Starr, Edwin - H.A.P.P.Y. Radio Lyrics

An automatic alarm
Turns my radio on
Before my feet can hit the floor
The music's got me ready to go
And all through the whole day
I know my favorite records they'll play
It helps me chase all my blues away
When I can hear that DJ say that
This is station
We plan to help your day go by
I said it's a Musical, natural high
On station H.A. H.A.P.P.Y.
We plan to help your day go by
I said it's a Musical, natural high
Station H.A. H.A.P.P.Y.

You should hear them
Everyday yeah

While riding home in my car
My happy radio is never too far
I just reach out my hand turn the dial
And I know it will make me smile

Cause this station
(We plan to help your day go by)
I said it's a musical natural high
Yes it is
On Station H.A.P.P.Y.

Don't you know that it's a musical
On station H.A.P.P.Y.
We plan we plan... by by by

It's a musical

Just by mistake
One day I turned on my dial
From my radio came this is incredible sound
The music they were playing right next to me
I start clapping my hands and stomping my feet

'Cause they were H.A.P.P.Y.
We plan to help your day go by by by
It's a musical natural
Oh Station H.A.P.P.Y.
Hey hey hey

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Starr, Edwin H.A.P.P.Y. Radio Comments
  1. Renée Matte

    Thanks "fritz51320" 🙋‍🎼💜🎸🎷 🎻🎹🎺🌺🎧🎼

  2. Sasa Jankovic

    Absolute legend

  3. Sasa Jankovic

    Music is the natural high !

  4. Prophetic Witness

    Edwin Starr!!!!!

  5. real cooking

    How cool is this

  6. Prophetic Witness

    The ladies on the right are my favourites,they are superb.....

  7. Christopher Finch

    Still have pre-release 12" press of this
    As fresh today as it was to hear it back in 79

  8. Rich

    Midlands finest

  9. V MAX1200

    Edwin lived at polesworth hall in north Warwickshire,it gave him great delight to show people his home,you could just turn up and he would show you his hall,we loved Edwin living amongst us in the village,a gentleman he was.

  10. John Buchan

    Edwin you are the man.👍🏻👏👏💥

  11. Matthew Lukeman

    Captivating those dancers. 😛

  12. Nookie Milner

    Takes me back to a very HAPPY time in my life. Keep the Faith.

  13. Multa

    Oh, lovely ladies, lovely ladies... nothing like this would be allowed now, and the kids are outraged at the drop of a hat. Aren't we lucky we had the late 70s and 80s? Damn fine song, too.

  14. sporto2010

    Damn alot of titties going left, right , up and down. very distracting

  15. Raymond Abella

    This is a cool vid and jam, however I just realized that the disco chicks in the background seem to only be 2 that are doubled up on each end. Not that I'm complaining because it's like Wrigley's gum... double you're pleasure, double your fun!😛

  16. Louise Brand

    Love this song...Heard this on the radio at was hard not to dance. Felt like I was doing a saturday night fever...Lol. Need to play this every morning when I get outta bed.

  17. Prophetic Witness

    Those ladies are just superb!!!!

  18. Prophetic Witness

    The 70’s,what a time!!!

  19. Vic Flange

    Cracking song! What a footstomper! Dancers aren't bad either!

  20. darren bailey

    love this 2019

  21. viscount48

    Met Edwin in 1999 .what a legend.

  22. Daniel Elliott

    sometimes it's like my phone is talking to me ...go on turn me sideways know you wanna.mi try to resist😎

  23. soul man 77 wayne

    so well missed on the scooter scene he was the man love him he was class

  24. Christian


  25. Jorge Abellan Correas

    La Cosecha musical del 1979 la mejor.

  26. Darcey DeRosa

    Love this song and the dance!😂😂😂

  27. Incognito Incognito

    este video seria mejor si quitaran a Edwin star del medio de la pantalla who agrees??

  28. luc ant


  29. Daniel Elliott

    thanks for the the tune but the disco chicks make it even better...much love Discodan😎

  30. Prophetic Witness

    I never get tired of hearing this song!!!

