Starset - Waking Up Lyrics

Is this real?
Because I can't feel
I reach into the darkness
And there's nothing to hold
Trying to heal
But spin my wheels
The more I try to stop this
The more I lose control

Am I just a ghost in my own machine?
In a sandbox in the entropy?
Some reality
Got a hold of me now
And I don't think I'll escape
Am I too attached to a memory?
Stuck in my head for eternity
Am I in a dream
Or the in-between
And I don't think

'Cause I'm not waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up
I'm not waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up

With simulations
They say there's no escaping
It's a never ending road
My salvation
It's lost in translation
The more I can't explain it
The more I lose control

Am I just a ghost in my own machine?
In a sandbox in the entropy?
Some reality
Got a hold of me now
And I don't think I'll escape
Am I too attached to a memory?
Stuck in my head for eternity
Am I in a dream
Or the in-between
And I don't think

'Cause I'm not waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up
I'm not waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up up
Waking up up
I'm not waking

(I'm not waking)
(I'm not waking)

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Starset Waking Up Comments
  1. Titan of Darkness


  2. Aman Dubey

    Happiness is a state of mind and has nothing to do with the external world.

  3. Faiththegray

    Well this fits The Calling idea/playlist perfectly. Very late reply havent been on the videos since the album came out but, indeed shiver level deja vu.

  4. Zachary Rizzo

    So much better than Twenty One Pilota

  5. Hunter Rains2020

    This song is really therapeutic for me. I recently realized a person I cared about didn’t feel the same about me, so I let them go, but this song makes me feel at peace whenever I try to sleep.

  6. pikachu Phantom

    This is always good to listen to when you feel super rotten like a tomato

  7. Vannessa Davis

    Let's go starset!!!!

  8. Prince Of Darkness

    Starset has yet to make a bad song

  9. Dark Aedus

    Is it me or the instrumental sound like illenium's music?

  10. Gangrene Gangster

    Diving Bell used to be my absolute favorite, but then I gave this one a second listen, and a third, and a fourth, and a fif

  11. Zømboy Wølf

    It’s chill

  12. Krle

    Me when the school says there is school on Saturday this week

  13. BoxBoyProductions

    Divisions - Waking Up but Dustin Bates Wipes His Ass and Slaps His Nuts

  14. yellow flash

    The best band ever

  15. WiFiDown

    Starset is such a legendary band imo and I am proud to say that Starset is my favorite band of all time

  16. Bruwu

    Why did i just find out starset made new music a month later, im dissapointed in myself flr not listening to it sooner

  17. Sadeem

    Gosh my heart can’t take this anymore hlp

  18. Dan Burke

    I just recently had a spiritual awakening and now I discovered your band, you guys are fucking awesome !

  19. xGallavichx

    Starset is underrated, but honestly nothing can beat Transmissions. It feels like it never be something better, than the first starset album.

  20. Lorran Taylor

    I'm brazillian and i don't have a good English, can someone tell what the voice say in the end of the music? (When someone knock the door)


    I can't make out most of it but it sounds like he is saying "Open Up!" "Open Up! Hurry!" like the forces of New West Industries (the bad guys in the lore for this album) are coming for one of the rebels that escaped the control of the BMI (or Brain Machine Interface which is a device that New West Industries made that, when implanted in a person's head, sends all of their thoughts to a system that will record everything but will also let that person experience anything that they want as if it was real). The song Perfect Machine from this album is about the BMI.

    Lorran Taylor

    @melchiah501 Thanks

  21. Norson

    This is my favorite band

  22. Atsushi Nakajima

    Mood throughout high school

  23. Kek Exile

    so underrated :(

  24. Chelsey

    Did anyone else think about Ghost In the Shell or SOMA when first listening to this?

