Staples, Vince - Hostile Lyrics

When shit get's hostile, Hoes get blasted
Bodies in the morgue getting shelved like Pac Div
Tell my girl I'm running late
Stuck in drug traffic by the ten
Two ten's in the Wagoneer
Nigga picture me rolling
All my bitches is stolen
So I mean it when I say that hoes hot as a stove top
Chrome Glock and the gold, D-Block Chain
That I won from J Hood in a pick-up game
Feeling like I'm Reggie Lewis
Shit I'll probably die a shooter vic
Run my mouth a lot
Run up in a niggas house to shop
Treating bitches like it's Camelot
Feed them out the trough
Asher Roth, Disappearing white's
Slanging half the price
Never that
You see my nigga's way ahead of that
Zordon, Big headed
Strong arm
Bench Press them
Been through hell and back, So my heart's been tested
Ain't willing to die, Your heart's in question

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Staples, Vince Hostile Comments
  1. Anthony Solano

    I want more songs like this, they make me wanna do a drive by

  2. Anthony Solano

    what are more songs like this?

  3. Caiza Jackson

    This got that Old school LA flow to it.

  4. Arthur Morgan x

    rip what could’ve been the greatest gangster rapper of recent times

  5. LA-SaintJust


  6. B Ludlow

    Best beat ever!

  7. Snoopy Blu1

    that old west coast shit Vince nice

  8. isaiah Wills

    shit hard as fuck

  9. PizzaUchiha

    this and 1AM by YG shits too dope

  10. Brandon Jackson

    please tell me this instrumental is available..

  11. George Cattanach

    eastside bounty hunters pirus


    George Cattanach bounty Hunters ain't Piru u a dubb

    trash 6anditz

    fake asz hook

  12. Alex Campbell

    That piano sounded ohhhhh soooo dammn sweet

  13. m00n Child

    Earl sent me

    Arold Sanon

    Same lmao

    juan gonzalez

    Twitter @earlxsweat lol

    m00n Child

    +CreeperBreeder713 SHIT'S STILL FIRE YO

    m00n Child


  14. zachoey79

    Gold D-Block chain that I won from J-Hood in a pick-up game. OMG!! Vince is the shit.

  15. TheCurtisDesigns

    it shouldn't. This is dope, slater is okaaayy

  16. Albin Landberg

    i see u everywhere on youtube

  17. John Cena

    frankenstein . the most underrated mc and producer in the history of the game

  18. tdollatdolla

    i do bad things when i play this shit

  19. Ryan Lee

    xordon big headed strong arm bench pressing

  20. diamondvibes

    one under-rated nigga