  31. alex brown

    those were the days

  32. Prophetic Witness

    Exceptional song,exceptional ladies!!!?

  33. Víctor Delgado

    I love this song

  34. scott warwick

    Those women are in shape,healthy looking and can dance,SEXXXXY.Please,becausd I know there are still some good women around....but I miss these times because the females were awesome then.

  35. scott warwick

    Look at those sexy women behind Edwin!!!! 2018, Where did it all go wrong ?

  36. Jonathan Tenzer

    I don't know why but I keep cumming back to this video ;)

  37. scott warwick

    You dont get women like those dancers anymore.So shit nowdays.

  38. John Buchan

    Disco was happy times . Not like today they don't know how to even dance these days

  39. Felipe Moraes Da Silva

    Fantastic sound i'm feel so much H.A.P.P.Y

  40. Sophiedull

    Bedankt t-mobile!

  41. Dolf Hamster

    I like the shaking hips of these ladies :)

  42. Denny Harris

    One smooth mutha fucker

  43. Prophetic Witness

    All the ladies are exquisite,but the two on the right are my favourites!!!!

  44. Michael Edwards

    He is stepping inside

  45. Starbrite*

    Defy ANYONE to avoid toe-tapping to this ABSOLUTE classic!
    L💜ve it!

  46. lvsoccerdad

    All these years I just realized there’s only two background dancers not 4

  47. lvsoccerdad

    30 people are blind and deaf


    The background was photo shopped. There were only 2 girls. But I love all 4 of them! Thanks, Edwin!

  49. catpet guiller

    Love this song back in the 70s. Use to dance this at parties... H.A. P. P. Y!!!!👍👍👍

  50. Prophetic Witness

    Are these two sets of identical twins!?

  51. Free Dolphin

    It's unbelievable that this song wasn't a big big hit in the U.S.,it's a fantastic soul disco mix song. And all credits goes to Edwin Starr since he wrote it!



  53. estilkind

    Wow, I don't think I've heard this song in nearly 40 years. THANK YOU!


    Some tits on there

  55. David Harold

    The man ✊️

  56. The Guv Of Wythenshawe

    Love this! I was born in August that year here in Manchester! This song would certainly put today's tripe to complete and utter shame! Edwin Starr sadly passed away on Thursday 3rd April 2003 in Bramcote, five miles west of Nottingham. Gone but NEVER forogotten! R.I.P.

  57. Cristian Parada

    Grande maestro, siempre te recordaremos

  58. Prophetic Witness

    Fantastic song!!!!

  59. Gary Dodgson

    Seen him live at the Ice rink in Liverpool UK of all places 1970 ,his latest hit then was called Time ,This disco track reminds me of running a bar at Butlins Holiday Centre North Wales UK summer 1979 .,This got played a lot on camp & on radio .Edwin was a great soul man ,knew how to work an audience & give them a good show .(R.I.P.)

  60. Jerome Lange


  61. Sasa Jankovic

    Give us this unique music back !

  62. richie rich

    Nice titties lol

  63. Jamie Goddard

    Legend rip edwin

  64. Mario Calabrese

    He said pee pee ... LOL

  65. Les Martin

    Edwin Starr is one of the most underrated soul vocalists of all time.A great dance tune that will never die on the soul dance floors

  66. Tee Bizz

    This song makes me h.a.p.p.y!!!!! Came out in 1979 when i was 10 years old....Classic AM Radio!!!!!

  67. Justin Aames

    Get it Edwin!!!

  68. Les Martin

    Just pure disco pop, one of the very best from an great voice and a extremely under rated talent. Helps my day go by.

  69. Victor Nice

    best feeling

  70. Stephen Mckellar

    is this same ladies that are in amii stewarts knock on wood

  71. DetroitLives313

    This actually came out in 1978

  72. yobaseen21

    is that woman on the left even wearing a top LOL, looks like they're having fun :-)


    if it wasn't for them straps she would be free  lol

  73. Savvynlady

    I remember this song. Used to groove to it when it was out..

  74. fruitcake4t

    are they sisters?

  75. Timothy Smith

    This song is so hot.  Just like the dancer on the left.  WOW !!!!  Shake it baby!

