love, it is an ocean
Deeper than my deepest notion
Your grace, it is the sky above
It just keeps on going forever

And with every new sunrise
You come and open up my eyes
Show me just a little more of You
And again I see that...


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