Static-X - Otsegolectric Lyrics

You sold yourself
You sold yourself
Youÿsold your soul
You make your hell
Cross this line, you waste away
Steal and cheat, all day


What is mine, I'm electric
Face staring, back at me
Cross this line, you are sick
You are sick, I know it


Screaming, scratching
Giving, getting
Through me
Crawling, balling
Giving into

Take all day, suck all day
Worm away, turn away
You are sick, I know it
You are sick, you are sick

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Static-X Otsegolectric Comments
  1. TheNewGuy JOE

    My blood is pumping
    Addrenilin is kicking in
    I feel I could run a tousand miles.
    Can't stop the energy in me
    Feel the energy rushing.
    Too many monsters
    And I feel blurry.
    Electrocution comes with exciting features.

    All in all, the meaning to this song fits how I feel when I listen to it.

  2. soulminer 1970

    They were a great band. I saw them live twice.

  3. Viol8tor

    this song has to be named after the town called otsego when he lived in michigan when he was a kid.

  4. blastardinc

    Static-X is back in 2019!

  5. Tarren Roebuck

    Oottsseegi lectic

  6. Tora Black

    r.i.p. wyanne

  7. Ilse Hernandez

    best song of album

  8. Ilse Hernandez

    the last album with otsego song

    Static Resurrection Official

    Ilse Hernandez the song 'disco Otsego' is coming

  9. CRXcro

    I forgot how good static x is. well, this is gonna be a static x summer, no doubt about it

  10. Lais Santos

    que feel ♡

  11. pkmorf

    What is the word "otsegolectric"?

    Dale Kellett

    pkmorf lol hahahaha 😂😂 its ramdom int it it's Abit like shouting hello John gotta new motor lol hahahaha 😂😂😂😂

    Dale Kellett

    pkmorf what does it mean otsegolectric

    Brian Botelho

    lol. Otago is a town in Wisconsin.

  12. Blaster of Muppets

    My favorite Otsego Song. Must be a really shitty place lol :-D


    Blaster of Muppets As a resident, it's really not. Just an average small town of 4,000


    @THEMESSYKILL That's cool that you live in Otsego.

  13. Abacaxi Madruga

    a one of the Best songs of the shadow zone RIP Wayne

  14. John Zero Signal

    RIP that Hair-do

  15. Rakonax

    this song is almost 8 years old and i still cant pronouce the name


    I don't think it's his hometown. I think he just went to college near that town and commented how depressive it is so he made Otsegolation. After that I think it just became a tradition in Static-X to make "Otsego" songs.

    Brian Botelho

    Try again mate. The song is from the Shadow Zone album released in 2003.

    Hfilm Reviews


    Adam Jones

    Ost ego lec trick

    Jay Osornio

    I was gonna say this song is old as fuck i remember hearing it in middle school

  16. Sin Arrest

    We miss you wayne 😭

  17. Grega Pesjak

    can someone do 1 hour mix of this awesome song????

    Grega Pesjak

    ok my friend has done it!!! download right here if it's there though .... awesome song really!!!!!!!!!!

    Grega Pesjak

    would like 10 hours straight this song if possible xD

  18. Kohlenstoffisotop12

    thx for uploading! still headbanging to this : }

  19. Mark Conklin

    steal and cheat, fuck all day.. otsegolectric

  20. Player

    I am sicking tired of people writing Wayne RIP

    Greg B

    why Mr. player ?

    Fernandez 谭Ryan 小王

    Rip Wayne

    Philip France

    Wayne RIP

    jade arbizu

    Player Wayne rip



  21. jade arbizu

    rip wayne static. first real cd

  22. Night Wolf


    Dale Kellett

    Night Wolf it's a tune int it

  23. Eissari4

    Evil Disco Groove

    Dancing Bear

    Keep that disco evil.

    Michael Scott

    Dancing Bear I don’t want my disco getting into heaven.


