Starlito - Dumb High Lyrics

I don't expect you to understand me cause they day I do will be the day I'm gone,
And you won't play this song.

Ridin round gettin dumb high, count money the whole time.
Thinkin bout how time flies.
Seem like yesterday was the lunch line.
Last night was a homicide.
Trippin off how time flies.

Greedy niggas don't last, the hungry niggas don't win.
I'm somewhere stuck in between some, roll somethin to spin.
Twist me a blunt and jump in.
I'm slump in this fuckin Benz.
Youngin just tryin to run it up, thuggin for all my ends.
In and out of the sprite, I probably need a new winds.
Just bought me another glock, girl I don't need new friends.
Mix marlen with Ciroc, teach me how I need to stop.
It keep my stomach in knots, boys got me dreamin a lot.
Call once I got some blunt, maybe this game hold will stop.

Move onto bigger plays, never stopped gettin paid.
Now I get it like a hundred some different ways.
Where you at, what you got? Man I'm on my way.
Where you at, what you got? Man I'm on my way.
Where you at, what you got? Man I'm on my way.

I've just been ridin round gettin dumb high,
Count money the whole time.
Trippin off how time flies.

Jumped in the coupe, closed my eyes and opened em up.
Rolled a blunt, poured a cup, then I look up in the rearview.
Fired up the weed, then cop the strap, hundred forty in my lap.
In my head like, "What have I got myself into?"
Fuck your pain, keep it to yourself, nigga.
You don't know what I been through.
One trap man all I think about is money.
I got dope boy issues.

Out here sellin weed, my nephew want the new J list.
You home, what nigga, I let you hold this fuckin cane.
Nobody never gave a shit my nigga, I put that on my long chair.
No other choice but to trap it out day and night.
Call your shit, grow my past.
Soon as I get my money right,
Nigga play with palmer,
I'm a try to kill his ass twice.
Real story, no lie, cross my heart, hope to die.
I've been out here chasin money,
Have for my whole fuckin life.
Can't get your bitch snappin a finger cause she know I grind hard.
Smoke one with a blow one and then hit her from behind.

I've just been ridin round gettin dumb high,
Count money the whole time.
Trippin off how time flies.

A lot of shit on my mind so I've been without a mind.
I don't give her no time, no, I've just been on my grind.
I'm just out here livin my rounds.
I'm just out here stuck in this game.
I keep sayin I'm a change...

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Starlito Dumb High Comments
  1. Aaron Gaytan

    What beat is this from?

  2. John Williams

    2020 timeless

  3. Kev Elikem

    Real recognize real fr, slapping from ukraine 2020

  4. Antony Ghislandi


  5. Smoove Homie

    Mix my lean wit ciroc
    Peach me how i need to stop!

  6. Smoove Homie

    ion expect you to understand me, cause the day y’all do. Will be the day i was gone and you’ll play this song!

  7. Smoove Homie

    i want a “Cold Turkey 2” 🥶 🦃🦃

  8. Smoove Homie

    Summer of 2013!

    Trippin off how time fly‼️
    🔥🌲💨 ✈️😌😎😴

  9. Tavia Westbrook

    He not gone sell his soul so he will always be underated LITO OVER DOLF


    WHO DUMB HIGH ARE NOW!!!!🙋🏾‍♂️

  11. Jayla Lawrence

    Still bumpin this in 2019

  12. Antonio Saia

    2019 chills?

  13. yaboyant 210

    Anyone in here 2019

  14. Montez Young

    Still dumb high 🔥💨

  15. Keyonce

    Gangsta Conscious Musik!

  16. Tanika 1983

    Hey y'all Cashville TN

  17. Toi Shelton

    People really sleeping on him 💯🔥

  18. Joe Milanov

    trippin off how time flies

  19. fl333 gfx

    this song will be one of my favorites until i die, starlito so underrated smh he need more recognition

  20. Josh Batiste

    I don't expect u to understand me cuz the day y'all do will be the day I'll be gone and u will play this song

  21. Hyun Hwang


  22. Aries Corleone

    Lito gets me through hard tymez I swear.

  23. Ad Hd810

    Im high right now 2017...time does fly

  24. Lil Money Mr. November

    Still dumb high going in 2018 who else..#Still

    Lil Money Mr. November

    Came back again 2wice this year! #DumbHigh

    Josh Batiste

    Dumb high 4/20-2019 7:40 PM

  25. assassin-killer

    lito need wayy more kredit

  26. Cee Sole

    Never heard a artist that can speak how I feel like lito. If I had the gift of expression like Lito, we'd probably be the same person. Takes the thoughts right outta my brain n spit em so perfectly

    Jaylil Phelps

    Carlton Sole i swear yo i feel da sameway #GrindHard!

  27. Marc Regal

    Lito wtf, man how you take Spitta beat???!! Lol

    Amy Ramirez

    Marc Regal no one can touch this beat after curren$y blessed it, this “dumb high” weeeeaakkkk asfff honestly

  28. Justin Mcarthur

    Go get the money it's dolph!! its dolph!!! lol

  29. Quise h

    still getting dumb high in 2016🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Malcolm Brown

    Quise h 2017 now

    Supa Vilin

    Quise h 17

  30. T Lee

    Thinking bout how Time Fly💸

  31. Tauheed Williams

    real shit

  32. Shon Berry

    World get on this lito shit real talk

    Janea West

    2 real 4 da world smh

    KushSmokin SauceWalkin

    Janea West u right