Starsailor - White Dove Lyrics

Found us in a small cafe,
Happened to be out that day,
To watch it go by.
It came to pass that we shall be,
Early signs of victory from out of their eyes
If you lay your guns to ground,
Feel the weight of coming down,
Fall from your mind.
Something that I ought to say to take away the pain of day,
I'm leading the blind.
Old man drifting won't you carry me out of this place.
Found us in a small cafe,
Happened to be out that day,
To write it all down.
As they fell upon the floor,
Thought of all that's gone before,
They went to the ground.
The white dove is rising to the sound of your god given grace.
To the sound of your god given grace.

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Starsailor White Dove Comments
  1. Gary S.

    Beautiful Phil Spector production and gorgeous lead vocal. Glad to hear that this tune was a hit, as was "Silence Is Easy" (also produced by Phil Spector).

  2. DaBratt

    Phil Spector wrote and produced this and another song for them. They were the songs that got awards.

  3. Karla Garcilaso

    Great fucking song


    the 2 songs produced by phil spector on that album are bloody AMAZING

    Marco Zucchi

    Someone should try to produce like Phil used to do. It's hard but not impossibile. This is not produced by Phil but it's produced so much like he would have

  5. JahRiderMx

    This is mucho song. I crying now...

  6. Andrew Benoit

    Just perfect!

  7. Andrew Benoit

    Great song just gr

  8. KimmyKimmyX

    How lush is his voice man? heaven!

    Wolf Lair

    KimmyKimmyX I agree, subjective but you just have to listen