    Fucked up shit man... RIP Wayne Static

  25. Glen E11erink

    R.I.P. Wayne

  26. Bamtam

    best fuckin version

  27. AllodsRegdar

    oldest is best

  28. Veora

    I came here after i watched Drakedog's video ^_^ <3

  29. Váradi Márk

    there is not enough big speaker in the world that can enough for me to listen this song :)

  30. Pavel Klean

    Hahaha! He didn't see that coming :D

  31. 666

    Was going to say the same thing. Desinformation muust die.

  32. Josh Davies

    Sounds like Painkiller by Judas Priest when he says 'breaking the law'

    Lish Jackson

    I thought the same fkn thing!

  33. metalx1978

    i want to hall ass around the contry side in a a1 abrams tank to this song
    with the undead crunching under my track.

  34. FlurryOfNightmares

    Wayne Static is fucking sexy, just saying and im jealous of his hair.

  35. glenn christiansen

    fucking good song

  36. Chuck Norris

    I just did! :D wait... that's not something to be proud of....

  37. HakureiSM

    Yes, that's industrial metal at its best

  38. Sam


  39. Steve Toth

    Such a good song. Reminds me of the time as a kid i mistook my fingers for a electrical cord. All i could say was "HOT!!! HOT!!!" I guess the same could be said for this song.

  40. Notorious Schwartz

    Static X best X

  41. Leviticus BWOWMPstein

    I suppose so

  42. jackelfang21

    it is what it is live and let live i say

  43. Leviticus BWOWMPstein

    Then you must not be on the Youtube much, cuz shit like that seems to take place on every video I see damn near. A very sad comment on our society

  44. 5cienceMind

    remembering on need for speed MW

  45. 111vnderbnder111

    Ah single entry!

  46. Blan Blazbo

    So he's a faggot because his musical preferences just happen to not include metal. I didn't know having such a harmless opinion could cause people like to feel the need to write stupid comments like that.

  47. Jason Hunsperger

    Hahaha true man. The music industry is pretty shit today. The only artist that really make good money is fucking justin beiber and miley cirus. Rest of he bands its the record label that makes bank.

  48. serpentbrew

    Yeah Warner Bros killed off their own band,,,First record..TRIPLE PLATINUM. Greedy dicks! Hell Alice Cooper was in the red till, what..Killer? Doubt it sold as well as TRIPLE PLATINUM. Their third album? So impatient this new generation. Well the days of the fatcats like WEA and Sony/CBS are over. No money in selling plastic anymore...except Country cos they're too dumb and still go to Wal-martsssss to buy a CD for one song played10 times that day. That was a rock song in '74 originally!

  49. serpentbrew

    Monolith, you're right, though. Wanna clear a roomful of that "stereotype" you mentioned, put Static X on for true. They hold their little ears and cry "where's my Lady Gaga Thee Dee? (CD) Someone play Vogue by Madonna, hurry!" Not hating, just an accurate observation.

  50. serpentbrew

    I know, right? The songwriting was awesome. Wayne sang and didnt scream ALL the time...Then of course the retards accused them of "going soft" or "selling out" or then Wayne pretty much screamed every song after that. Which he does fuking WELL.

  51. Austin Kendall

    Otsegolectric was one Beneath, Between, Beyond.

  52. david aldis

    @Xestantial thanks... now thats all i hear lol

  53. PyramidHead138

    @94hourstilAHIG seriously, I listened to this cd on my way to work one night and i kept skipping through tracks cause i wasnt impressed with it. this record was a letdown. staticx doesnt have it anymore

  54. Xestantial

    Raaah Finger Licking!...Raaah Finger Licking!... Raaah Finger licking!!

  55. donkeypoopoo

    "ahhhh, single lip ring"

  56. PyramidHead138

    when this album came out i was like " come on static-x you gotta do better than this!"

  57. Doyledeth

    @lakshmivenkateshr No, then that would make them cool. You just failed miserably.

  58. Lakshmi Venkatesh Rasineni

    2 people are ostegolelectric!!!

  59. kwelboss

    "Raaaaaarrrghh! Single-leg take, down! Single-leg take, down! Single-leg!"

