Stalley - All So New Lyrics

We talk money till the spirit come
And talk violence like we deaf & dumb
Death we overcome every wake up in the morn
Just a spiritual reality over the drum
Hallelujah to the tutors trapped in the slums
Trying to feed wisdom to the young
Bring love to the heartless hope that feeling come
Take the weight off the shoulders make the ceiling the sun

We star reaching often forgotten no star treatment
No hard grieving, just work till we all even, no offseason
Knuckles bleeding from all this fighting
Worth every blow when you see those we enlightened
A vibrant glow won't let fortune divide a soul
Crabs in a bucket got it boiling hot
So we turn up the temperature until the hatin' stop
Blind leading the blind we hip to Satan's plot

Found God in us liberated from all the nonsense
Strong minded won't never see that the brain flinch
I hang with Moors and Israelites
That keep me sharp as a Ginsu knife
It's all relative
Funny how words can make us relatives
They say the language is pure until you sell the shit
Well mine can't price tag
Everything I say I mean and won't take back

Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new and...
Because it's

Sat desperate for days trying to fill a page
My thoughts locked in a cage I started building raged
Marijuana and sage at my personal rave
Holistic psychedelics brought a mental change
Clear as the water my thoughts became pure
Anxiety and stress I had to endure
Was barely outside I kept it indoors
My sanity I had to fend for

Less or more the importance of allure
Was taking over my core
Off centered for sure
My balance on the floor
But I'm back 10 Toes black rose out the soil
Speaking for every black boy without a voice
Who hustle without a choice
Whose father was always void

Who momma was unemployed
But still stay overjoyed
The strong stay moving forward
We keep it on the accord
So wins don't tally off
Accumulate no lost
Life is a high cost
But also can end cheap

Pass knowledge along
But also let friends speak
Some men wealthy and some make ends meet
But all got in common trying to feed they family
Never looking for handout nothing you can hand me
I'm still on A, won't ever see plan B
And this all so new shit
Don't let'm tell your story
Create your own damn news clip

Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new and...
Because it's all so new...

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Stalley All So New Comments
  1. Laurent Philibert

    This loop🔥🔥

  2. Elenia Norman

    Gives me Crooklyn vibes. Dope beat

  3. myron jones

    I’m so mad this shit ain’t 100000 wtf Is going on with music today

  4. Andrew Craddock

    Stalley = power refinement peace God.

  5. LucidTheTruth

    The realest in the game! Dope shit bro glad to see Stalley still killin beats!

  6. Hoodieyearround

    Stalley and these type of beats....

    Man that shit just go together 🔥🔥🔥

  7. FTS ANT Got Game

    that classic Stall. Everywhere I go I be like "Yall Niggas aint got no Stalley?" Fuck wrong with yall. Yall sleep on a real rap genius

  8. AJ Johnson

    What’s the sample!!!!!????

  9. Nigel Mohammed

    this track is pure joy

  10. Ginger Beard

    "I like it." had me Rollin!

  11. Prinston Short

    I love bro music his engineer need to get on his job and turncmy dawg mic up a lil more so we can hear him a lil more clear than the beat his voice is a little bit drowned by the beat its still music at the end of the day All Hail Hip Hip

  12. Հայի իրավունքով

    Perfect Halloween music

  13. Juan Ogando

    Getting back to the craft. Hip hop craftsmanship back in full effect. Got the taste of that record deal money. That just tampers with the pure creative expression. The underground is where hip hop lives on forever!

  14. killaf89


  15. Dick Starbuck


  16. 1hiphopsociety

    Please come to the 757!!

  17. OneStopShop

    Going on 8 years strong.
    I was 20 years old & been rocking with stalley ever since

  18. Martha Lewis

    Beautiful ...

  19. Roy Lenford


  20. Michael Nizam

    Need Lupe the Fiasco on this joint right here!

  21. problemchyle

    Real know real

  22. Sarpong Mmorosa

    still been my favorite rapper since GOIN APE . thank you for staying true

  23. Sean Brooks

    This man should never get a thumbs down. All of his tracks are classics!

