Starset - Gravity Of You Lyrics

There's a silencing
As the machine arrives here
I feel it pulling me
I feel the past that's died there
I hear it calling me
"You can come alive here."
I hear it beckoning
Until I am inside

Riding the horizon
Falling into you
Feel the vessel tighten
I feel you pull me through
A new world is breaking
Your heart is unveiling
Breaking into pieces
In the gravity of you
In the gravity of you

I see the empty dreams
Race across the sky here
I see energy streams
Where the ashes lie here
I feel you here with me
When all the hope has died here
It's boring holes in me
Enough to get inside

Riding the horizon
Falling into you
Feel the vessel tighten
I feel you pull me through
A new world is breaking
Your heart is unveiling
Breaking into pieces
In the gravity of you
In the gravity of you

To fall in the star is to be nothingness
To escape is to be empty
Fall into the star and then we won't exist
Or escape into the nothing

Your sky
The beauty alone is worth it
I will risk it all to own it

Riding the horizon
Falling into you
Feel the vessel tighten
I feel you pull me through
A new world is breaking
Your heart is unveiling
Breaking into pieces
In the gravity of you
In the gravity of you

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Starset Gravity Of You Comments
  1. Etta Buchanan

    1:29 i hear “im RUNNING OUT OF RAISINS” and after that it sounds like “FEEL THE WRATHS OF SATAN” LMFAO 🤣🤣

  2. Matthieu Eagan

    This song makes you feel like you’re hurtling toward an abyss. Well, that’s what it does for me; I can’t speak for everybody.

  3. Stuge

    God damn that sounds like Ollie from BMTH

  4. Ishio Kitetsu


  5. Fitty-Too

    Boy, the last few seconds of the song are the scariest thing I’ve ever heard.

  6. Christian Aparicio

    1. The last to fall
    2. Carnivore
    3. Satellite
    4. Gravity of you
    5. My demons

  7. Zømboy Wølf

    3:54 Who likes the dark ending song.


    I don’t think any music is as scary as that (especially the last three seconds), but I do like it.

  8. Phương Nguyễn

    xin tên nhạc khúc 3:40 với

  9. Spanky's Adventures & Reviews

    Epic Album

  10. That One Weird Kid

    That ending is creepy af

  11. Dull Boy

    This song came out so well. I am so thankful you all didn't throw away my writings. Now if I could get paid that would help. I have so much to say about this song. I'm only along for alot longer than some would anticipate. With the camera crew set up of finding once before scenes of me growing up and before being sent into battle, I want to say thank you to STARSET, and 314 other groups of people. As soon as I get a chance to say thank you, I will do so on a personal level. Sounds like someone ended up wrong in the song at the end. it's like a buff door creek

  12. Sadeem

    Falling into you

  13. Pax Wilhuff


  14. What.

    Damn the nostalgia I remember listening to this song while playing zombies on my ps3, good times

  15. TimTacTV


  16. seth robichaud

    i know hes saying "feel the vessel tighten", but i always have heard him say "feel the mass of titans" and it sounds awesome

  17. Azuris Gaming

    It’s anyone going to talk about how creepy 3:54 to the end of the song is?

  18. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen-Tee

    This is my favorite on the album.
    The build-up to that first chorus is incredible on its own, the chorus itself has to be the best one they've ever written so far..
    And then there's this fantastic melody switch in the bridge at 2:59 that's just so satisfying, it gets me every time..

    Perfect song.

  19. Biel Lima

    Is song represented the Universe

  20. さまジライヤ

    That outro tho. Isn't anyone gonna mention how fucking scary that is

  21. Clint Beasthood

    The chorus is absolutely incredible. Jesus christ I'm blown away.

  22. Gus The Proceratosaur

    At 2:33 I cried really hard 😭

  23. S S

    The display picture and the background changed... Is the next album coming?!?!

    Ben Fowler

    Yes, on 13th September

    S S

    @Ben Fowler Thanks for letting me know!

  24. Itzga Loop

    Wheres the profike pic?

  25. Ben Fowler

    The part 2:08 is orgasmic

  26. I am Anthony Hill

    A collab between StarSet and Daft Punk?

  27. 날라 Nala

    *Bring me the Vessels*

  28. lunafleyanoxlexfleurex caelum

    Thank for video

  29. JEJRON

    The “riding the horizon” is so good. The “h” in horizon just sounds so good with the screams. Not to mention when he says “breaking into pieces” it fits with the instruments insanely well.

  30. jay JAS

    RIDING THE HORIZON !!!!!!!!!
    I almost scream it out loud in library

  31. _-P41NK1LLER-_

    mano cm esse rock é tão foda e tem pouco conhecimento?

  32. Giowilldestroyyou

    Man! This song gives me goosebumps like crazy

  33. Sharjeel Ahmed

    Imagine falling into the deep dark space with that music at 4:15 being played

  34. osvaldo ortiz

    My fav song of all times

  35. Brendan Music

    Can we create a religion just all about starset? There music is so good and must be heard

  36. sarine cüzdanoğlu

    Orada geçmişin öldüğünü hissediyorum...

    'Burada hayat bulabilirsin.'

  37. MiranoMV

    This the orgasm for my ears, holy shit.
    You guys know how to make music, I hope your live performance gets better 😊

  38. Soy un Guitarrista :v

    very epicaaaaa >:v

  39. Dominic

    "Your sky the beauty alone is worth it. I will risk it all to own it "

    Best line ever for me. I keep thinking about the sky in star wars where the entire sky is orange and it has a sun and 2 moons.

  40. Alissa Publishing

    My house!

  41. Wrety Da Seagull

    *chokes because of them screaming*
    "Didn't see that coming"

  42. Holden Diamond

    So few views such a great song

  43. The End

    It seems like the song is talking about black holes

  44. Kevin Ogles

    Bad ass

  45. Kumarbazın Teki

    Türkçe altyazı olması çok garip değil mi?

