Starset - Into The Unknown Lyrics

Self is fading
Falling back from what I was
Flying through existence
Tumbling towards a burning sun
Something screaming in the distance
Telling me to come
It's calling me

Are you out there waiting?
I can hear it calling
It takes more than eyes to see
It's out in the energy but
I can hear it calling

Take the path less traveled
Face the darkness on my own
Into the starlight will I go
Until the end I will roam
Fate itself unraveled
Make the emptiness my home
Into the starlight will I go
Soaring into the unknown

Voice has faded
Is this real or in my mind?

I can hear it calling
It takes more than eyes to see
It's out in the energy but
I can hear it calling

Take the path less traveled
Face the darkness on my own
Into the starlight will I go
Until the end I will roam
Fate itself unraveled
Make the emptiness my home
Into the starlight will I go
Soaring into the unknown

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Starset Into The Unknown Comments
  1. Matthieu Eagan

    Great, one of my favorite songs off this album is the public’s least favorite. Perhaps that’s actually a good thing...

    Then again, what the heck am I talking about?

  2. Anthony AA

    Fo ck You Disney

  3. Tiziano Trasmondo

    Elsa likes this

  4. GoingUpwardGaming

    Which one is better?
    Into the Unknown(Frozen 2)
    Into the Unknown(Starset)

    Curtis F

    You already know it's starset

  5. sherlock holmes


  6. Я пизда и ты? Pissenlit !!


  7. Я пизда и ты? Pissenlit !!

    I eat that song

  8. Ranman242

    Disney didn't steal anything, people! It is just the titles of the songs.

  9. Ranman242

    Cmon guys, Frozen 2's Into The Unknown is just as good as this song!

    Cristinne Silva De Lima

    Yeahh! Both songs are good, I like Both bands


    @Cristinne Silva De Lima Thank you!

    Curtis F

    I agree, but I just strongly prefer Starset

  10. red petals

    i wonder if people are finding this and thinking:
    "This isn't Frozen 2?"

    Monokuma Kurokuma

    For me it was the other way round, I was so confused when somebody mentioned into the unknown from frozen 2 and I was like : TAAAAKE THE PATH LESS TRAVELLED

    Monokuma Kurokuma FR.

  11. // Echore

    YouTube: *9,999 likes*
    Me: *clicks like to see it go to 10,000*

  12. Gangrene Gangster

    I searched this up on YouTube, and it was flooded with Frozen 2 videos, much disappoint

  13. Caylin W

    Elsa you copied! No seriously even the theme is really similar there are shenanigans here.

  14. Komorek YT

    Oh God, Frozen got different

  15. allan saka

    2019 s2

  16. Artem Andreev

    Уши болдеют, рука потеет, это что-то нереальное, слушая ваши песни у меня мурашки по телу пробегают, уж сильно треки за душу берут)

    Cristinne Silva De Lima

    Artem Andreev can you write on English please? 😅

  17. Herb- i-cide

    Bet you Disney/maroon 5 took some kind of inspiration from this song.
    A voice calling someone? Into the unknown? hmmm....

    Or it could just be a coincidence.

  18. Sweg Master

    This is like a darker, more energetic sibling to Taswell

  19. Starkiller

    I miss the time where this didn’t have the same name as a Frozen 2 song

    † Marta †

    Same ...

  20. Josephine Gerardy

    That chorus though... Wowza.

  21. The Legends of STAR WARS

    This song inspired my idea for a final battle in a book I'm going to write, the villain, has the ability to take back time so many seconds, the repetition in the hard guitar riff is symbolic of that power, where the hero, his ability is to control the strands of the universe, but because of his self control, he refuses to use it until there is no other choice, the electronic symphony and bassline in the background symbolizes his power, and the end part of the song is the villain attempting to reset all Time to the beginning, the hero sees no other way, the electronic symphony begins again as the universe begins to revolve around the hero, the battle ends...

  22. Clegomanrun

    Frozen 2 just casually stole your song name.

  23. Stern Crag

    Starset did it before Disney

  24. Amy Love Random

    "Into the unknown"

    Ah, yes.
    Stars- FROZEN 2

  25. Itzga Loop

    I always get Rick and morty vibes from this song

  26. Trex Xert

    Everyone just spam starset to make a movie already

  27. Meus pequenos momentos

    BR 2019 ?

  28. Roy Navi

    this video needs 1m views.....

  29. Derp'zy Entertainment

    3:06 gives me chills

  30. Gabriel Lockwood

    Into the Unknown: Falling back towards a Burning Sun.

    Falling Back to the Earth:
    *Returning home- past the Sun...*

  31. Starkiller

    Can some one make a tribute to Star Trek with this song?

  32. Starkiller

    Can some one make a Star Trek AMV with this song?

  33. Preston's GameRoom

    that intro though 10/10

    Preston's GameRoom

    the StarSet fan base is so awesome! All of you are amazing!!!

  34. Marshall Francies

    Best song in Vessels. The album as a whole is probably the best out there, and each song in it is a masterpiece within itself, but this is definitely my favorite.

  35. Zachary McCauley

    I was focused so much on the song I forgot to breathe

  36. Ray Gaines

    Still listening 👂

  37. El peluca

    Temazo!!!! Me cago en todo

  38. xxcreepyrebelheadxx

    *Dustin screams*

    Me: *YES!!!*

  39. t a c i t u r n

    Goddamn I love starset

  40. Guitarist Gamer

    I love the double kick pedal on the drums in the chorus. Really gives that heavier tone to go with the metalcore and screams here and there. 10/5 stars from me. Haha.

