Starset - Love You To Death Lyrics

In her place, one hundred candles burning
Her salty sweat drips from her breast
Her hips move and I can feel what they're sayin', swayin'...
They say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, yeah...

Black lipstick stains (on her) glass of red wine
I am your servant, may I light your cigarette?
Those lips move, yeah I can feel what you're sayin', prayin'
They say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, yeah...

I beg to serve, your wish is my law
Now close those eyes and let me love you to death
Shall I prove I mean what I'm sayin', beggin'
I say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya, get ya, yeah...

Let me love you to
Let me love you to...

To death...

Let me love you to
Let me love you to...

Am I good enough...
For you?
Am I good enough...
For you?
Am I...ah...
For you?
Am I....ah...
For you?

Am I good enough
For you?

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Starset Love You To Death Comments
  1. Forgiven 339

    For some reason I thought this was going to be a bad song so I decided to skip it, but now that I hear it, I love it! If anyone is reading this, please give this song a chance! And give Starset a chance, because they are an awesome band and NEVER made a bad song!

  2. Jossane Carrafa

    Credits to TON???

  3. Coffee Pot

    I cannot stand Type O Negative, but I absolutely love this song

  4. Girl About Europe

    It bugs me that Type O Negative isn't credited for this song. Go listen to the original.

  5. Drewsyfer

    a much more accessible version of Type O's absolute classic. hopefully this will introduce the brilliance of TON to a new generation

  6. christian monturano II

    How come I dont know this song was it a single 2018. Sounds like 30 seconds to Mars here

  7. Bright Eyes

    *Turns this song down so that I can listed to Apollo 11 transmissions. Realizes this song makes it interesting and turns it back up.

  8. DrinkTheGalaxy

    this song is about the time he got laid, come on we all know this is true.

  9. Richard Durex

    Единственная песня у starset , которая мне не нравится......

  10. Zømboy Wølf

    It’s relaxing to play this and watching the background and playing a peaceful game 😌

  11. Razzzberry

    Dude being a huge fan of type o and starset this made my day XD

  12. White Pride

    You have no right ruining this song!!!!! Fuck you. Type O Negative doesn’t approve

  13. Mosaic Slime

    Wait... this was a cover?


    Yep. Type O Negative wrote this classic, seminal Gothic Metal band of the 90’s and 2000’s.

    Mosaic Slime

    @Cournioni Huh.

  14. mika

    From type o negative to this ? Shame

  15. Phantom X

    This song is so relaxing

  16. Tom Litzenburege

    the original,

  17. Kyōdaina Raion

    666k Subscribers...nice

  18. Force Of Silver

    Different style, still absolutely lovable!

  19. Sean Brice

    Long live Peter Steele.

  20. wolverineblues81

    This is how you cover a song. Not a remake - an attempt to recreate the original - but making it with your own sound and style. Type o covers usually tend to be more like "tributes" that don't make me want to find out more about the bands performing them. This is a good job.

    ... that being said, not mentioning Type O anywhere in the description or title is a very very c*nty thing to do.


    Most times it's never mentioned whether something is a cover or not. That's just how it is.
    But yeah I'd prefer if it was always said, at least in description.

  21. D Mill

    Oh shit, btw, listen to more Starset as well! Damn, sorry I didnt include that in my recent previous comments and appreciations.

  22. D Mill

    Awesome and Fantastic cover Starset!

  23. D Mill

    First I've heard this cover, Awesome absolutely. I dont normally post on Youtube, but I am now. It is sad that the majority doesnt know or wont know that this is Type O Negative. Hopefully those who listen to this will do some research, in regards to the comments atleast. So, listen to more Type O Negative if you are interested in this song cover.


    That's actually what I did upon finding out this was a cover song. I now like both bands. I am only sad that I didn't find Type O Negative sooner.

  24. Sudarshan RSA

    I actually didn't like the song. Songs like these are really boring to me. I thought this was really different from starsets usual type of song. Thank God it was only a cover.

  25. Michael Keck

    this cover is an insult to the ears no one in the world can "cover" this song as every cover will be shit. No one in this world has such a great voice as Peter Steel ... it's just a tragedy of shame on you ..

    Trophi Hunter

    You ASS!!


    I guess the in thing you took out of the Type O negative was the "Negative".
    Go back to your cave

  26. Polito ́s Impire Siglo XXII

    Que le pasó a esta banda?? me encantan todas sus canciones, que lástima que ya no han hecho más.

