Stalley - Purpose & Flow Lyrics

I would just say
I would want people to care a little bit more about the culture
You know what I mean
I want people to take time and to really um
But thought into the music that they're making
And um, have a purpose behind it as well
You know I think that uh
I forget
There's a quote, I don't even want to misquote it
But it was something about like
All art, it has a purpose
Like its not art if it doesn't have a purpose
You know what I'm saying
Like we're not just doing something to not do it like when
Somebody who draws a picture
You want somebody to get some type of feeling or emotion from it
You know, same with music
So, that's what I really wanted to give back
That would be really the only thing I wanted to change

If it ain't fully equipped, then I don't roll in it
If it ain't high grade then I ain't rolling it
Get a whip clean and it got hoes in it
But you don't see 'em 'cause it be so tinted
Hardly breathe in the air, all the smoke in it
Truck beating niggas beats so engulfed in it
Green rugs like a nigga playing golf in it
Yeah, but the nine be the iron, for hatin' niggas eyein'
Too many close friends dying
From then envious watchers
Just a sign of the times
From these prettiest watches
How a grown man sleep is how a grown man watches
Sometimes I just post and let the city just watch us
We used to them shots, we ain't hearing them choppers
Sirens from coppers overhead
Helicopters, the chase lives on
We trying to make it right, they trying to give us wrong
We trying to tell 'em my life
Its bigger than songs
Its bigger than hats
Its bigger than beards
Its bigger than sneakers
Its bigger than gear
And its bigger than double cups and switching up gears
And I put that on my life they gon' hear me this year

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