Stalley - Voila Lyrics

This some G shit
You know
I traveled the world a lot
And one of my favorite spots is Paris, you know what I'm saying?
In Paris you know
When they say what it is, they say voila

Silver SLS outside the opera house
Bape shark hoodie raging bull fires
BCG gold shining under lights
3 - 30 am out in Paris cause [?:] make my ring bling
When I shine and you shine it really ain't the same thing
This paper in my pocket ain't green
My life should be a painting
Hung inside the Louvre, at the Moulin Rouge
Hung up on the groove of this midwest repper
When you talk rap, ain't none better
When you talk fleet, ain't none fresher
The coup's inside leather
And you miss, you can't do no better
So hop your ass in this two seater
Fully loaded all new features
Its like a spaceship
Jaw dropper, let your face hit
Js stay lit, drive the world with niggas I came up with
Never walk with simps cause that shoe don't fit
Got knots and a judo grip
I'm getting money nigga (I'm getting money nigga)
Show it off in the bezel let them diamonds drip
For everyone who passed away, that I grew up with
Pitchforks in the air for my southeast click
Slick ruler tip jeweler new Frank Mueller the hands go tick (I'm getting money nigga)
Everything automatic from the cars to the hammer I grip
Born hustler if this rap don't work then this hand gon' flip
I told 'em don't worry plan A gon' stick
That's word to chico homie bank on it

[Method Man:]
I said I am what I am
And I do what I do
[Ghostface Killah:]
Task force shit global with my crew
[Method Man:]
I said I am what I am
And I do what I do
[Ghostface Killah:]
Pull all blacks ride Chevy with my crew
[Method Man:]
I said I am what I am
And I do what I do
[Ghostface Killah:] Three fingers spell the set with my crew
M: I said I am what I am
And I do what I do
[Ghostface Killah:]
Stack Mad bread, catch wreck with my crew
[Method Man:]
I'm getting money nigga

Life lavish [?] to escape the average
Still savage, pants saggin', hat backwards
Still bossing, flossing designer fabrics
Still lost in translation out in Paris
Militant Soulquarian, native tongues blaring
Jungle brother in air raids [?] edotion
The style is wisdom expressed through colors
BCG blue everything my neck is smothered in African gold
The Rolli make the time go slow
Fast money from the sixties I got rhymes to go
Run my stack up international
Then I'm back in the states, tips on my grand national
Thick smoke when my crew link, don't give a care about what you think
Don't talk losing in the circle of winners
SS logos on fenders
We came a long way from dirty niggas in the hallway
Eating fishstick dinners
We turn nothing into something
Man this shit just in us

Je t'aime
Je t'aime
Je t'aime
Je t'aime

I will share with
With a man working at McDonalds, washes dishes
Football players, basketball players, lawyers, doctors
I will not share with somebody who breaks the law
When you break the law you be inquisitive about anothers
So he wants a normal job but I don't give a fuck about no other man
See I just want to get with this woman
But a thug want to know shit about me
You don't know that you're telling this man shit
And this not right
If your man works at McDonalds, what's he doin'?
It ain't none of my business
Alright listen
I'm not gonna judge him, I'm not gonna badmouth him
I told him, I told her too
I said "If another man talks about another man
Dogs him out to get with a woman, don't ever get with that woman
Shit I can't understand
So that's like when you come through
Rich man'll worry about the broke ass nigga shit
Say bitch you gotta discredit me and he's the man
Well I shouldn't even exist
He should be on so strong and your bitch was like ain't even know you had a baby boo
Like let alone this nigga broke or this nigga lame
Or bitch, I'm not stuck on that nigga
Bitch I'm that nigga bitch get with me
I don't know nothing about this man
So if you hate on this man
To get with this woman
Yous a lame
How you doin' honey?
Where you at?
Sweating my ass off outside on the patio
You don't want to [?] out there
Are you here with me now
Are you with me?
N Glen'll getcha
Oh hey baby
He'll take care of you. I tried to tell him a few of the things

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Stalley Voila Comments
  1. Josh King

    This is so slept on

  2. Brandon Williams

    That sample from handsome boy modeling school is craaaaazy!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. DMV_ST

    Only TRUEEE OGs know Stalley in general, 2015 never went by so fast..

  4. I Don't Like That Shit

    Please listen to this with headphones to really experience the music production !!