  25. B H

    I was majorly disappointed until like the last week when i really focused on how the lyrics relate to my autism and how i struggle to tell reality from fantasy and now i love this song. It may not be what i was hoping for as far as sound goes but i can have appreciation for this song now

  26. Neon_Craft

    Never fall asleep while you hear the ending of this song with headphones

    Its an horrifying experience :(


    I guess you woke up LMAO


    IFKR!!! I passed out drunk w headphones and this gave me a heart attack

  27. Serhat Murat Asbit

    that background music relax me

  28. Serhat Murat Asbit


  29. Joshua Faulks

    Can’t wait to hear this live in Niagara Falls! Will be well worth the 3 hour drive!

    B H

    I saw it in Seattle also worth the 3 hour drive XD

  30. TheKnuxCave

    Their new album is everything I could've hoped for <3

  31. Raylee

    There's always something new to discover in their songs. I love it!

  32. That One Weird Kid

    This is different yet welcomed

  33. Omar Yañez Zavala

    why so few views??

  34. Kikkomad

    Seriously, I think this would work with Mike Shinoda.

    B H

    YES. I love Mike Shinoda and he would do good with this one

  35. Shealyn Augustine

    I love their new songs I am downloading them

  36. Just Julie

    0:07 - like, save

    I have NO idea how it happened that I haven't noticed this song earlier.

  37. Tenno

    I don't know why,
    but I wanna cry

  38. Omar Yañez Zavala

    i like this song

  39. Able559

    My love for this song is unhealthy

  40. Dark Wolf

    When that new song pops up on notifications and you like it without playing the song😉😉😉

  41. Omar Yañez Zavala


  42. SlySean44

    Me in the morning

  43. Fluffo Husko

    I'm gonna start crying.

  44. Premium Pilz

    Somehow this song would make a great rocket league song...

    The Seer

    No. Just no.

  45. Cover me

    Gosh, this ending scared me to death

  46. Raquel VG

    Los amo 🙂💖💖💖💖💖💖💕

  47. Aequus Nox

    Someone: So what do you think about this song
    Me: *singing* stuck in my head for eternity

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Same here

  48. Flare Arrowwood

    The 35 dislikes are the aliens controlling our governments that STARSET is exposing

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Yes lol

  49. Serhat Murat Asbit


  50. Philip MacLean

    I want an instrumental, the music is just so good!

  51. Tiago Batista

    Alarm: starset
    Me: enjoying the music instead getting up

  52. The Fairy

    Mom: "Wake up. You're gonna be late for school!"
    Me: 1:01

    Serhat Murat Asbit


  53. M Clemace.

    I found their new album during my computer science class. Needless to say I did no work that day lmao

  54. NinjaChief 547

    These guys just keep better and better with each album. I swear, they can do no wrong.

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Agree agree

  55. Walter H. White

    Can't get enough of your songs, ❤️

  56. 리켈

    They're feeding us with their songs and keep us alive, like if you agree ;)

  57. Cesar Luis Perez Ramirez

    Starset tiene las mejores canciones de rock alternativo, lpm.

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Y del mundo

    Anthony AA

    Claro Que Si AMIGO, Like Si Quires Ir A Colombus,ohio

  58. Omar Yañez Zavala

    I like this

  59. Anthony AA

    Waking Up (Ft. ¿NoCopyrihtSounds?)

    Kevin Peteri 7-9b Lillhagaskolan

    Anthony AA the only difference is that this doesn’t sound like shit

    Anthony AA

    @Kevin Peteri 7-9b LillhagaskolanBut why explain it to me

    Kevin Peteri 7-9b Lillhagaskolan

    Anthony AA idk, I just don’t like ncs’s music for some reason, but this I can get behind

    Anthony AA

    @Kevin Peteri 7-9b Lillhagaskolan A Ok Thanks

  60. Vinny Daszideia

    Cadê os BR nessa bagaça?

  61. NMages20

    Fuck I love this song

    Star Wars Jibaro

    Me too. Personally, I think this song gets too much hate (I honestly think Faultline derails too much from their usual sound). I know its not what they usually do, but I've always seen Starset as an experimental and cinematic band than the typical rock band. I think this ability to tackle different genres and blend them together it's their strongest attribute.


