Starlito - Luca Brasi Speaks Lyrics

Betrayed in the way, mental state in a rage.
Prayin every day sayin grace over plates.
Heart full of hatred, forever in pain conveying the tear drops on my face.
Focus on the past, hard to let it go.
All been there before.
If I call to let it show, y'all would never know.
Don't talk to everyone at once who listen,
Deep down don't feel it,
Givin fake advice while concealing they intentions.
Talk to you after they pretend that they with you.
Turn right around and then tell the whole city.
Behind the back shit, in a timely fashion.
Then look down like drama when they line the blast.
Dreams of me being dead on my mama's mattress.
Even there ain't safe when my mind was there, with my mind collapsing.
Hustle real hard to provide, go to jail, am I grinding backwards.
Preacher at church steady tellin people they should have faith.
Does logic matter.
Crack use is my congregation,
In the trap trapping, maybe I'm the pastor.
Design a fabric, pirex jar with the butter knife turn it white, Michael Jackson.
Pipe day after my life's disaster,
Broke niggas all around and my rifle braggin.
I'm the type to handle, lead examples,
Press the hammer get your legs dismantled in the streets.
Tryin to freeze my cheese it'll be you and me.
This a harder gamble.
I'm a squeeze at your feet, hit you dead in the knees.
Then stand up, in your chest, blowin out your candle.
Brought out the Phantom, pour a drink inside it.
No thinkin bout it, peep game to run it.
Hostile environment, I'm residing.

Miley Cyrus, chick in college tryin it.
Biters bitin it, spendin this money while I'm down motorin like why to try.
Fuck ups rival it, then that rifle spit.
Why don't said your whip, why don't say it.
Aim for the face, shorty I'm whipped.
Got ass like a horse told her aim for the waist.
Pushin my grill, you's aim for the pace.
But when I sip somethin I fuck with the taste.
Got cuffed in the case but they called it a tank.
Special response, pullin up in a tank.
Best friend told homie ain't betrayin but I'm sayin.
Solid brain, solid, I'm a make it, I'm a make it.
Keep tellin myself it's the reason I'll make it.
Only nuts wanna favor when you make it.
I was in the paper, not for makin no paper.
Mighty tied up, someone left butt naked.
I was interrogated, never gave no statement.
Know a few fakes who can't say what I stated.
I don't gang bang but my gun go bang bang bang.
Phone goin rang rang rang.
Tell em bitch, fuck em, I ain't got no change.
Feel on your ass, all you do is complain.
That's about bane and tell em under go strange.
Back up like shoes that ain't got no strings.
Niggas jumpin all around but to me it looks strange.
When I'm on stage it's because I got paid.
Me bein real on the strength of bein real.
Sometime I feel I can do without fame.

It's the life of a general.

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  1. Camera Name

    #FREEKOOL #FREEOZ #2020 4's up #SOUTHSIDE #334 #BAMA

  2. Robert Braddock

    Kevin ate that bitch .!!!!

  3. Cee Munnie

    Bruh Gates talkin!!!!!!!

  4. Tyler Wayne

    I’ve got to be at least half of these views... where everybody at😴

  5. DaJour Bond

    Still banging for 2019

  6. KroD313

    Gates wack as fuck now. I miss this gates

  7. Cool_Hand_ Rich

    Miss this Gates

  8. Tayrohn Brown

    This beat is tough!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Yo Moma left these at my house

    Now he out the pin with this as #3

  10. Dion Bradley

    Gates went crazy on this track

  11. Mike Mills

    Talk til u empty, they pretending that they with u,turn right around and go tell the whole city...2real

  12. Josh Lean

    Most Of The Time I Feel I Can Do Without Anybody. & I Can, I Do Without A Soul Around Me & Homies Tellin On Me, Step Bymyself I Kill By Myself Can Fuck With The Game Dont Need Nobody Els Swear Nobody Understand The Way My Feeings Be Felt Man Some Times I Just Wish I Didnt Have To Be By Myself Sometimes I Just Feel Like Why My Realness Couldn’t Be Kept But I Swear I Can Do Bad By Myself BubMy Life Is Hard Enough I Dont Need Me No Reff.

  13. jeff the killer

    That Micheal Jackson line was str8 🔥

  14. Frankie Bandas

    Damn he's got pure gold when he raps

  15. Tim Smith

    Good motivation

  16. Caleb CrossCountry

    Listened to this mix tape forward n backwards and Today on this day my 1st time just giving this track my ALL... Shout out Gates #Fr33 GATES😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  17. Darealmilo 318

    Brasi Speaks

  18. Eugene Armstrong

    Niggas hold they nutz but want a favor when you make it...

  19. Mike Jones


  20. Joseph One Star

    Kevin Gates Explains Himself

  21. Ag Bossy

    fuck nigguh

  22. Gilbert One Star

    Dis $ong Haz A Good Instrumental

  23. Osiah Shakur

    Sometimes I feel I can do without fame3x

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  25. Justin Bowden

    do without fame

  26. MrBlackblack23

    Probably his best verse in my opinion

    Joshua Gandy

    MrBlackblack23 Facts

  27. Zelly Zell

    Focus on the past hard to let go

  28. DaSean Dorsey

    Gates you is king bra

  29. Josh Batiste

    aim fa da face shawty I'm wit got ass like a horse so I aim fa da waist brushin ma grill use aim fa da paste but wen I sip syrup it kinda fuk wit da taste

    Bryan Dickey

    Josh Batiste #bars

    Mae Williams

    Told her aim for the waist

  30. Ron Bryant

    Best album 2013 bottom line

  31. DeMark J

    This man a lyrical genius! #Bwa

    DeMark J

    +YoungGlockSmoke u look like 2 dumbasses im sure.

    DaSean Dorsey

    Man gates go dumb. I jus found this song on an accident. Fuck da haters bra. Gates is da shit point blank. If yu never noticed gates got haters

    Julian Compean

    told the bitch fuck her I ain't got no change

    Brayden Harris

    yea Pastor Gates preach !!!!

    R3DD M. Lynn

    Intelligent, yes. Very!!