    Skull Truth

    I second that on that dancer shake it baby!

    John Clayton

    I prefer the one on the right

    Matthew Lukeman

    I am sure that one on the left is Cheryl Baker.

    Matthew Lukeman

    Not so.sure. They are both very nice to look at anyway.

  76. Jeffrey B

    Hot, the song, and the dancing. Just lovely

  77. simbasugu

    Wow...actually its only two girls dancing. Nice effects...Luv them gals dancing

  78. Fenixweb solutions

    mutio bom esse som boas lembranças

  79. oops maniac

    Fabulous song, ultra groovy, the song added to the back girls perfectly turn me on, thanks for posting!!!

  80. Martin Gravil

    brill. why such good music , them days.

  81. Matt Schmidt

    Patiently awaiting a wardrobe malfunction on this video!

    Derek Hallows

    +Matt Schmidt ohh.. that would be no malfunction !!

    alex brown

    sitting like a poachers pup and its now 2019


    Me too brother. Me too!!! :-)

  82. Colin Jones

    Hard to think of a better feel good song

  83. 2431000

    I love this song. The musikladen gogo dancers are my guilty pleasure. I wish there was a video with just them. No disrespect intended to Edwin Star his great.

  84. Orlando Silva

    Lookin like a Mr Catra from Brazil....or twins?

  85. sally kean

    This is the music we listen to getting ready to go roller skating on a Saturday nite.  Wow miss those days

  86. Andrea Highfield

    Disco is the best music ever.

    Daniel Elliott

    if you like disco checkout my get down list...some you may never even heard before😎

    Alan Kirsch

    Andrea Highfield after northern soul 😊

    Comrade Frang #FuckYoutube

    @Daniel Elliott thats a very good playlist, I also have one but it's smaller, feel free to take a look at it if you want.

    Daniel Elliott

    Nice 1.I will check it out.thanks.

    Daniel Elliott

    @Comrade Frang #FuckYoutube Thanks for the heads up on your playlist (some of which I had never heard before) thank you.

  87. joseph russell


  88. Owen Ent

    Lady on the right looks like her tiddays bout to pop out her top

    Mekhi Terry

    That's the point,this is the late 70's almost the 80's!

    Derek Hallows

    You're right, that tit tape was well and truly pushed to the limit...

  89. Pierre Cardone

    I like Edwin Star but I really wish he'd step aside just till this songs over


    Edwin Star > tits

  90. Charles Kesner

    Great times!

  91. Pedro Trevino Jr

    Don't remember where I heard this song , I was 18 that I do remember , really good music

  92. Gianni Vanzi

    solo chi ascolta questa musica è un giusto    ...,,..,..,..,,

    Gianni Vanzi

    musica giusta per gente giusta

  93. Юрий Небоженко

    Очень красиво и сексуально смотрятся девушки в леггинсах блестящих!!! Люблю я девушек,женщин в лосинах/леггинсах аэробически блистающих!!!

  94. John Mildner

    I was 19 in basic training at Ft Dix NJ... when I first heard this song. This music will
    never die.... I'm 54 now.. my friends and I can't get enough of the this. Long LIVE


    Damn Right! :-))  I grew up listening to Disco.  I wish I was back in the '70s & '80s and I don't ever want to come back to this present "Crummy" time.  Yeah, this song was Great and still is dats for sure...Disco Forever.

    King Bee

    Right you are...Disco was the example of every race and color of people in one great musical groove, and with Black and Brown and Yellow people finally getting their due influence with White folks in the executive and marketing sides of the music business along with creative dominance. Some folks-the "Disco Sucks" crowd-didn't like this unity...


    John Mildner now you are 58


    i was in basic and 19 too when i heard this and loved in bob from boston im 58 now small world


    I saw him live in 2002 - just before his death. Fantastic performer!

  96. eckankar

    he was so handsome

  97. eckankar

    he was so handsome

  98. wayne wood

    Real quality tune and the girls looks super..

  99. Creative Loft Conversions

    This record always gets my foot tapping.
    Got this on original 12" red vinyl