    I DisagreeKinetic

    Ellos, Estan Ocupados, En Un Futoro, No Tan lejano Va A Sacar su Otro Album

  27. Princess Red

    STILL listening to this. ♥

  28. Serena B-Army

    Nenhum brasileiro? Ahn? Ah olha eu aqui!
    Sou BR amo suas músicas, acompanho vocês desde 2015 S2

  29. BadWolf Chelsea

    Let me love you. Please.

  30. The Megumin

    i love :c

  31. dookie shoes

    Wow Im impressed, this was an excellent version. It works really well with this style. This song still gets me years later, it never gets old even listening to this version for the first time I am instantly sucked in.

  32. Vanda Poljak

    No. TON forever 🤘🏻

  33. Rihtig Rihtig


  34. Jimmy Leeds

    I like it, I'm not to crazy for this cover. I believe pallbearer did a way better cover but that's just my opinion

  35. Benjamin Crump

    Great song by Starset, true artistry.

    Those weird lanky goth guys should stick to doing their own songs...covers don't suit them.


    Ugh, try harder.


    I love this song to death... And the band too. <3

  37. Presence Mayyel

    All songs are my favorite. Awesome band

  38. Jacee K

    Highly skeptical listening to this for the 1st time. However, I actually liked it. Nothing will ever be TON/Peter Steele. But I think this can introduce more peeps to excellent music. Thankful we will slways have vids of TON too.
    RIP Pete, you were always good enough..always.

  39. Ivan Cabezas

    Peter Steele se debe retorcer en la tumba ...

  40. HybridMaiden

    Ex boyfriend got me into starset before we started dating. Now I just can listen the same even if we're friends now, but God do I love this band. "Our" song hah

  41. archetypervb

    So you covered my favorite song, by my favorite band. And I have to say you did an awesome job of it. You made it your own, while respecting the original. I do wish you titled it as a cover of Type O Negative, so that the younger crowd knew where to seek the source material.

  42. Fluffy Bunny

    This is a respectful cover, but as a lifelong Type O Negative fan, I'm obviously going to love the original way more; however, this version: "is it good enough?"

  43. ZaK Office

    very good

  44. poisonick


  45. themosh54

    Not bad but it's missing the power and emotional punch of the original. This is a little too ethereal which makes it seem like it's floating. The original is very heavy and grounded. There's nothing wrong with this version though, it's just a different interpretation.

  46. Jules Bocca

    this cover is weak and you should give credit to type o.

  47. Abern NS

    "I mean what I am saying... bacon." (2:20) Tell me that's not what it sounds like he said. Tell me so I don't have to make this song my new religion.

  48. Stucent


    "Shut up, UwU. I need more than sand, bacon"


    Fuck you


    Lim dead

  49. Killa117er

    Fuckers at least mention it's a cover of a Type O Negative song. Hope Peter's family got royalties or something.



  50. Candice Tennyson

    What an absolutely wonderful cover of a type o negative song

  51. Zülâl Yıldıztürk

    416 dislike zombies

  52. jay ievoli

    May I direct all Type O fans to the Pallbearer cover instead.

  53. Vanessa Samarian

    The word his sings about his love i wonn't settle for less
    I'm able to love somone to death

  54. Vanessa Samarian

    I [email protected] a dream that my husband and i bled out while i was riding him

  55. L3AF

    man i knew about vessels 2.0 but i did not know it added a new song only the new version of a current song. my hearth droped so far when i noticed this song.

  56. C Ypma

    Type O Negative cover!!

  57. Carlos Eduardo

    Música boa pra transar

  58. captainchaos087

    Chills. Literally chills while listening to this epic cover from Type O Negative. Which is crazy since I am a metalhead.

  59. Purshotam sharma

    world's best singer

  60. Stephanie Cyz

    Beautiful... raw...and sexy. Love ❤️ thumbs up 👍.

  61. tccasanova

    It's not as good as starsets original songs, but it's definitely better than the original singing of this song.


    tccasanova Ugh, definitely not. Decent cover.

    Pete Steele’s awesome deep vocals suit the gothic dark romanticism of this song much more.

  62. Ege Harmandal

    Türk yok mu yav

  63. Guanlong 36

    0:33 Parental warning: Explicit lyric

    I DisagreeKinetic

    Hahahah The Its Sick Brues Waynd

  64. Fabrizio Medina Cisneros

    Am I good enough...for you?

  65. Humberto Mendoza

    Mad respect to starset.

  66. Humberto Mendoza

    I'm die hard type o negative fan and love this song and I approve of this remake. My respects to both bands thank you. Forever negative.

  67. kspirklekp

    Heard this come on pandora and got pumped for Type O Negative. It has a different feel because of the vocals but I still liked it. Good job.

