Staples, Mavis - Love And Trust Lyrics

The simplest things can be the hardest to do
Can't find what you're looking for even when it's looking for you
The judge and the criminal, the sinner and the priest
Got something in common, bring 'em all to their knees

Do what you can, do what you must
Everybody's crying to find some love and trust
I walk the line, I walk it for us
See me out here tryin' to find some love and trust

(Love and trust)
(Love and trust)

Lust ain't an offender but stealing from a thief
Storm after storm leave you shaking like a leaf
They say broken hearts make the world go around
Trading headaches for heartaches, wanna get you down

Give it some time, don't try to rush
When you're trying to find yourself some love and trust
Do what you can, might not be enough
When you're trying to find yourself some love and trust

Like a horse in a race who don't wanna run
Like an executioner who won't fire his gun
Like a boxer yo who won't take a swing
Just like a prince who don't wanna be king

Haven't we suffered, suffered enough
Now we're out here tryin' to find some love and trust
Do what you can, do what you must
Everybody's trying to find some love and trust
Everybody's trying to find some love and trust

(Love and trust)
Do what you must
Everybody, everybody wants love and trust
(Love and trust)
Do all you can, do what you must
Oh Lord, we want some love and trust
(Love and trust)

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Staples, Mavis Love And Trust Comments
  1. M SCH

    In 2020 Oust Trump. To much bitterness and divide...does not matter party affiliation. Just bring in a White Horse that can heal America with love and trust!!! Been going on to long everybody we need love and trust.

  2. Julie Strauss

    What is this venue?


    Alright now! Love and trust, go head jeff, sing Ms. Mavis!!

  4. Josh G

    Mavis is 80 today. I'm so thankful to be on earth the same time as her.

  5. e douglas pratt

    What a magical pairing. Love Mavis. Love Rick. Never would have thought of Mavis Staples, child of the Chitlin Circuit, and Jump Bluesman-deluxe, Rick Holmstrom together. But hearing this, what a nat'l thang. Does their synergy work for ya, friends? Cause Mavis is clearly lovin' it. Spread the word. Love's come to town!  -Doug Pratt, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  6. Guy Floyd Davies

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing this. Please check out my own music:

  7. beauville lena

    oh Mavis thank you

  8. Enzo Giargia

    Love from Italy ❤️🍇

  9. Ágnes Gyebnár

    Ismerem, hatalmas hangja van!

  10. Mark Ivan Gomez

    Like a QUEEN OF SOUL!

    Thelonious Coltrane

    What do you mean "Like"? A post-millennial comment.

  11. Stewart Stewart

    Cant wait to see her Live in May at the historic Ryman

  12. Doug Sunn

    Sweet Bliss !

  13. Tanika 1983

    I love you Thomas

  14. thejfvoice

    Backing Vocals – Donny Gerrard, Vicki Randle
    Backing Vocals, Guitar – Rick Holmstrom
    Bass, Backing Vocals – Jeff Turmes
    Drums – Stephen Hodges
    Vocals – Mavis Staples

    Recorded at Union Chapel, London UK on July 9-10, 2018.

  15. Ruzzell Crowe

    Lovely ! ! !

  16. arxsyn

    Mavis Staples, woman with a soulful voice that runs deep, real deep.

  17. Carolina R.

    WOW Mavis 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏾

  18. possumholler1

    Mavis is absolutely brilliant, a shining diamond among singers and the band she's compiled for this release is equal in gem quality. The lead guitarist sizzles to perfectly match Mavis' vocals and as a master of his craft, he doesn't step on her notes and lines as he deftly punctuates the song. I am impressed and in awe of sheer talent, grace, and the gift of ability one only can receive from God. She has not abused the gift He bestowed upon her and for that, we are all blessed with a wonderful concert.

  19. bradycath

    I was at this concert! She is so brilliant and had such an immediate rapport with the audience, really special night

    e douglas pratt

    Looks like the theatre where I saw Hair. What's the venue, Brady?
    Slainte, Doubghlas, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (former Mancunian)

  20. Joseph Godfrey

    GOD is not sleeping was my intoduction to Mavis Staples.....LOVE and TRUST is awesome... O:-)

  21. bldfit46

    This woman is awesome

  22. Rachel T

    Thank you for helping spread love and trust 👏🌈☀ finally

  23. 12crows1

    She is absolutely spectacular! Like the finest of wines! She just keeps getting better and better with every passing moment!!! 💖

  24. Constance Williams

    Really good song. There's truth in her words.

  25. BowKay Productions

    I love you Mavis Staples!

  26. eric jones

    She's a legend, still making beautiful music after all these years.

  27. Realspear

    Rick Holmstrom - Gtr
    Jeff Turmes - Bass
    Stephen Hodges - Drums
    Vickey Randle - Bkup vocals
    Donny Gerrard - Bkup vocals

  28. sergio falcone