  41. 3ddy

    Heard this song once, didn't know the name. I found it off of the words "take the"

  42. Lee

    I really enjoy the part from 2:36 to 3:08 because of the way the lyrics are sung.

  43. Amirun Nez

    Love starset 😍 im glad if you making this song into the aqoustic version 😘

  44. Julissa Zavaleta

    It's kind of sad that this song has been out for 2 years, and it still hasn't reached 1,000,000 views yet....

    Mikey G

    I had listened to rock for like two months before Vessels was released and I guess that the screams and harder parts turned me off when I first listened to this song. But I rediscovered this song with the drop of the new album (been listening to Starset most of the time since) and I got mad at myself because I don't get how I had not liked it in the past. It has really nice melodies, too, and it's so unique as a whole!

  45. Genocrysis

    Anyone else think this fits Subnautica real well

  46. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Vamos por el millón de vistas.

  47. Melchior




  49. Harold

    Does ANYONE actually hear it calling? Like, in the audio?!

  50. Grizzly

    3:35 - is money

  51. Angel peaches

    I love the beat

  52. Lil Hitt

    "into the starlight" poh! as músicas são conectadas???

  53. Cihan Alpaydn


  54. Croc Noir

    Why does it has only 800k views it's such a wonderful song

  55. Saturno

    Hopeless, can you hear me calling?

  56. spingus

    *make the edginess my home*

  57. fire and ice nation the lost nation

    this song: make the emptiness my home

    monster: who knew the emptiness could be so cold

    Cihan Alpaydn

    Oh fuck!

  58. Branden Byrd

    Can we please have a Starset album with nothing but stuff like this? Just crushing riffs, soaring choruses, and ambience. They’d be really solid as a prog metal band imo.

  59. LP Soldier

    Who love Dustin scream

  60. Richard moed

    i listen to this when i get on the bus at my school

  61. Zülal Yıldız

    İt's amazing

  62. Why Do I Tell U my Name ,Thats perverted

    Ooooooweeeeee I'm Mr meeeseeeks look at me. What am I doing in life????

    Why Do I Tell U my Name ,Thats perverted

    My profile picture is Kermit

    Why Do I Tell U my Name ,Thats perverted

    His music is so outstanding!!!!

    Why Do I Tell U my Name ,Thats perverted

    I'm mean starset

  63. LittleBoiAsher

    Am I the only one that thinks of Portal when hearing this song?

  64. Caleb Berney

    I get Panic! vibes but then I suddenly don't anymore and I am very confused

  65. Faiththegray

    THIS is why I refer to this band as my soulmate.
    And I'll probably repeat that in like five other songs. (At least)
    No other band has been so close to the calling or given me more hope.
    Keep howling, keep searching.

  66. Lyra Liddel

    We wake up and give thanks to the path of the unknown

  67. Lyra Liddel

    I'm waiting for you Dustin!!! <3

  68. hg00098

    The riff begining at 1:25 is orgasmic

  69. James Dean

    this song is good too now this whole album is amazing

  70. FollowtheLucario

    This is weirdly similar to The Future is Now

  71. Albert Einstein

    I thought Dustin was saying "Take the pain less traveled!", i was thinking "Thats some deep shit!"

  72. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Por qué muy pocas vistas? Sí esto es genial.

  73. Omar Yáñez Zavala

    "Rise and Fall" VS "Into the Unknown"


    Omar Yáñez Zavala rise and fall is a bit better

  74. Iancu Costin

    Into the unknown 2.0 <3

  75. Breno Rafael

    starset isn't music. It's a way of living forever

  76. David Page

    great band great guy great sound everything is great except not getting the credit they deserve cuz there amazing not much bands out there have all good songs ive not heard a dull song from them yet these guys are mad talent lol and they havent even been around for that long witch makes it more crazier lol

  77. AXZ

    i love starset this is my favorite song tho the begining is the best part to me with the drums

  78. Kowovin

    I wonder where they are,
    One thing im sure of is that they got shot down by a large quarentiene enforcement platform ( big words )

    Hope you get the reference :)

  79. Efe Kahraman

    I'm crazy about distortions

  80. sachin yadav

    Universe is all about startset :* 👌👌

  81. Gabriel

    I love how every single song is a universe in itself

    Black Man's Games

    DarkGabriel #lol I know right


    They each have there own story.

  82. Zac Covey

    This song... This album... This theme... This band!

  83. Kendall Geary

    this intro is just mmmmm

  84. shubhika agarwal

    VLD Keith anybody? Totally gives me that vibe.
    Holy shit, how awesome would a voltron fanfiction/AMV/literally anything go with starset's albums?

  85. Diego castellanos

    I love this song

  86. Blood Moon Heiress

    Is it just me who’s thinking of Slipknot when listening to this song?

  87. DaSheepKiller

    Why doesn't this have a million views yet?

    justin Vasquez

    DaSheepKiller because it must be share to those who need it and will understand what the song mean turely do know what it saying if so share it and it will hit a million in no time.


    Almost 2019 and still hasn't hit a million. This saddens my heart. I'll always love Starset! Dustin Bates' voice is so amazing, it just fits with the whole bands aesthetic.

    Nicolas Aristizabal 7w7

    Not yet! :'( 2019

    Roy Navi

    almost almost

  88. oh god

    Happy birthday Vessels!

  89. makho chikhladze

    This band sucks