Starlito - Fearless Love Lyrics

[Talking - Starlito:]
Ya ya right here you ready

[Verse 1 - Starlito:]
They say fear and love can't coexist
So I poured some syrup in my Sunkist
Woke up early this morning gave my blunt a kiss
Never got off that get money shit
Riding with me my myself and I cause nan one of us ain't gonna snitch
On the city bus with my pack
Cause the police so mother fucking hot
Ask Trip and Zilla had a zip of killa and bout 10 guns at my spot (chop chop)
Turn a studio into a dope house
Might be driving your ho car
That's my lolo bro, ain't trying to get pulled over
I ain't never sober, plus I'm riding dirty something
Just trying to see my 30 somethings
Damn judge keep giving out jersey numbers
I told my bitch I wasn't shit, and I wouldn't change, Guess she didn't believe me
Cause she didn't leave me, but what if she gets even (aaaaahh)
Got mixed emotions, for a few different reasons
Cause these niggas hoes, and these bitches greedy
But I'm solo tough, and I'm solo nice
They talking pies and ain't sold a slice
I'm so low key, won't sell my soul
Nor sell a gun, will pull up solo and take your life (that right)
You know it hurt when you just cry by yourself (by your self)
Trying to dry my eyes and drive but that won't help
I guess I broke my own heart
Breaking down, out here lost, I even tried pushing the on star (aah)
Turned in to a Grinch from dealing with these henchman
Got way to much experience concealing my intentions
This bullshit work won't rock up
On top of that, the nigga I got it from got locked up
What's the odds of that
I know this lazy ass bitch won't cook shit
Sound crazy but I'm tired of waking up eating left over Ruth Chris For breakfast stressing
Running out of place to hide the money
Police got me scared to even ride with money
Saturday night I've been high since Sunday
Keep having nightmares I die for nothing
You don't hear them sirens coming?
I'm tripping that's the tv
Even when me and Trip get on the TV (step brothers)
These niggas can't see me
No tint no nothing when I'm out in public
Pistol no smile no doubt I'm thuggin'
Grinding up on 100 thousand and fuck it
I'm moving out of town without no luggage
Unsolved homicides unresolved grudges
I love my hood by these streets ain't nothing
Take nothing for granted and keep a nigga humble
Take nothing for granted and keep a nigga humble
They hear it my voice they can feel a nigga hunger
My stomach use to rumble I ain't getting any younger
Got a million on my mind I can feel man it's coming
9 milli by my stomach I'm just keeping it 100 (LITO)

[Verse 2 - Hambino:]
First game on who? Not me
None of them threats gone ever stop me
Bitch got smashed when that nigga shot me
Be damned if a nigga box me
Got jammed so I gotta ride solo
Can't trust nan mother fucker no mo
Niggas in it for the fame
Getting pussy off the strength of the c10 logo
Took a loss first with the money
Then my homeboys start acting funny
My bitch draped in Louis then she tell me I can't support no woman (damn)
It was all good just a week ago
When a half a mill was off in my stash
And I took them everywhere we can go
Even though, niggas turn they head
They ain't hurt me just burned a bridge
They can't cross me, they lost me
Fuck em I got my kids
Fuck em I do my biz
I don't need a mother fucker sending me shit
Good for nothing, around here getting credit from off my dick
I don't need no friends, don't need no bitch
Gotta nigga in stuntman that's bout it
Got a few a couple 100 thou and a few hawks hid
Predicted this rain, yes I did
Ya'll hoes round here playing like kids
Forgot about why they call me homage
All your hate spilling on my garments
Fearless love is honest
And I'm bout to catch me a homi
My younging told me to wait up
Your a don out here Bino
Please let me do you that favor
So I sent him out on that mission
With a 50 cal extended
I told you once I'm loved
And I shall have my vengence
I'm laid back cause I'm winning
This all a part of my plan
I speak my life into existence
Leaving foot prints in that sand
Got the world inside my hands
Just made a pact with Starlito
Though it might cost us our life
Our job is too free our people
We spread our wings like eagles
Predicating all evils
Be humble we don't do egos
Build pyramids where we go
Lost ends justify means fuck what's illegal
It's clutch time ya, and I'm gonna hit both free throws, Swish

Starlito, Hambino, Pressure don't bust pipes, nigga pressure make diamonds

This that real gangsta shit, I don't know what you other niggas on

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