  60. YouCallThatAKnife ThisIsAKnife

    "I'm with stupid" got me into static x

  61. YouCallThatAKnife ThisIsAKnife

    @TheNikki7585 same

  62. YouCallThatAKnife ThisIsAKnife

    @lightcopper i love beneath, between, beyond

  63. Bidouille222

    The best version :)

  64. Gábor Mészáros

    wmg is a d!ck

  65. Jason Hunsperger

    wmg pretty much ass raped alot of static-x songs... like goat.. one of my favorite songs but none on youtube..

  66. Sara Herron

    My favorite song by them :D

  67. Drake Conrad

    I like how most of their songs are about 2:30, yet each on feels like a 4 to 5 minute experience

  68. Nathaniel Bandersnatch

    I just realized that this was the first Static-X song I heard. Also, thanks for the fun facts in the description. Never knew this band formed when I was 1 year old ( I was born in 1993).

  69. rong9tagger

    2003, 14yo, people bought CDs, static X.... good times

  70. MrPajamaShark

    This is my favorite Otsego song.

  71. Squeedles

    i love all Static X albums but Shadow Zone is by far my favorite

  72. MuseCuresCancer

    This is actually my favorite album by them.

  73. FEM2010LikeaG6

    2 people sold their souls and made their hell!!! they are sick i know it!

  74. AnimalTk187

    Otsegolectric: The act of being sick/demented or the fact that you are sick and or demented / sleeze

  75. Stephen

    @viltrex listen to Forty Ways, then say those lyrics 5 times fast

  76. LTJEAB13

    I miss Tripp in the band :(

  77. Bernadette Young

    you have to be a fucking idiot to not like this song!

  78. Dan Baker

    +1 to the demo being even better...

  79. AMD Powered

    @daylightsout lol!!!!!!!! makes you feel like you fucked a light socket huh? funny!

  80. David Gray

    Cool to see people still discovering bands like this. Especially since they are pretty much done. So much music out there. I still find new stuff that everyone seems to have known about forever.

  81. Nafen

    @coruption9876 Well the only difference is WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THIS VIDEO so it doesn't matter what you're used to

  82. coruption9876

    @cryosabrexXx well the only difference is I OWN THE ALBUM so im use to hearing shit

  83. Nafen

    @coruption9876 Not talking about that, and that actually says 'you are sick'

  84. Nafen

    @ShockwaVeee Steal and cheat, **** all day.

  85. ShockwaVeee

    @cryosabrexXx where was it censored? the only thing close to censoring is at 0:51, but the track stutters a bit :D

  86. coruption9876

    what i meant by it was at the time when i posted it it was and probably still is the best quality sounding one and its not censored i can clearly here "you are shit"

  87. Nafen

    @coruption9876 My point was that since it's censored you can't really call it non fucked up :P Taking our F words detracts from the song :(

  88. coruption9876

    @cryosabrexXx that just ruins all the fun and i dont think the people who are fans of static x really care either

  89. Nafen

    @coruption9876 Don't you mean non ****ed up? It's censored

  90. coruption9876

    @ENDOFANAGEMUSIC why would you you dont know them i luv my family. im a metal techno music junk y and proud of it. if you really think you or anyone else can throw a random insult at me then you got to fuck with the u.s. army who are also my family so i would watch what you say.


    @coruption9876 Shame your mum cant say that about members of your family!!!!

  92. Kadesman

    Actually, Abagail4me, the guy who replaced the pedophile guitarist was the original guitarist; Tripp replaced Koichi and then Koichi replaced Tripp.

  93. Wayne

    @unknown2022 I agree the beginning of this song is fucking outstanding. The chorus is so good that it made me butt-fuck my pet while watching war videos.

  94. runescapejagexltd

    download the new pain song D:

  95. Matviy Bomze

    This song is so awsome that i turned my spekers so loud that they exploded!!!!AWSOME

  96. Spacenutz

    @Limpbizkid117 yea i kinda like the way he sings in it but its alot clearer here