  5. camroon thomaz


  6. Anchoy-voy Aarons

    Bruhhh fr lifers 🔥💯 u love cars 💯

  7. asto howell

    Been with stalley since Lincoln way nights

    Steve Solo

    asto howell 💯 Since Address He’s been killing it for the past 10

  8. Azam Shah

    Stalley is so slept on.. on another level

  9. DIVINESound

    Fucc 6ix9ine. Dis is hiphop

  10. Vincent FAURE

    Respect from Paris, voilà

  11. Jeff Dubb

    Stalley can never really do wrong on a instrumental

  12. I Don't Like That Shit

    The intro makes me feel like I'm about to watch a movie. Everything about this is fire!

  13. alex jimenez

    James harden brought me after that dunk on Draymond Green. Idk why I can see Harden right now

  14. Alan Lopez

    Play this in the Mercedes and my Harley

  15. Berner Kolon

    Hi from turkish stalley

  16. john thomas

    Been fucking with bruh since 2013. He dropped better word play each project. Hard to find real lyricsim in these days especially Sunday oldschool musicm

  17. stanis3k

    what tape is this from?


    The Laughing Introvert Ep

  18. Majin Gio

    Goddamn just found this one.

  19. john thomas

    Been fucking with bruh since lincoln nights.

  20. Mike Rodriguez

    Dope Ass Song.....ta perrona la rola

  21. Lukane Sims

    Midwest king in time real shit

  22. Manboobs491

    if stalley would have signed wit jetlife, this shot would be taking off. he way to good for MMG. Jetlife fits his style

  23. BlackkShadowSKM


  24. Terrell

    Stalleys beat selection is crazy

  25. Adriano Cunha

    curtindo aqui no BRASIL

  26. Phillip Boulware


  27. Leon Edwards

    Anyone know the sample this song uses?

  28. airess1

    lyrically Stalley, and Cy-Hi are the best in MMG, Ross is a close second and Meek is third but when Meek is on he is the hardest lyrically

    Leon Edwards

    CyHi is definitely not MMG he's G.O.O.D.


    okay my bad. I thought he was on there. he leads off my song rise on the Mmg compilation album. I thought he was in that group

    Leon Edwards

    Yeah that's the cut and he fits well with them honestly. MMG wouldn't be a bad move of he decided to make a change of scenery.

  29. Fliii High

    he should've signed with jetlife

  30. muten roshi

    how you on mmg and don't follow none of the niggas on mmg on instagram. but you follow drake tho bitch ass nigga

    B. Ford

    muten roshi yea drake is a bitch ass half nigga


    muten roshi he follows Ross, meek and wale tho

  31. DB5tothehive

    In Paris they say valah...hahahaha


    in Paris We say voilà!! 😉


    Exacccctly. Not correct Stalley. haha

  32. Tay ching

    samples from last tango in Paris soundtrack and chicken curry's last tango Paris..

    Tay ching

    ain't nothing new under the sun..

    Phylip Wuleetsch

    My man! Thanks!

  33. Parkour Parody

    Stalley is my friends uncle

  34. steven hambery

    FIRED 100 MMG

  35. luka toni

    anybody know the name of track playing at the end ?

  36. Djalal H

    Voilà # ^^

  37. aaron pownall

    Can't believe he didn't make the video in PARIS.

  38. superdanlam

    this is that hansome boyy modeling school beat ft. cat power...tight tho

  39. Jen Jen

    👌 Sooo...Dope

  40. John Bland

    59 thousand views no faith in people when this is one of the dopest songs ever conducted

  41. 213MADA

    Pray for Paris 🙏

  42. Rob The Moment | A Visual Co

    Would've been sooooooo much better if he went out to Paris. Would've tied it in better. Or started the vid off like he was tellin his boys about "that one time in Paris"... Nice record tho.

  43. Stan Ortiz

    talk that car shit

  44. Jupiter Johnson

    Damn this nxxxa cold. Pause.

  45. Abdulsamad Abdi

    1:01 where the prayer @

  46. Abdulsamad Abdi

    Noticed there ain't no shoes in a zoo, but but Sims are out and about

    # platforms # props

  47. Fenixx

    stalley is the truth...young folks need to turn off the radio and go get real mixtapes & certifief albums like that one

  48. keyana1820

    I just love the fact when I watch Stalley's videos they give me the feeling of pure hiphop. Not 30 features, auto tune, and nothing but big booty women in the videos. Love you for that Stalley.

  49. Leonard Ney

    He has kinda contradicted himself from the SBTV video. He's rapping about that consumer shit and ''flossin'' which he said he wasn't into. Either way. Awesome music.

  50. Dolo93

    I Would Have Let The Beat Dropped Towards The End Of The Song... Damn. I'm High.

