Stalley - Playa Way Lyrics

Wood on my Cartiers
Wood grain when I stares
LeBron twelves on the wood
Watch the Cavaliers
They say, there's levels to this game
Well I'm at its highest tier
Eveything is rare
Down to the P's on my feet
Diamonds in my seats
Got diamonds on repeat
Got the baddest girl you've ever seen
Riding next to me
Dimes by the fleet
That's the playa's way
Hate the word fleek
That ain't the playas lang
Never knock another man's hustle
I let them playas play
Live my life on the edge
[?] my life the safe way
Money in my pockets, on the floor
Never kept a safe
Love my '87 Carlo
You can have that Wraith
Real niggas got your back
These sucka niggas had your tape
We just trying to stack that pay
They say they seen me riding on chrome
That was yesterday
Today I'm cooling out on Vogues
Just like them playas play
My niggas getting it by the bulk
Whatchu weigh today?

Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian
Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames
That's just the playa way
The playa way

Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian
Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames
That's just the playa way
The playa way

Expecting macking
I'm maxing letting my mild burn
Was off balance, tilted axis
But we live and learn
I'm back straight and relaxed
Just like pimping's [?]
What have I lost?
Charge it to the game
That's pimping terms
Don't want nothing I ain't worked for
Just what a playa earned
Naw I'm lying, I want it all plus the extras
From mansions to Rolexes
Supermodels on the texts
Strippers out in Texas on my facetime
.38 on my waistline, cause pigs love to hate crime
Playa haters out to take mine
I'm living for my niggas on that state line
The ones who kept me grinding
And told me never ever waste time
Your house they'll surround it you try and take me out mine
That's loyalty outline
Some behind bars sacrificing their lifetime
So everybody else shine
Its foolish and selfless at the same time
But they wouldn't have it no other way
When living the playas way

Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian
Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames
That's just the playa way
The playa way

Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian
Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames
That's just the playa way
The playa way

Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian
Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames
That's just the playa way
The playa way

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Stalley Playa Way Comments
  1. KH4444444444N

    Grown know...

  2. Marvin Blanc

    Wow been sleeping on Stalley since mmg days man dude has great music

  3. CLASS


  4. jason andrews

    Stalley is so Trill ..............Curren$y rapped on the same beat "Came Up" : The Owners Manual Jan. 2015

  5. Berner Kolon

    This song so important to me thnk stalley. Real negga

  6. Douglas Dorman

    Thank you Blue and Red Family I love you too, peace and love, Doug:)<3.

  7. Berner Kolon

    Why this song 100 k

  8. Al Capone

    still here in 2018 🔥

  9. Sonny Bravo

    One of his best cuts, and 1 of my favorite's on this project. Stalley forever overlooked and underrated. This nigga the truth!

  10. Ronaldo Junior

    stalley é muito loko som foda demais

  11. Wakeuptheblacknation


  12. Yogi Bear

    Im mas he’s not mmg no more

  13. Sanchez Escobar

    The second first is ridiculous

  14. Sanchez Escobar

    This song has a pimp odor to it! Smh

  15. Katherine Ray

    I love his music Stalley smoother than cream cheese on a bagel. ya dig

    Doug Smith

    Katherine Ray facts lmao

    angelo williams

    N so are You

  16. Lucas Hammond

    came up- spitta

  17. King Bazi

    Ride music with the loud in the air 💯

  18. noonaanee

    best joint in the hood right now !!!

  19. Phillip Boulware

    got that jay-z dead presidents feel to it i love it!!!!


    Phillip Boulware
    Say Hello to The Bad Guy, they say I'm a bad guy,
    I come from the bottom, but now I'm mad fly,
    they say I'm a problem that's the picture they paint,
    they say a lot about me, let me tell ya what I ain't.

  20. Simphiwe Mayisela

    Stalley, keep it up man. This song touches my heart somehow.

  21. Marc John


  22. Pierre Boyd

    stalled keep makin those songs that bump 😀


    Reminded me right away of Curren$y Clear same beat dope

  24. Malik Nash

    please go listen to curren$y came up. beat sounds has the same notes so when I listen to it I say these lyrics

  25. Kevin McNeil

    who produced this?

  26. Harvey Lewis

    whats the sample?

  27. I sEe

    the only thing is off is your mind you trippin

  28. KRthehomie

    Auto tune works perfect for him

  29. jason amarante

    comes to.mind also when it comes to underrated kings of this fine art

  30. jason amarante

    most underrated rapper I've seen in some time

  31. jason amarante

    this is beyond dope OK wow

  32. jason amarante

    how dose this only have 30 k views wtf man

  33. Torrance Gardner

    Another smooooooov one to drop the top and ride to.... sipping We in here.....

  34. Sergey Malishev

    Stalley more than any others , very smooth awesome flow man and great video, fucking dope!

  35. Bmore_ Reckless18

    Best song on the mixtape

  36. Jay Beats

    Clear by curren$y ft jadakiss

  37. Jupiter Johnson

    Two words Thank YOU Stalley! (Pause) Homie sounds sharper than ever. Most underrated lyricist in the game. Detroit what!

  38. king Adil


  39. Julez Rulez

    I like this song! dope man. Red lighting is ill.

  40. vicepd

    That's that MMG flow. This needs a remix with Ross on it ASAP!

  41. Bigchuck678

    Stalley always been slept on. he has never dropped a project that I didn't like.

  42. Koen Verbrugge

    The modern cormega. good dat for beats, Nice with the pen. little cadence in flow. I guess we need this side of the game as well...


    so right!

  43. Ossama Harchi

    i fuck heavy with Stalley since the start but the only thing i don't like about his flow, it always seems like he's off the beat, i know it's his style but i wish he could flow his verses in a better way


    +Ossama Harchi what are you talking bout? he's not off the beat..


    +Ossama Harchi He's mostly on beat but i get what you're saying. Sometimes his word selection is weird so he rushes to fit all the syllables in

    Leonard Ney

    +Ossama Harchi If this is on purpose. It's fucking genius

  44. HiFiMediaTokyo

    Three-Peat! Stalley been killin it this week!

  45. Wan

    I think Stalley finally found the balance between his old sound and his Mmg sound imma fuck wit it either way this one of my idols

  46. modenamodena666

    Crazy smooth.... Song alone gets you high

  47. Sheldon The Shut-in

    I enjoyed watching this. I like watching Youtubes.

  48. Yogi Bear


  49. ImperialShayLove

    anotha one! #Ohio #Stalley #BandCamp best thing moving out the O. We see you

  50. balbalz29

    WAVveyyyyy baby......

  51. Mel Shannon

    finally somebody who hates the word "fleek". LOL...

    Dynamic Vision

    @Mel Shannon I been hate it and you look up the real meaning for fleek its actually not a appealing thing.

    Yogi Bear

    Word lols


    that word needs to die, quick

    Kiel Li Mikal

    I hate the word "bae"


    +michael barkley bae is just over used by social media. shit like the word swag was just silly, it's an old word but every wonna be swaggy...I'm wavey #ooowww

  52. Dylan Shaw

    LeT mE Inn

  53. Bikes&Beats

    Big ups to my man stalley this shit float