    @Star Wars Jibaro and I love bands that can make each album sound different. Actually thought Faultline sounds oddly like a pop song which is weird. This one gives the whole album an awesome different feeling

  62. Layten Jones

    Been a big fan since first album came out, keep it up you guys

  63. Serhat Murat Asbit


  64. Nici G

    Love it

  65. Hayden Brooks

    Still only 39 dislikes as appose to 6,490 likes that’s a good ratio

  66. Amym02

    I love it :)

  67. Universe Jumpers Association

    This song is great!

    Whats more great? The playback speed. XD

  68. Derrick Hutchins

    Thxks for the motivation so ima wake up and build more I was think about pausing a bit

  69. InsanaHydra

    It's ironic that this is my morning alarm.

    Star Wars Jibaro

    I honestly considered doing the same thing xD

  70. Nightshade

    This song is a bit more pop for their style, but f*** me its good so I don't even care

  71. Konichicat

    This evoked something in me I didn't even realise was there h o l y f u c k

  72. Brian Gangle

    tbh, Ive been a fan of Starset ever since I saw them perform with Breaking Benjamin, they were fucking amazing and even have a picture with Dustin Bates. however, by listening to this song for the first time in this album, i think that this and Diving Bell were the worst songs. They could have done a bit better than this as this sounds a lot mellow. Diving Bell sounds really strange and doesnt click for me.


    What do you have against more soft music? :o

  73. Brittany B

    the song makes my soul so happy. great road trip song too!

  74. Ayla Andrade

    Ugh, the lyrics describe perfectly what I’m going through right now. Thank you. 💗

  75. Josh Sanger

    4.5/5 Despite the fact this is not as heavy as usual, you must admit it's a very cool song.

  76. ryxka1

    Bought the album the day it came out. Absolutely love it!!! <3

  77. SirWoofsAlot

    might set this as my alarm ringtone 🤷‍♀️

  78. Oddball Kid

    "You can't be lost if you've gone AWOL..."

  79. Mieres G

    3:32 Death Stranding Theme?

  80. Евгения Логунова


    Wake up, I'm pounding on the door...

    Anthony AA


    Omar Yañez Zavala

    I like that 3DG's song

  81. Евгения Логунова

    Пойду на будильник поставлю.

  82. Serhat Murat Asbit

    I like the background on this amazing song!!

  83. Optics 1984

    Another top-class album from them, by far my favourite band at the moment.

  84. MelNekoMan

    Down With The Fallen 2.0


    @N8 Just kidding 😁

  85. Ahmed

    Someone add Lyrics 🙏🏻

  86. Moises Luiz

    Nice music

  87. Dina Chaya Rubin

    The song is super related to the album's lore. Somebody is clearly trapped within the brain interface machine. Or maybe he's truly only the ghost, or just one of the simulations which gained sentience.

    B C

    Дина Хая Рубина you are one of the few that comment on the deeper meaning. I think all of the songs have much deeper and even spiritual meaning

  88. Ford Fiesta Blanco

    *This song sounds like NoCopyrightSounds*

    Anthony AA

    We invoke you @NoCopyRightSounds

  89. Grellowny

    Ah I don't like these effects on voice

  90. גל עוקשי

    So good..

  91. Avarem

    Its so beautiful!

  92. punk kung

    Pre-chorus is dope. Too bad the chorus itself is so lame.

    Omar Yañez Zavala

    The chorus is okay not bad👍


    This whole album is weak so far. Listened to 5 songs, only 1 was good

    punk kung

    @Omar Yañez Zavala Of course, like what you like, no one's gonna stop you.

    punk kung

    @iDEaXANA Of course, dislike what you dislike, that's what opinions are for.

  93. Jessie 3 Tears

    2:44 and on is magical for an instrumental. Js

  94. Saidul Islam Sakib

    I want songs like their old ones

    The Red Layer

    Then listen to their old songs.

  95. Katie Roberts

    I just ordered the CD and its going to arrive on my birthday this Friday!!!!

    jake korpi

    Happy early birthday 🎂

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Cool that!