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I'll never forget, you know my first conversation with Ross
Um, the knowledge that he shared with me
It always stuck with me
One of the first conversations I had with him
You know he loved my uniqueness
He loved my originality
You know he always said I was an icon
Down to my Stalley logo, if you've ever seen a Stalley logo
You know he's like man you an icon, that loge should be everywhere
And he always used to say
Don't let anybody tell you what you can't do
And always do you, don't worry about what anybody else is saying
That always stuck with me
You know, just being early to the game
And new to the industry
And knowing that a lot of things will come that may affect you
He always was like kinda peel your ears back and do you
You know, don't be effected by what's going on
Just stay focused, tunnel vision
It sounds like simple advice
But when you're that, when you're deep into it, its hard
Because you do hear things
And sometimes you might take the blinders off and look to the right or left
And see some things or hear some things
That make you kind of want to go... off, derail a little bit
But you gotta stay focused

One of my most memorable studio moments
Was just uh being at Ross' house
You know uh, just going down to Miami
He got a studio in his house
And just building with him, vibing with him
Seeing how he works
Like Ross the type of person to wake up at six in the morning
Be in the studio
You know, might take a little nap
Or might not sleep at all
And just be in the studio all day
You know, just kind of soaking up that energy
And seeing how hard he worked, and how successful he was
That's always a memorable moment for me
I remember walking outside and just writing
You know some music for my mixtape Savage Journey
And kind of sitting in his driveway
And seeing 300, 200, 400 thousand dollar cars
You know what I mean just writing and being inspired
Like man, like this is where I'm trying to get to
You know, but knowing that
I'm out here writing these raps
And he's in the studio working like he ain't got none of this
Like you know what I'm saying
So that's probably my most memorable moment in the studio
Just being inspired by the hard work
You know I'm inspired by hard work, I'm inspired by drive
And I love to be around that type of energy

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