Steve Hackett - Loch Lomond Lyrics

Palms hanging over the sparkling water
Champagne on ice a coconut surprise
Laughter from the rails as yachts set sail
With waves crashing over the shores of Loch Lomond

Crocodile tears under chandelier
Cicadas chatter above the veranda
Birds of Paradise smiles and alibis
Heard by no-one on the shores of Loch Lomond

A merry dance a sarabande in castles made of sand
When your world is washed away in the cold light of day

Christmas suntan a winter summerland
Rhythm of the shingle face tingle
Love songs on the surf should I believe the words
Since when were you on the shores of Loch Lomond

Illusion and facade a crying heavy heart
Within the mists that rise from waters of cold ice
Loch Lomond
A humming bird in snow when darkness is aglow
The pain that cracks the shell the breaking of a spell
Loch Lomond

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Steve Hackett Loch Lomond Comments
  1. Maxx Black

    I never could dig Genesis but 2 years ago I bought their early albums and they took me away then I found Steve Hackett already have 4 of his most stuff incredible musicians

  2. Kate Murphy


  3. Lady BlackstarDust

    Beautiful video.  Steve has a way with the deep bass and singing guitar layers.