Steam Powered Giraffe - Oh No Lyrics

The darkness of space of was broken when a beam of light emerged and awoken
all the crew aboard the Spacecraft Delarue

A man appeared outside the ship and he was pale as snow as the earth was blue
It couldn't be him, hadn't he died long ago?

Dressed in a tattered space suit, his helmet smashed, his eyes glowing so bright
With the grip of his hands he tore through the hull, dooming the ship and every woman and man

Oh no-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh [x4]

He zoomed away with that daughter of space and they headed to the moon as the Delarue was lost
just two streaks of light, oh the destruction they wrought

Beams of energy shot from his hands and lasers flew from her hair as she whipped her head around
Moon Base Delta Six, you didn't stand a chance

They ripped through Moon Base Gamma One, then blew up Alpha Seven and Omega Three through Eight
Hundreds of poor souls were trapped inside, they didn't see it coming how could anyone hope to survive

Oh no-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh [x4]

I don't want to see
I didn't want to see
No I didn't want to see what I've become, oh no

Even when the moon shatters the tide
You will follow me through the pain
I can always count on you through everything
And you'll keep me moving on… right?
like a soliton soliton soliton...

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