  68. quin4260 quin4260

    Hope this song ain’t for emos

  69. Саша Генералов

    good music-you GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,I LOVE YOU !!!!

  70. juan pablo

    Listen to the original guys please!!
    Type o Negative!!!


    Because of you, I'm about to :3

    Nici G

    I did and I didn’t like it
    This one is so much better in all belongs, even if you just compared the instrumentals

    No front

    Nick Apromollo

    @Nici G Gotta know where it comes from though

  71. Angel peaches

    Love it

  72. Multiple Gaming

    This is one of my favorite songs out of every other one! Along with Starlight, Ricochet, and Bringing it Down are my most favorite. Best rock band I've ever listened to!

  73. TGabrielC13

    Never heard of Type O's version, until I heard this. Still prefer the overall vocals of this better even if I enjoy Type O's hard grunginess. I like both, mmkay. Fight me ya elitist fuckers >.>

  74. Ceci Pan

    Hello Starset! I love your musics. That's amazing band!! Kiss estou from Brazil! ❤❤❤😘😘😘👎👎

  75. tbone3366

    I give them props for doing the cover but it's not for me, they did a good job, but there's nothing like that low vocal points to high end from Peter, Peter transgressed and is watching over, I'll be doing a cover of the type o negative version, and wolf moon, Yuma az battle of the bands 2019


    I have my vocals down. And down to his level to where in a poor stero the difference will be very faint

  76. Vivian

    ITS A FUCKING COVER OF TYPE O NEGITIVE! The fact that they didnt put any disclaimer that its a cover is very annoying and peter steele is rolling in his grave

  77. April Sherman

    First time ive heard this so amazing and beautiful now ive got it on repeat lol love starset


    April Sherman It’s a cover.


    They did justice to the original. Type-O's will remain the best but this is super beauitful.

  79. Matthew Case

    I was very skeptical of a cover of my absolute favorite Type O song but I gotta say, this is very well done and captures the mood of the original while obviously having its own identity. Excellent work.

  80. lacey w.

    starset has remained as my favorite band ever since 2013.. same with downplay. starset is underappreciated and deserves more recognition. 💞🌌

  81. Saba - Saba

    It’s cool!!!

  82. Balwinder Singh too good song man

  83. silamf

    Why dont they mention in descriptionnthis is a cover of Type O Negative??

    This is a good cover but they also need to give credits to the previous artists.

    Michael Waterbury

    Because what so much of Starset does is hidden or understated. you have to look for the clues. If you want obvious, seek another artist. Do u even know what the are about?

  84. Space Sailor

    Just heared it with high quality headphones... May I marry this song?

    Fluffy Bunny

    Have you heard the original?

    Space Sailor

    @Fluffy Bunny yassssssss

  85. Sk8Queen22

    I need an instrumental

  86. Potato Power

    Yeah..this is not Starset enough? Not ordinary Starset?
    Any true fan would know that Starset is a art all it's own, and they have set themselves far apart from ordinary. Everything they do is different then the rest, and as they evolve and explore their own abilities and expand, there will never be anything typical if their talents.

  87. Nathan Mejia

    I mean, I used to like TON, but then my taste changed and I moved to Starset, and when this came out I kind of liked it more...I feel like it's more of the type of instruments that they used instead though, and Dustin's smooth voice....plz don't be mad at me for liking a cover more than the og...

  88. ShirtRIPPA83

    What?! I’m a huge Type O Negative fan, I was shocked when I heard this come up in the mix, I had no idea they’d done a cover. I still think the original is a timeless classic, I mean come on, it’s Peter Steele (RIP) and Type O, but it’s a great version and I applaud them for putting their own spin on it and they were able to keep it sexy.

  89. Kerzzy K

    Sweet cover..
    Miss you, Pete.

  90. Whoah Puka

    Peter Steel is a legend

  91. DiamondPie

    I am glad that this song wasn't actually written by Starset, because the lyrics are really bad , for me personally, compared to Starset.

  92. Robert Etchingham

    Is there an album with this?

  93. Aveelynamae Blake

    Starset's songs are a little similar to alan walker's in terms of the way they make it...this is just my opinion dont judge....

    I DisagreeKinetic

    Wtf This Series?

  94. Gary-Ann Crooks

    At first I didn't like this cover.. I don't even know the song but it's Starset and I knew I'd be back sooner or later

  95. Shamshaad Beedassy

    I want to start my 2019..listening to Starset😍 3 days left😍

    BoneBreaker Draconis

    Yay me too 😀👍