Starsailor - Four To The Floor Lyrics

With hand on heart you right from the start,
You taught me to take my part.
No cross to bear, no reason to care, my life was all up in air,
Four to the floor, I was sure, never seeing clear,
I could have it all, whenever you are near.

The iron hand did not understand the plight of the common man.
Four to the floor I was sure, never seeing clear,
I could have it all whenever you are near.
Four to the floor I was sure, she would be my girl,
We'd rent a little world, have a little girl.
Four to the floor I was sure, never seeing clear,
I could have it all if only you were here.
Four to the floor I was sure she would be my girl,
We'd rent a little world, have a little girl.
Four to the floor I was sure never seeing clear,
I could have it all whenever you are near.

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Starsailor Four To The Floor Comments
  1. Sarah Yusop

    10.02.2020..anyone?still my fav

  2. karl stringer

    Love this song

  3. ear wax

    1:02 1.25vel

  4. Irma Tatiana

    2020 anyone?

  5. Cody Nates

    as much as they are great this is one of them tracks where the remix tops the original. much respect to them and great track but the remix just makes this song so much better

  6. jarjar binggs

    2020 still love

  7. unclesubaid


  8. Marcelo Hardouin

    alguien en 2020?

  9. nicholas ng sing kwong

    classic eternal about love death life rebirth and faith

  10. Le crâne de xewer

    Légendaire ! Ça rappelle de bon souvenirs

  11. K L

    W**kers ! ! !

  12. nicholas ng sing kwong

    every one wants to be found

  13. Peter Camarillo


  14. Julian Caballero

    I was searching this song !I found it :)

  15. Pablo Coronel


  16. Cristian Medina Peña

    This is an amazing song

  17. darren loughins

    Love this song and also love the best of me and just wanted to say starsailor you keep bringing the songs and the fans will keep singing them cheers 👍👍👍👍👍😁

  18. Виталий Наливайко

    Нашые есть?

  19. cortinadelpeso

    Gosto! 2029

  20. Zoltán Felföldi

    I'm listening this 2019, because I like. This music isn't poupular ín Hungary

  21. PELAT Julien

    Good old times. So memories...

  22. Ghizlane Touimi Benjelloun

    Ooooooh good old times !

  23. nicholas ng sing kwong

    dupre contre bouboule

  24. Protegit

    Anyone else just typed 'Four to the Floor' in google not even searching for this song but found it anyway? xD

  25. Tigercat4Ever

    Awwww man

  26. Kayde Stanford

    Please stop with the 2019? comments. You aren't special

  27. leonardo. beldadjr08

    Starsailor Britpop(Genre)
    "Four to the Floor" is a hit single by the British band Starsailor. The song was released as the third and final single from the band's second album Silence Is Easy and became a major hit, peaking at number one in France and Wallonia, number five in Australia and number 24 in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, "Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Remix)" was ranked number 70 on Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2004 in Australia. As of July 2014, it was the 84th best-selling single of the 21st century in France, with 333,000 units sold.[1]

  28. Butterfly Early Summer


  29. YERSA -

    Es muy parecida a la canción de "California Love" de 2pac y Dr. Dre

    YERSA -

    It is very similar to the song of "California Love" by 2pac and Dr. Dre.

  30. Taavetti Gross

    I like Them so much!!!

  31. Mohd Azizie

    Who still listening in 24 august 2019

  32. Eduard Marsinyac

    magnifica canço

  33. MrTsaritsin

    Great song

  34. manuelone_93

    Only 5 milion visual in 13 years? Porcamadonna!

  35. James Fisher

    I would love to see them and Embrace next March, but the only places they are doing so far are Manchester, and Leeds, a bit too far for someone who lives in Surrey

  36. Video Audio

    Earlier than Keane

  37. Scapa Flow

    Как будто сам Геннадий Горин из города Орёл писал музыку


    Who's guennadii gorin?

  38. Luis Medero

    2019 , pasó a ser parte de unas de las mejores canciones en el mundo para mí entender.

  39. Lilien Ludwig

    Wirklich tolle😈Stimme

  40. Kali Munali

    Memory songs

  41. kynoah parlons nippon

    I heard this song once or twice in 2006/2007 and I had it stuck in there for 12 years. I was humming it and somebody was like "you know 4 to the floor, nice" and this man is now my Messiah. This is fire

  42. Gisela Velazquez


  43. IBullo

    Alguien en 2019?

    Ozy Mandias

    Да да, смотрю в девятнадцатогом

    Leandro Farias

    yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nostalgia

    Laucha Nahu

    Tu vieja en tanga.

  44. Erdem Karagöz

    we here

  45. Halina Lisc


  46. Fabino Gg

    Great song

  47. Kape Puro

    God! I miss NU107.

  48. Len Kelly


  49. Anne Anne

    2019 :)

  50. Gustavo Pasquali

    2019! What a great tune!

  51. Andrea Madiai

    anyone in 2019 ?

  52. mark muir

    So underrated.

  53. Lee Horrocks

    Great underrated band & a top song, gets me playin along to it again like yrs bk... A song I revisit again and again.

  54. Myosotis Sitosoym

    I only like it in 1,25 (speed)

  55. 크리스

    2019?! From sKorea

  56. Gisela Velazquez

    Me encanta esta cancion. No dejo de escucharla

  57. nicholas ng sing kwong

    the girl is nameless for him despite clearance

  58. cik rama-rama

    2019 any1 ??

  59. LumberJax

    2019 and we still love y’all

  60. 보리차

    2 0 1 9/04/03☆

  61. Angelo Salvatore

    EXCELLENT! souvenir souvenir

  62. Jim Morrison

    It just sounded like a song from The Hollies while the singer looked just like John Lennon back in 1966.

  63. Lyalika

    Can i make the quality of the video somehow better? -.-

  64. Victor Guerra

    This is in Jihns playlist


    ii keep it taco

  65. Syahrul Nizam

    I like this song . 22/03/2019 22:05

    Nostalgia -

    Lurhays Mazin
    Me on 27.7.2019 greez from swizerland 🍻

    Sharon Carreyett

    Lurhays Mazin me too!

  66. kourosh 07

    any 2019 people ?

    Daniel Hdz

    kourosh 07 Si, saludos.

  67. Alejandro D


  68. Toygun Paçacı

    Still listenin :)

  69. EdwardVonClere

    who is still listening this song in 2019? 😍😍😍 it was my grandmother favorite song and she died a few days ago ☠☠😵 like this comment to support me and her in her last travel 😭😭😭😭 ILY ♡♡♡

  70. Patri

    I💖the drummer!!!

  71. gungye mr

    2019 &《《

  72. dr Oetam

    This song and the remix gives to me a particular mood, but a little different between... They feels like a song for an ending to something, the end of a story... this one for a dramatic ending, and the remix, for a good ending, but after a big accident.

  73. José Luis Torregrosa Luque

    2019 here

  74. Lige Recka

    They nailed it in every aspect here

  75. ana uhibbu

    Burst into tears whenever i listen to this song

    Alanca Abyssal

    2019... Me too :(

  76. Moises Paredes Terrazas

    2019 sigue siendo un tema hermoso

  77. Add vice

    2019 and the final of the times :)

  78. Meng Chen

    2019! love this song