Starlito - Cold Turkey (Intro) Lyrics

I can work with that
Smokin' on that killer shit
Fruity pebble, purple pack
You know we on some killer shit
My homie just beat a murder rap
You don't know who you dealin' with
Don't pay me, you gettin' murked for that
Two straps, like Urkel, shoot ya
Then say, damn, did I do that?
Difference between me & you, rich homie
Boy, the shit you talkin' bout, I do that

Too real for this rap shit..
Too real for this rap shit..

I figured it out
I'm a high risk & a flight risk
They fear you when you're living it out
Been a long time since an artist was really about
What they spit out they mouth
Yeah, niggas say they gettin' money
But it look like they sleep on the couch
Get you a house, gettin' new paper
Might just get me a route
Came a long way from making the newspaper
'Bout some shoot-outs

Everytime I go out
You know I bring that tool out
Need to quit bullshittin'
Cold Turkey, nigga, cool out
Need to quit bullshittin'
Cold Turkey, nigga, cool out
I said, you need to quit bullshittin'
Cold Turkey, cool out

Keep doing that shit you doing
And see what that gets you
Keep doing that shit you doing
And see where that gets you
Keep doing that shit you doing
And see where that gets you
Too many pictures on too many shirts
Now I get the picture

Can't nobody tell you shit, you know it all
But when you go and get fucked off, who you gon' call?
I recall, callin' my folks collect
Mama cryin', you know the rest
Never heard her so upset
I made mistakes, so you wouldn't have to make 'em
This advice comes with experience
You ain't got to take it
Call your granny, check on her
See how her day went
When I lose mine, I'mma lose my mind
Where would I be without that lady?
Streets crazy, I drive these hoes lazy
Knowing good and well I ain't got time for five ol' ladies
I come from nothing, my nigga
I'm just trying to motivate ya
You can't take nothing for granted
I'm grinding, no vacation

Ain't tryna fuck up my focus
So I been sober lately
Everytime I pull out my garage
I been gettin' pulled over lately
Investigations and accusations from open cases
Detectives nosey & racist, they get my poker face
(Fuck 'em)
Smoking 'til I'm sedated to hide my frustation
Shawty studying to be a nurse
I wonder if I'll ever have patience
Can't get comfortable with this cake
No, I'm never complacent
I'm grateful that the lord give it
But I know he can take it

Keep doing that shit you doing
And see where it gets you
Keep doing that shit you doing
And see where it gets you
Keep doing that shit you doing
And see where it gets you
Too many pictures on too many shirts
Now I get the picture..


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Starlito Cold Turkey (Intro) Comments
  1. Matthew Roberts

    #2020 #GRINDHARD

  2. trisdog74

    Banging this on Thanksgiving

  3. DJ Derrty Productions

    The vibe of this song is outta here! Onnanother level! 🌟Lito

  4. Todd Wilson

    Quit playing with my boy ... the greatest rapper alive dead or alive.. ain’t nobody fucking with this man.. this mans is your favorite rappers ghost rapper... man should be the highest paid rapper like lebron the top paid in the NBA.. Yal jest sleep on bru..

  5. Todd Wilson

    Still fye in 2019

  6. Cameron Moon

    Slapping this forever

  7. Big ChicoBean

    Still 💪🏿👌🏿2019

  8. Nathan Richmond

    Keep doing wat you doing and see where it gets u to many pictures on a t-shirt now I get the picture 🤔

  9. Mindyabwax Fuckeverybody

    My favorite album 🔥

  10. WormG Jr

    2019 lito da goat real tawk

  11. mel veto

    Lito do ya thang

  12. Roseland Rosebud

    Still bopping in 2019

  13. Football Siblings

    most slept on rapper

  14. Agee Lawton

    Wichita KS 👽 keep doing that shi u doing see were it gets u


    How many years later I'm still bumpin this, that's how you know it's a classic. Thx #Lito

  16. donavan jackson

    🗣Talk dat shit Lito

  17. evan layman

    Tooo real for dis rap shit ..

  18. Brooke Royston

    I relate to him so much every time I hear one of his songs. He is so deep and can relate to so many with depression/anxiety. I love his lyrics so much.

