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[Alexandra Stan:]
Thereʼs no more time no no
No more wasted nights
No more wasted Iʼm
Bye bye
Baby all this time
Always all the lies
Were you always mine
Say the truth


You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make me eh eh eh eh eh eh

[Kent Archie:]
I know I gotta leave
But I wanna stay
If it was up to me
Iʼd lay in bed all day
One more minute
Because Iʼm late anyway
But trust when I finish
Imma be here right away
With no hold ups Just hold ya
Caressing and kiss shoulder
Then bend over
Iʼm your soldier
And Iʼm standing on the frontline
While we both lay in bed
As we just kill time

Since you left
Donʼt feel right
Need your body over me
Wanna hear the air you breath
Since you left
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make meh
You make me eh eh eh eh eh eh

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Stan, Alexandra India Comments
  1. Pawel Bzm

    Why every single "a" is wrote like "2" in lyrics in description?
    Song is amazing my favourite one from all albums of my favourite artist ❤️

  2. Adriana Simionescu

    Kent Archie si Alexandra Stan? Nu o vedeam pe asta venind, stiind ca, acum multi ani, Kent canta cu Bridge Committee si cu Jazz8.. si cu Sick Sound.... just wow! misto, imi place mult!

  3. 21 X

    The music is based on indian m industry.?

  4. Igor Artemov

    Шикарно! :-)

  5. stardust laddi

    like you💕💓💓💓💓🎵

  6. Angela Angela

    superba melodie

  7. そうまあきら

    it was long till she is 30.

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  9. Anatolj Frans

    I'm listening to Alexandra with pleasure !! ))) Super !!!))

  10. mefistofeles0307

    Ayer fue tu cumpleaños amor (10/06/2019), y no dejo de escuchar este disco, eres sensacional !!

  11. Fun Toons

    Love from india

  12. Liliana Maria


  13. Pawel Bzm

    Mami is the best album ever, and this is the best song !!!

  14. jose maquera flores

    Me gusta 😄😘


    Romanian beauty alexandra Stan... I did it mama ,, saxobeat is all mine favourite of hers

  16. Drones and stuff

    20 seconds into the song, and I allready love it. Thumbs up Alexandra. Love your music and style. Keep it up🇳🇴👍❤️

  17. Darshan Suvarna

    Such an underrated song! One of the best in the Album with an orgasmic music! Highfive Indians.....

  18. Jadranka Iskric

    Kroatia, Norway

  19. Sergiu42


  20. Jorge Jauregui

    Donde esta el video oficial?????

  21. Prince Shuvo


  22. LM Neor


  23. El que nacio muerto


  24. Rodolfo Fernandes

    Brasil 💚

  25. Kaifi Azmi Official

    Why songs Name relate to India..?

  26. jordan’s Makeup

    Por qué aún no está en iTunes 💔😔

  27. jramon acevedo

    Me gusta mucho

  28. FROOT

    The best song! i need music video Alexandra! <3

  29. Vishal Rao

    This song is best and its feel me proud about my india

  30. Hemant Garg

    Love from india..🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Yuriy Uryasov

    Hemant Garg 1000%^^^

  31. George Evans

    Wooow 🙌❤️😍

  32. Ganesh Shingam

    India 💙

  33. FOXY 0363

    Very nice Video and Performance sehr schön anzusehen from FRANKFURT Germany 👍😎🇩🇪🔥

  34. dimah khan

    because of its name..... thumbs down.

  35. Elena Popescu


  36. Mihail Mihail

    Transmite mult piesa asta.foarte frumoasa plina de emotiee

  37. Ashish Masih

    This song is perfect for an Indian wedding!

    Monica Argyo


  38. peter rosas

    Buena musica bravoooo♥♥♥♥♥

  39. Emmanuel Callasaya Garín

    Alexandra, we need this videoclip ASAP ♥

  40. KAiSKAjO

    *His songs are lyrical. Listen to "When I'm Gone", "Lose Yourself", "Stan" and "Beautiful"*

  41. Abhishek Rana

    Love from India💗💓💖

  42. dovetronic


    Muhammad Imran

    dovetronic 😘😘😘

    Muhammad Imran

    dovetronic Nice...

  43. Barna Fulesdi

    Great tune, Alexandra...

