Steve Earle - Telephone Road Lyrics

My brother Jimmy, my other brother Jack
Went off down to Houston and they never come back
Mama wasn't gonna let her baby go yet
But there ain't nobody hirin' back in Lafeyette
I'm workin' all week for the Texaco check
Sun beatin' down on the back of my neck
Tried to save my money but Jimmy says no
Says he's got a little honey on Telephone Road

Come on come on come on let's go
This ain't Louisianna
Your Mama won't know
Come on come on come on let's go
Everybody's rockin' out on Telephone Road

Telephone Road is ten miles long
Fifty car lots and a hundred honky-tonks
Jukebox blastin' and the beer bottles ring
Jimmy banging on a pinball machine


Mama never told me about nothin' like this
I guess Houston's 'bout a big as a city can get
Sometimes I get lonesome for Lafeyette
Someday I'm goin' home but I ain't ready yet


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Steve Earle Telephone Road Comments
  1. Patch Davis

    "Mama wasn't ready to let her baby go yet (exhales), but ain't nobody hirin in LaFayette. I'm in love.

  2. Ruth Boykin

    Awesome! Come on!

  3. Bob Berry

    Was this "bring your kid to work day"? Ha! Just when i was saying wtf , the Fairfield Four pops up! This video is nuts...i love it

  4. toyfrisbee

    Back in the '40s, my dad used to drive his '32 Ford coupe up and down Telephone Road. He said he punched holes in the muffler with a screwdriver so it would roar and everyone would hear me comin'. <3

  5. johnny991965

    I've got virtually everything Steve's ever recorded, and this is in my top 3 faves. Wonderful stuff.

  6. Clint Whatley

    I grew up on Telephone Rd......


    Ever eat at Tel-Wink?

  7. John Benson

    this is so badass! it has it all - Steve, the monkey, the backup singers & the cadillac so raw so real

  8. CrazyCoach

    Great tune

  9. julie brtek

    Still think Steve did a fantastic job on this song and video clip. Two thumbs up. Love this song. Back then use be real telephone now today cell phones now. I order two cds one greatest album. A plus. Steve can sing anything still greatest artist and talented. I should know music from your heart. Way back 1970s. Been listening all kind songs.

  10. Greg M

    Houston Astros victory song!

  11. james cain

    nobody is better at this then Steve Earle


    james cain nobody's better now

  12. Julie Benson

    Brilliant, which is no surprise because it is the one and only Steve Earle

  13. Julie Benson

    man, Steve Earle is beyond cool

  14. kelly alonzi

    I could listen to this song and never get enough of it. It's amazing....

  15. Andy Jacobson

    Awesome video!

  16. mushy

    where's this filmed?


    My guess is outside Nashville, since that is where he was living and recording at the time, but I don' know for sure. The Fairfield Four are also Nashville based.


    +nilradem I'm only 32 but I was thinking I don't remember telephone ever looking like that. would of been cool to see a bit more geographically literal for a time capsule I guess.
    when you are looking at trees a pool, and a car wash it could be anywhere though. thanks

  17. Scott Spurlock

    They could have put at least one shot of Telephone Road in Houston in this Video.... I drove done Telephone Rd many times never saw anything like the stuff in the Video... But I'll cut Steve some slack... He and I lived in a lot of the same places. Houston, Austin, Nashville etc.. I know all about "1000 Miles from the Guitar town" because that is about the exact mileage from My House in Nashville to my Parents in Austin.. Well back when I lived in Nashville.. Oh and the neighborhood I lived in back in Nashville was the same one his old Bass Player Roy Huskey lived in... I knew Roy's son Taylor . Anyway enough about me and shit.. Just thought the Telephone RD video would have shots of Telephone RD in it..


    "They could have put at least one shot of Telephone Road in Houston in this Video." Agreed. I used to drive Telephone Road every day on my way to and from work back in the day. The ambiance would have added to the video.

  18. Lisa Staehle

    A much younger Justin Townes Earle in this! :)

  19. Michael Corbett

    what a great song reminds me of me and my brothers growing up in a small town

    Robert Comeaux

    Lafayette isn't a small town. I loved living there for the 8 years I was in grad school. Lafayette is big enough to have the amenities of a big city, but not that headaches and hassles. Although, I was back there recently and it is way bigger now.

    James France

    It's a small town.

