Starlito - Aberration Lyrics

[eminem sample]
What's the difference me and you?
So what's the difference between us?
We can start at the penis
Or we can just scream I just don't give a fuck
And see who means it

Too much to life
I'm just tryna make a difference
Workin with a quarter brick tryna make a difference
I feel you


I was up all night countin' 5s and 10s, grind hard
I really mean it like the diplomats
In fact I'll say that one mo gain
I was up all night countin' 5s and 10s
With a bleach blonde gettin' faded
Pullin' up in he projects shoot 20 bend 80
If I front it better pay me
Never front it if I pulled it then I pop it
[?] tryna keep my name out them papers
Every time I get ready to drop a tape, it feel like the first time
And I remember it like it was yesterday
He skipped better than shine

Everybody else was goin' to sleep, I stayed up til bout 9
That was 03, still in that same shit I made up my mind
I quit school, told my family pray for me I'm on my grind
10 years later, same thing just pray for me I'm on my grind
Early this mornin' cried tears of joy
I feel its reasonable to be emotional
I'm happy to be alive, never been shot
But I came close tho
Young nigga shit from he don know, but I got an old soul
Young nigga shit form he don know
Hold up

Came the long way from takin' the long way home
Ridin' circles round my home, now I get surveillance on my phone
I'm Al Capone you Al Pacino you just play yo role
Real niggas vouch for me cause I'm bout my c notes now ya know
Just counted 1000 and smilin' as I count 1000 mo
Tryna get a thousand thousands out this dope house fo I go

Rule number 1 get money and if we got to well take some
Just take nothin' for granted, cause they comin'
When you least expect it better keep ya weapon
Keep on grindin'
Keep on grindin'
That's what I keep on tellin' myself
I mean why are my people stressin'
Up or down
Right or wrong
The same people present

I got some west coast homies that don't fool with that mailbox
Be at a loss for words, I don't have nothin' to tell cops
My bitch think she Rihanna when I drop her off at the nail shop
Got half the guns on black ops
Quick to shoot cause I'm shell shocked
Used to hang on the L block
So we like why the hell not
The streets so fucked up a nigga get outta jail hot
Dope in a jelly jar, yeah gotta baby food
Drank out a baby bottle, nigga play me I make the news

Who? Lito lito lito lito lito

Me and you
Difference between me and you
Is I really ain't thinkin' bout you

Yeah, and to tell you the truth
I can't wait for me to drop something new


Attention, tithes, and taxes

Cold turkey July 4th
Step brothers 2 right after that

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