Starset - Trials Lyrics

These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We're motivated by the scars that we're made of
These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We take our places in the dark
And turn our hearts to the stars

Hear me from the bottom
Forged in regret, I'm the silversmith
You had it coming
Marching the streets with an iron fist
Obey no more in silence
The steel in our hearts will be monuments
They'll hear the violence
We'll rise from the dark like Lazarus

These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We're motivated by the scars that we're made of
These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We take our places in the dark
And turn our hearts to the stars

The ending won't be forgotten
It's written in the stars and the hieroglyphs
Sending the lion-hearted
The stones break bones
But we're venomous

These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We're motivated by the scars that we're made of
These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We take our places in the dark
And turn our hearts to the stars

Calling, calling
We've come out to play
Show me, show me
A new way
Slowly, slowly
They've led you astray
Away we go now
Into the fray

These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We're motivated by the scars that we're made of
These trials make us who we are, who we are, we are
We take our places in the dark
And turn our hearts to the stars

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Starset Trials Comments
  1. Jensi Oquendo

    "the Nine Realms are yours to explore, but *death shall follow you forever you go."*

  2. Marci31

    Epic, very underrated

  3. Kenneth Niswonger

    Yeah fuckin awesome song.

  4. samuel smith

    I've been listening to then since transmissions and this... Is f**king AMAZING!

  5. hypercars fan

    WAR SONG!!!

  6. Gergő Szabó

    I love this song. Can You help me to make a piano sheet from this(by sending bassline, sing line or the actual sheet)?

  7. john Pena

    Rise from the dark like Lazarus love it

  8. James D

    In my opinion. The best song I’ve have ever heard. God dang! This song sounds like they put it in the final battle of a movie

  9. Владимир Чайковский

    What are the phrases in the end?

  10. DrinkTheGalaxy

    normal people: huh this song has 64 dislikes.
    a minecrafter like me: wow this video has a full stack of dislikes
    also me, a math geek:this song has a 194:1 like to dislike ratio
    again, also me: happy boy noises knowing 99% of people liked this song


    note the likes and dislikes when i wrote this were 12436 likes and 64 dislikes, for evey like ill reupdate it

  11. Nyter87

    Sorry I am late to the rage, but anyone here via MTV's "The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2"? Perfect theme song to Jordan this season.

  12. roeroe416

    heard this on the challenge and had to come here and listen to whole song. This is Fire!!!

  13. Daner Menough

    I love it the fondery was asome

  14. Omar Yañez Zavala

    This song it's catchy!

  15. Jensi Oquendo

    We construct the bridge of the future's folly...

  16. Jake

    Anyone else here from the challenge? Lol

  17. Devin Chambers

    I'm jamin out so hard, I love all of starsets music and when Dustin was in Downplay.
    Got me hooked from "hated you from hello", "won't let go", and "The One Who Laughs Last".

  18. Massacre

    This is starset

  19. Mateus Marcos

    I hope you guys make the acoustic version too!

  20. Pain

    1:36 what is that?

  21. Patrick

    I used not to care about this song much, but 2:50 adds so much energy. Big fan.

  22. Jonathan Cestero

    Holy Ghost fire🔥!!!

  23. John Kenneth Galapate

    Other bands go light and soft.. STARSET just keeps getting heavier😍🤘

  24. Vannessa Davis

    My favorite song Is starset telekinetic if you dont like screaming then it isn't for u

  25. Vannessa Davis

    Starset is the best... starset nation

  26. Twisted .Radio

    Damn every song i have found is simply AMAZING . Why so few views ?

  27. Demon Intellect

    Finally a song I actually like by this band. Jesus christ took long enough.


    That's really weird. This isn't too different from their usual music.

    Demon Intellect

    @Patrick it has more to do with the actual flow of the song. Sadly I keep listening to this album to try and find something I like, but the only songs I like are Echo, Faultline, and Trials. Sadly it's only because those songs remind me of other bands. Echos reminds me of Maroon 5, Faultline reminds of a harder imagine dragons, and I'm not sure who this song reminds me of. I actually hate maroon 5 and imagine dragons so I guess this band is an upgrade to them since I actually want to like Starset.

  28. 5628 Walker

    5 seconds in *likes* *sees dislikes*...*grabs knife*

  29. Reaping Angel

    MARINE CORPS!!! OOORAH! Where my Marines our there?

  30. Ruben A

    This track is so damn good when doing reps at the gym! Hardcore beat and motivating lyrics! Thats why i love starset! Glad to be one of the community(hopefully)!

  31. Equestrian_Abby 101

    Who else thinks da' best band STARSET deserves a bigger following? Seriously all there songs are the BEST! I've lost track of how many times I've listened. At bare minimum I've probably listened to ALL there songs at least 45 times. STARSET YOU ARE THE BEST! 🖤🌟💙

  32. daniel aldridge

    Would really like to see a version of this song where he is screaming the parts leading up to the chorus

  33. NightGamer

    Everytime I hear this I get complete mind and ear orgasm. :D Can't wait for the concert in Hungary guys. :D See you on A38!