  51. JonesGFM

    I want to thank Stalley for letting me dance in the video. New experience for me to bridge on the Brooklyn bridge

  52. JonesGFM

    I want to thank Stalley for letting me dance in the video. New experience for me to bridge on the Brooklyn bridge

  53. KingVideos

  54. Danone Cureton

    Beat is amazing! Definitely has a DJ Ski/Reasonable Doubt feel to it...

  55. StinkyCheese Man

    this definitely works. BCG and Mass Appeal records are the only places I'm sending demos in the future. Please continue to drop jewels Stalley. You flow like water kid.

  56. Nori Sandv

    Yooooo lmfao! This is beat to Omens' Foolish Pride. How are you going to use this beat but shit is whack tf! You did this no fucking justice!


    There's No Beat On Omens Tho... Omen Hard Tho, But I Fucks With Stalley Too. This Shit Dope. I Am What I Am & I Do What I Do

  57. VyruzBeatz

    Stalley Been Talented!!

  58. M.S the Goghst

    SmOOth Nice!

  59. Сергей Филиппов

    париж типичный.. особенно улыбнула телочка светленька.. ладно хоть не забыли про хозяев =)

  60. Weize

    If you like stalley check my channel owt same vibe

  61. Steve Solo


  62. Head Strapped

    Stalley never disappoints when he drops a new track - nothing but #Respect !

  63. K DOT

    Smooth cruising flow... Got to chill and smoke to this man!!

  64. Jermaine Robinson

    best joint on mixtape....him and spitta need to gohead and make a mixtape together 👍

    Godfather 4

    You ain't never lied

  65. Nerdbama Rich

    Joint is tough..Loving the sample used on this one..

  66. Francois Hirissou

    yeahhhh good job!

  67. Project Spartan

    Best song from the mixtape

  68. D. Di'Yari

    That Shit was Fire, Gained a new Fan!

  69. Yogi Bear

    also this is a sample From a track from OMENS " elephant eyes " album 👀😁

    Nerdbama Rich

    +Raffy T Good looking out on the info for the sample...Very very dope sample I must say...

    Jose Garcia

    lol I thought the same thing they both killed it

    Yogi Bear

    +Nerdbama Rich no problem bro

    Yogi Bear

    +Jose Garcia i wanna see Curren$y on this or joey bada$$


    Nerdbama Rich The real sample is "Last Tango in Paris" by Chicken Curry and his pop Percussion Orchestra.

  70. NSO Z6

    Voila propr 👌🏿

  71. King Cykelopz

    I definitely fuck wit stalley but this video definitely should have been in Paris

  72. east121vet


  73. La Kenye


  74. twayne80

    This Joint is Tight! #Smooth Something to ride around bumping!

  75. coeurtendre

    Beautiful music, Keep doing your Thang Stalley, that's doope !

  76. Julez Rulez

    Smooth as fuck. Lotz of dancing in the vid

  77. Julz H

    Stalley so ILL

  78. Mell Uhuru

    Sounds good. Hopefully this Vintage Stalley keep this sound going over that mmg garbage.

  79. Pegamax Le Baroudeur

    Petit son Oklm

  80. John Flemister

    Stalley got a new tape out? Can someone please let me know.


    +John Flemister

  81. scott n

    Best rapper on MMG


    +scott n did they drop him yet. he don't sell


    And that's fasho...

    muten roshi

    he's trash

    The Failure In Progress

    should of never signed with them...hes too good for mmg honestly


    muten roshi and you're a clown.punk!...😂

  82. qwertyqwerty

    nice video, good track! too bad its not on the album


    +ultratux2000 It's on his "Laughing Introvert" Ep that recently came out.


    +enahs81 good to know, thanks! too


    @ultratux2000 Ya welcome, no prob at all

  83. Mick Foley

    i see u workin...

  84. #1NATUREVERSE {ME_Rambo Inner GorillaYoda_365dayz}

    Damn good shit my people waking up in 2015 the truth

  85. Pablo Escobar └A زيتا

    gettin dem euros

  86. Pierre CONSTANT

    You're the king of this fuckin game. Love from France like you said " je t'aime " Come back in France soon. peace

  87. Jaz zo

    Very dope video

  88. supremekickz

    This is the one!

  89. Wan

    favorite one off the tape been waiting on a vid for this

  90. Yogi Bear

    Soul Beat + Dope Lyrics = Chill Vibes !
    Perfect 10 Stalley

  91. Armando Gonzalez

    ant nothen change but the address. still bossen

  92. DPooleThe1

    Fire 🔥 stalley stay killing

  93. Tremon Davis

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  94. Brooklyn Born Creative Agency

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