  46. Kaous

    After 3:51 is so good

  47. 拉斯小春

    Who love your song so much in Taiwan is me ❤️

  48. Soy un Guitarrista :v


  49. Loyd's LizardsIII

    Chester Bennington of Linkin Park cannot be replaced, but I wouldn't mind if the vocalist for this band joined the band. His voice is very reminiscent of Chester's.

  50. Jill Cipher

    It took a lot of time and debate. I listen to the Vessels album on an almost daily basis, and I just couldn’t pick a favorite. I listened to every song since the day they came out. For months upon months, I struggled. Every single song was perfect. Then, here and there I weeded a few out. Everglow, Last to Fall, and a few others, slowly dropped from the list of potential favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I *love* those songs so much, and I listen to them as much as the others, but they didn’t have what it took to be _my_ champion. After a long while, it was down to two, Bringing it Down and Gravity of You. And then Bringing it Down V2 was released. The winner should have been clear at that point, but I couldn’t force myself to pick a favorite, so I just kept listening. Bringing it Down had lyrics that really fit my taste, extra dark with a side of edgy, as well as some great screaming. But there was something about the intensity of Gravity of You that matched it. And oh, the ending to this song is so creepy, it’s absolutely amazing. The winner finally became clear to me. Gravity of You is my favorite song from Vessels. Don’t make me pick from Transmissions tho, I could never 😂

  51. Jan-VGH

    This song also needs an acoustic version. Who's with me?

    Devi Captor

    It would make me cry

  52. Saeris

    2:08 you’re welcome


    Ok, I´m 1 year late to comment something, but I don´t mind. THIS SONG IS LIKE MAGIC.

  54. Mahmoud Shoair

    2018 here

  55. Luke Assande

    The cymbals are mixed to almost 0 volume

  56. Uchiha Itachi

    Portuguese brazilian, please!

  57. Jumble Drops1029

    That ending sounds like a baby carage song with distant repatitious gunshots...eary

  58. VerchielxKanda

    This has moved to my top favorite song from you.  Thank you, Starset, for being awesome!  =D

  59. Hunter-JD XZ

    0:25 Epic (TuT)

  60. Sebastian Müller

    your songs are the most beautiful thing I've heard, thank you for your creativity! it's just a caress for the ears, I've been listening to you, and I want to say thank you again! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! DON'T STOP THERE! YOU STILL ALL AHEAD! GOOD LUCK, YOU HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL! Thank you! And I'm sorry if misspelled, I just don't speak English, I from Russia

  61. yuugen


  62. Lillia Thibault

    How can someone screaming be so relaxing 😂

  63. Samuel L. Tankson


  64. CrustyTheMoist

    What does the scream say at 0:25?
    Ive heard of Riding the horizon and running out of reason.

  65. Vitor Monteiro

    Very good

  66. ไม่สน โลกแห่งยูนิคอร์น

    I'm So Love

  67. Dániel Molnár

    Menő vagyok

  68. loayx

    lighting are rising 1:29 that what i heard hmmm, cool song btw

  69. Brent Jaeger

    Please someone make the song an amv for kingdom of hearts

  70. Glitchy Girl

    I wanna let it die because I wanna die for you
    I feel the antigravity because of the gravity of you
    I wanna rise and fall so we can be the last to fall
    I feel like a monster because I am a carnivor

  71. Mr Corote


  72. Serhat Murat Asbit

    Screams en el coro.

  73. Vishnu Kanth

    damn you dislikers -_-

  74. PidgeDaPeanut77

    "To fall in a star is to be nothingness; To escape is to be empty; Fall into the star and then we wont exist; Or escape into the nothing" So sad....but true

  75. Migz - Kun


  76. Fahde El Amiri

    On dit devoir toucher une mère pour être père. Une mère est toujours un ennemi.

  77. Physics_Hacker

    Was this song thought up because of Interstellar?

  78. Physics_Hacker

    Was this song thought up because of Interstellar?

  79. Tristan Verschelden

    My favorite band for sure.

  80. Tristan Verschelden

    Starset is seriously underrated. Sure, maybe they have a similar sound to bands like Breaking Benjamin, Red etc. but even that’s arguable. I personally have not heard a band or know of a band like Starset. They have a completely different vibe than anything i’ve ever heard, their lyrics are brilliant and they are very original. Amazing band that should be widely recognized for their work.

  81. Phillip Leman

    Sick track. Takes me back to another time and place.

  82. ปีศาด ซาตาน

    when you try to do some thing ,it no guarantee Success full but if you even not try ,you won't have even probability.

  83. F0RG1V3N

    My favorite.

  84. Nancy Gomez

    Wow wow

  85. Francisco Santos

    foda, simplesmente foda

  86. European Trashbag

    STARSΞT - (song name) (feat. Oli sykes)

  87. Niema Jefferson

    Im getting bmth vibes from this song😋

  88. Skyler McNulty

    I just got cancer :}

  89. Erdi Şahin

    I need this background. Feels like I can watch it standing still up to 24 hours. Greetings from Turkey.

  90. Flore Vasquez

    Oh god yes I love it 💗💗💖💖

  91. The Fallen Human.

    The ending of the song, after the vocals, is really eerie. I love it.

  92. GuyGunslinger

    Anybody else get super freaked out when they watched the black hole with the outro?

  93. Aaron Mogo

    every song that is put on 1.25 sounds better!

  94. mohamad helmi

    Soundtrack for new half life maybe

  95. Gabriel Gil

    eu amo essa musica ! lancem mais albuns, starset!

  96. cinnamonbreeze

    oh god the song is amazing but the end was so creepy