  19. c h u c k t a y

    One of stars hardest tracks

  20. Smell Good

    Is this beat sampling young jeezy "the real is back" i just listened to it and remembered this song

  21. Montae Smith

    his top 3 album for sure man. favorite since '06 word

  22. Yo Moma left these at my house

    Its the yr 3026 Stilling riding...

  23. David Ross

    This intro better then meeks

  24. Michael Brown

    Quit bullshitting

  25. IsMoKeDgRaPeS

    Call your granny, check on her, see how her day went. When I lose my mine, ima lose my mind, where would I be without tht lady!!!!!

    Eric Cooper

    IsMoKeDgRaPeS I was finna post it 😂 Smoke til I’m sedated to hide my frustration

    Donovan Holman-Miller

    I felt dat 💯

  26. Terrance Ward

    Shout out if you slapping this in 2018

    Marty Jamar

    2019 still bumping

  27. Zechariah Ben Israel

    I recall callin my folks collect

  28. Johnny Bell

    Hard ass track!!

  29. Mikey Wall

    Ain't tryna fuck up my focus so I been sober lately

  30. Jordan Dean

    Crazy how real reconize real 💯💪

  31. daryn patton

    2018 bihh!!!

  32. Slick Odom

    I hear u ultimate warrior

  33. Demetrius Jones

    2080 still listening



  34. Aaron Olsen

    Too real.

  35. Jeremiah hope

    I hope everything works out for him with this bullshit that happening to him

  36. Josh Batiste

    Smoke until I'm sedated too hide my frustration.............

  37. James Turner

    This too hard still till this day lito music timeless

    Jordo Dazz

    James Turner Lito the choosen one!! a prophet!!

  38. Sheisty

    Lito and nas..... On it late.... binging on "better shit"... Yea lito wit nas and/or kanye....extra stupid music

  39. Sheisty

    Next level... Elite hip hop..

  40. Carl Guyton

    Blew my sub to this shit. Dann

  41. DiAngelo Lewis

    When my granny where would I be without that lady

    Robert Branson

    DiAngelo Lewis call ya Granny check on her see how her day went when I lose mine I'ma lose my mind do know where I'll be without that lady😘

  42. Trae Austin

    One of my favorite track

  43. mudd ceo

    my fav rapper mud atl


    The most underrated rapper I fucks with this nigga

  45. christian rash

    thoughts on hot chicken?

    Bernard Harris

    Dope Track💪

  46. Osiah Shakur

    Lito is the best at this shit #GrindHard

  47. byrdman jamz

    the best alive

  48. Ryan Smith

    my favorite rappers in the game. Star and Trip gets no better.

  49. Ron Bryant

    they feel u when u living it OUT

  50. Mac Sauce

    my nigga lito so underrated, you gotta throw him in the top 10 goats

  51. Duvolus Edwards Jr.

    38 of y'all some bitches 😵

  52. Wakiesha Miles

    dude still hard b4 he leave the game he need fuck da industry

  53. Julius Byes

    So fuckin hard!!!

  54. xoxo gossip girl here jovel


  55. Maria Martinez

    this some 🔥🔥🔥🔥listening from houston tx 🤘🤘🤘


    Hope you hit the show!

  56. Joshawa Arnold

    Still get chills every time. It's unreal how many times lito has has gotten me out of the darkness of life.

    Keep Promises

    Joshawa Arnold right there with you on tht. this song getting me through one right now. my fav artist ever for tht exact reason.

    Jordan marshall

    Speak the truth.. He defintely has

  57. Markel Berry

    don't pay me you get merk for that

  58. Ashley Farmer

    i can worc wit that

  59. Stefan Buchanan


  60. Doc Marshall

    To real for this rap shit
    yo favorite rapper really ah actress

  61. Josh Batiste

    keep doin dat shit u doin and see where dat gets u 2 many pictures on 2 many shirts now I get da picture

  62. Byron Wiley

    too real for dis rap shit

  63. Sir CrisCo

    Too Real

  64. Michael Martin

    he speakin real shit

  65. Eric Maxie

    this shit go hard

  66. Terrance Ginyard