Stalley - My Purpose Lyrics

My purpose?
Um, you know I'm not sure if I hundred percent know yet
I think that I'm findin' my purpose
I think that everyday, as a man I grow
Um, I know I'm definitely a family man
I'm definitely, you know, a spiritual man
Um, and maybe that is what it is, is to
To share that light into hip hop
Because we don't get down to a lot of hip hop, you know
We don't get a lot of people expressing their love and their beliefs
And their passions for the simple things in life, you know
Like family and being a good dude or doing the right thing
So, you know I think it's coming back but
I think that we've drifted away from, um
I guess the true elements or meanings of hip hop
You know what I mean?
I think that's what's really carried us away from that a little bit
But I think it's coming...We have a lot of artists who still do
I don't want to say that all hip hop is bad or doesn't have a message
'Cause I think there's a lot who do
But I, um, I don't know where we really lost it
But you know, people seem to only want to have fun and turn up
There's very few thinkers in the world, now
You know everybody wants it spoon-fed
Nobody wants to...if it isn't, you know, directly in their face
They kinda don't want to search for it
Or to really find the understanding of something
And that's what I'm tryin' to bring back into the music

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