    Robert Comeaux

    I suppose if you call at town of over 120000 people, and 600000 thousand in the Metro area a small town it is small. I loved it because it was the perfect size, great restaurants, and all the amenities of a larger town. I grew up in a large city of over 1 million people. Lafayette is great. Now I really live in a small town, and have to travel one and a half hours to get to one city, and 50 minutes from another city.

  20. james lee

    got a little honey just let go they are all dying any way

  21. restlessinamsterdam

    Yes, if it was possible I would come on to every road with Steve Earle....

  22. mickster1245

    My-O-My Club.. hell yeah.

  23. mruntuchable1

    telephone road is a hoe strip in houston tx

    james cain

    mruntuchable1 No Shit


    And that's OK.

  24. pete pocklington

    someone referenced meatloaf personally you can see Elvis throughout this video. Including the background singers from Memphis. Elvis Presley became Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle.

  25. kelly alonzi

    Star power all the way. Love this song and video.

  26. Darla Sanders

    thanks steve

  27. guruofsnot

    Love this! One of my favorite Steve Earle songs. Steve's costar in this video grew up to be a helluva musician himself.

  28. guruofsnot

    Love this! One of my favorite Steve Earle songs. Steve's costar in this video grew up to be a helluva musician himself.

  29. Albert Hernandez



    Albert Hernandez I can't understand you when you SCREAM!


    A great comment Albert.

  30. darlincommitme

    I realize the drug reference, just that it is not really related to the song, and the rest of the video (like singing in an empty pool) is a little random. Actually, I think the video is more about Steve's new sobriety than it is about the song.

    Morag MacGregor

    I don't recognize the drug reference, don't know whether I'm too old or too Young or I just never did that particular
    drug. So what 8lill to ⅞

  31. Riles

    the monkey is the need to do Crack hens'e "the monkey on your back"

  32. lindsey lefrois

    Steve; This is a Kevin Nealon kinda thing. You know, "Mr. Subliminal" messaging.

  33. steve conn

    Wow, didn't know there was a video for this. Perhaps Steve's most rousing song
    (is the monkey supposed to symbolize his heroin addiction? Probably).

  34. Cat McNichol

    without fail, every country singer/songwriter I ever loved came from Texas. Rodney, Ray, Lyle and Steve. Great singers, great culture.

    canadian girl

    steve is from virgina

  35. Luann DeLuca

    Never lost that infectious smile!

  36. whip2353

    great song

  37. Shemp

    waiting all week for a texaco check---brilliance personified

  38. Sharon

    i love the way he says lafayette. as in "there's no one hiring in..." and "sometimes i get lonesome for..." i must go visit there just to walk around in his mouth uttering those three syllables.

  39. moe17moe

    They are the Fairfield Four. They also played and recorded with ,for example, John Fogerty.
    Anyway theres plenty from them to be found on YT.

  40. Bdasef

    Who are the great old guys singing in the chorus, standing by the pool? Are they the Blind Boys of Alabama??

  41. CherryAngelV8SS

    C,mon C,mon C,mon let's go....everybody's rockin down to.....

  42. Rich Baxter

    I don't think Steve is underated, I just think he remains very undiscovered. Those that discover him realise he is something special. All the music press rave about him when each album comes out. He doesn't get enough air time in my opinion.

    Matthew Fountaine

    I feel like he is underrated but it is because he was shunned by the establishment

    TarantuLando CalCuLingus

    His words are too deep for most i think... people dont like to use their heads

  43. Bdasef

    Steve's shotgun passenger is Justin Townes Earle. He certainly looks like Steve when he was younger. He's doing music now too. God bless 'em both!

  44. georgiaslop

    great songwriter and artist. he is beginning to look a little like a cross between meatloaf and jack black, or maybe meatloaf and elvira. don't agree with a lot of his political views but you could fill a book with his great quotes.

  45. BrandNewToYou

    This is becoming one of my fav. songs right now
    Thanks a lot for posting man.

  46. Rich Baxter

    hey, I've never really looked that hard before but now you mention it, it definately is Justin. Well spotted!

  47. BrandNewToYou

    Hey does anyone know that his son Justin in that passenger seat ?

  48. Buck Runyan

    He kinda looks like Meatloaf. I grew up with Meatloaf and loved him.

  49. Paco Walks Softly

    I love steve, and a I never saw that video!!!