  34. Oscirrion

    The last part of the video is me when I need the Frost Warframe

  35. trixon21

    Love this song also 666th like ^^

  36. Smasher 090

    STARSET make my Day the Best

  37. Shadytree Films

    The perfect band doesn’t exi-

    **Starset ensues**

  38. michal

    i think it can be song for Labyrinth trilogy

  39. Lusca Otaku

    cade os br carai???

  40. Ryc3n

    And why they were not asked to make a song for death stranding is beyond my reasoning

  41. Alessandro Miglionico

    starset is like wine the longer you have the better it is

  42. Jingle bells Batman

    Yo starset! Lol come to Japan and do a concert with Coldrain!! Stars will align.....I promise

  43. BubbaBearGames

    WWE, please use this song as the official theme for Survivor Series.

  44. Thonk a Donk


  45. joseph debbah

    I found my fav song in this album!

  46. Gourab Sarkar

    Starset, here is an advice for u, make those foolish numb pop songs cause that will increase your subscribers from 600k to 30 million..these top grade metals are not every one's cup of tea..i,e its not for people who doesn't have music sense..

  47. Michael Baker

    Definitely my favorite off the album! Loved getting to hear it live a day after you dropped the new album! Don’t stop coming back to the Reading/Lancaster,PA area!

  48. Joe Green

    Love you guys

  49. Zachary Rizzo

    Almost sounds like the Volbeat singer

  50. WiFiDown

    Only Starset can make me fall in love with a song 10 seconds into it. Proud to say Starset is my favorite band of all time

  51. Omar Yañez Zavala

    This song rocks!

  52. Apathetic Savior001


  53. killa captain rex 1645

    This song is so addictive I wanna listen to it like 24/7

  54. Moon Pilot


  55. guns are friends

    Great album

  56. LS3Xavier

    As of right now, this is my favorite song.

  57. Aleksey Marintsev


  58. Atsushi Nakajima

    Definitely a song fit for maze runner

  59. Oguz White

    Every time I listen to STARSET I feel like I’m about to power up to Ultra Instinct and as if I can take on a god of destruction or something...

  60. Jace Gray

    Sounds like something strait out of Saints Row 4

  61. Rabid Wolf

    You do not have aceses to that item Please exit the platform

  62. VL4S

    what a songggggg!

  63. Courtnee

    I love these Starset gems. Like Rise and Fall, this song is powerful and addictive ❤️

  64. Serhat Murat Asbit

    *_T R I A L S_*

  65. Szefu

    Will we get songs without that cyberpunk stuff (dunno how to call it) at the end tho?

  66. iHeartRoblox Let's Play!

    I fell in love with this song when STARSET played it at their concert yesterday

  67. 김등

    so POWERFUL song

  68. Katloverr FoHDaHWhEeN

    Starset's unusual combination of everything from orchestral to electronic evokes a feeling that I've never had with any other band. They blend genres and musical styles, and Dustin can do *all of them* . So much musical diversity, and yet it creates a sound that is uniquely, undeniably their own. And it wouldn't be wrong to call it 'out of this world' :)

  69. HeartsTheSteambot

    Ima get a neck tattoo of his song...


    I Love starset 😄😄😄❤❤

  71. HeartsTheSteambot

    Pretty sure there robots.

  72. Doktor Wyvern

    Saw them live in Portland, this song sounded so amazing.

  73. Fernando Morales




  74. Jessica K

    Ily starset

  75. johann escobar

    Grandiosa canción los quiero saludos desde México 😀

  76. Vincent VILLETTE

    I swear, every time these guys start a song with violon/cello "riffs" it's an instant classic and a hit song : monster, my demons, ricochet and now trials. Genius <3

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    I like that

  77. Frank-O The Romano

    I want to listen to this as loud as I can, but if I go deaf I can’t listen to it anymore😂

  78. Carlos Vargas Berrocal

    3 seconds and now i have this in my music list xd

  79. M3ntal Viking79

    Thank you Starset! THANK YOU! every Gawd Damn song is absolutely perfectly written! Every album is like reading the best book!

  80. My name is We

    ооооооо даааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа

  81. Daner Menough

    love it starset for life⭐

  82. Debarshi Das

    If you listen to starset you are automatically eligible to be my best friend

    Serhat Murat Asbit


    The Seer

    Well ok. Hello new best friend (?)

    Debarshi Das

    @The Seer henlow XD


    Hi best friend!

    Debarshi Das

    @valestra.ladyofthesith hoii homie xD waddup

  83. διάβολος's Amv

    Why Starset make League Of Legends musics?I sure of amazingly make epic musics❤

  84. Jason Voorhees

    Well then ima be listening to this at the bottom of the lake! 💀

  85. Sn0bsnek

    This music kinda starts like my demons

  86. Nicolas Castillo

    Jesus christ, I literally said holy shit by the end cause this song was just awesome 👏


    Nicolas Castillo repent