  44. Carmen Petru

    ****This song is giving me all the right summer feels*****

  45. rujigosaii mak


  46. vishnu M

    Why this song's name is India ?

  47. Gauri Shukla

    Found my new jam 💛

    Yuriy Uryasov

    Gauri Shukla o🧷

  48. eee eee

    love this
    from #Thailand

  49. Matheo sandoval

    Esta canción me llena de energía y es mágica transmite alegría

  50. Sreekanth Naik

    Could you make a video of this song.., cause it's good to watch over this audio..

  51. The Girl


  52. Purple Star

    Le quedo linda la canción 😘🌸

  53. József Joey Erdősi

    I Love this song! ❤️ ❤️

  54. Ady Adrian

    Je suis tombé amoureux de cette chanson 😍 tu es formidable AlexandraSTAN 💙


    Ady Adrian, ELODIA ti-a dat like la comentariu

  55. Atul Mishra

    OMG its my country INDIA !!!

  56. claudio ezequiel piña silva

    My God, what a beautiful song!

  57. Felicia Castle

    I like her songs


    Nice song, Alexandra. #XOXO

  59. AdiI Adil


  60. Sagar Dhakras

    My favorite song from the album.Loved it.

  61. Starboy X

    India tiene que ser Single🙏❤

  62. Moasunep Tzudir

    the best song from the album

  63. Piyal Darshana Guruge

    I love this song. you are the my favorite.

  64. J H E A N N S

    Brasil love indian , and Alexandra

    J H E A N N S

    Hay friend 😍😍😍😍. My Mame is Jheanns. You WhatsApp ?

    Varun Bajaj

    JHEANNS +917289092749

    J H E A N N S

    Varun Bajaj okk

    J H E A N N S

    My WhatsApp ( +55 81985781926 )

    J H E A N N S

    Varun Bajaj +55 81985781926

  65. criminal

    1:16 nice😍😘😘😘

  66. Atharva Sangore

    Love from India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 😇

  67. Falcón lúdico

    Hermosa vos y gran talento con una belleza que enamora :-)

  68. Falcón lúdico

    You are so beautiful girl and great singer. I love you from Argentina. Sorry for my English :-)

  69. Tuza Bona

    Here at 21114. This gives me the chills I need right now 😊

  70. chetn Aguldhare


  71. George Paraschiv

    I cant stop listen this song! #Romania!

  72. Cristian Olariu

    La multi ani draguta tot frumoasa ramai 🌹🌹🌹👍🏻

  73. KeyLo Albania


  74. Tung Phan


  75. Telefono Robado

    Sin duda podrá ser un buen single, y también Alex tiene que poner más promoción a su música.

  76. Rahul Gam

    Come to India and make a video on it too...

  77. anthony mua

    YASSSSSS 😍😍😍😍

  78. Jorge Jauregui

    Esta canción es la mejor del álbum sin duda

    Ed Lagunas

    Ou LA LA es la mejor.

    Ale & Alex Music

    La verdad India y Rablaton son super buenas

    Paola De León lozano

    Jorge Jauregui Por eso te amo

    jesus Rojas

    Whine it up es mejor😘

    Joseh Gamer

    ¿Quien te pregunto?

  79. Emmanuel Callasaya Garín

    So beautiful... thanks 4 making so nice music ♥

  80. Suspense NightCaller

    wow... I am Indian..

  81. /'ka:lo/

    This song's a real piece of art Alex!
    I have been loving you since Mr. Saxobeat, but this album is absolutely gorgeous <3

  82. jalal mansour

    Something very beautiful

  83. Nicolas Rocha

    WOW!! I love it!!

  84. Rajesh Jaiswal

    जन्मदिन की शुभकामनाएं अलेक्जेंड्रा स्टआनजी

  85. Rajesh Jaiswal

    Happy birthday Alexandra Stan

  86. Debbs c

    Happy Birthday Love !! ❤❤

  87. Sergiu Official


  88. Andres Chris

    La multi ani
    Súper felicitari #Mercisong

  89. Yazzi Software

    Best sonds ever made good luck alexandra Stan

  90. Maria maxence

    كلش عجبتني الموسيقى والكلمات 💕

  91. Alinando official


  92. divyankshi Z

    Lysm Alexandra, love from INDIA ❤️❤️💯