  24. $tarrmane

    Hang with Moore's and Israelites 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Rephaiah T'Chazel Israel

    APTTMH 🔥🔥🔥

  26. J. Sizzle

    Dave East should do a song with Stalley..I believe it would slap

  27. Nick Klaus

    Goddamn this shit is hard! Repeat On 🔄

  28. Indra Taylor


  29. Blk Knight

    Real Hip hop right here

  30. Home Stead ave

    This what you need

  31. Victor Gross

    Where this dude been at?

  32. Ghost Flame_Stl

    Man this guy is soo slept on🙌🏾

  33. JMillz512

    “Im still on A, wont never see plan B”

  34. Allbeautiful Such

    PLEASE give us the Instrumental I'll do ANYTHING !!!!

  35. Mazarrati General

    Him & Andretti need A L.p long overdue*

  36. TheLand Worldwide

    He would be great with nas label or T.D.E

  37. Michael Alexander

    Stalley welcome to Brooklyn

  38. Michael Alexander

    That was nice

  39. Christian Smith

    Stalley, I hang with moors and Israelites that keeps me sharp as gensui knife. 🔥🤔🤯 y'all pay attention to the real pleaseeeee. Stalley respect my dude been following your music since day 1, and I swear you and Kevin Durant could be brothers. Ya'll look just alike. O yea Quarantine coming 🙌



  41. Hot Dog

    Stalley, have you ever heard of Mello Music Group?

  42. 花鳥風月『yung kitty』

    too fire

  43. Douglas Santos


  44. Prolific

    Rip Nipsey Hussle

  45. Bad Karma

    Most slept on stalley dey still sleeping bro wakem up

  46. Jinetic

    Dope...ness!!! classick stalley!!!

  47. Gerald Haith

    Dope STYLEZ...
    Nice groove..
    This song is a classic...
    Can't wait to hear the album SON...

  48. TheFuture Is

    Stalley always gave me 90s Rap && Wu-Vibez.. Thank you💯

  49. ML MajortodaLeague

    Soulful refreshed hiphop the game need! Thx Stalley!!

  50. Theniteowlshow podcast


  51. BigWop Lilbitch

    Neva felloff stalley!

  52. Jsgd Hsusx

    That beat thooooooo🤤

  53. Jerry Gillard

    Nice Delivery MMG

  54. tyreeshabazz

    Back to that classic Stalley! Audio Dope

  55. Jerome Alan

    His prose is untouchable. So poetic. True artistry. Definitely supporting his projects. BCG!

  56. anthony williams

    Fire!! I see he back rappin'💯

  57. Fe M

    I love this!!

  58. Frank Brown

    Sounds like Isrealite awaking to me.


    Oooooh ok I’m diggn this 💯💯💪🏾💪🏾☝🏾

  60. Frank Brown

    I'm glad Stalley not with MMG no more I feel they on different paths. Stalley always had bars and is very conscience of what's going on. Blessings Akhi.

  61. GregB gregb

    I like his choice of beats

  62. Rapmajor


  63. Rasheed Lewis

    Salute to my akh, Cleveland got u bro!.OHIO STAND UP, WE GOT ANOTHER ONE....

  64. RoseGoldRecs UK

    Stalley man, I don’t know what happened at MMG, but you have been dropping nothing but 🔥🔥🔥 for a while now.. always look forward to you shit

  65. Mimoylanota oficial

    Is great bro Ostey

  66. Chavonda Honeycutt

    The fountain of youth..W Nipsey Hussle, is da coldest song...Nip found it ..Carry on legacy

  67. Tru1ne

    Ay its been a min since I heard something.
    Need to link with Dreamville. Cole doing something special over there my dude.

  68. Seldom Seen

    More music like this and the world is alright!

  69. KENNY KA$H

    So much knowledge on this joint. Stalley 🔥

  70. Rohit Pratti

    Cormega vibes

  71. lamar chapman

    Only thing from Cleveland I like he like Kanye when he first came out dude got bars! And dope beats!

  72. Mike A.


  73. Cree

    U are so sexy

  74. Kenneth Caldwell

    Where can I get that sweatshirt he's wearing??

  75. StayGold PonyBoy

    Feel good vibez right here

  76. DjGondek Beats

    This is classic and Stalley deserves more recognition .Im Checking him out Since I heard fountain of Youth 7 Years ago , He has many great tracks 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Lee Thomas

    have that Nas touch. nice.

  78. solo jr


  79. Grey City Productions

    Should of turned the vocals up a lil bit more the beat is super overpowering

  80. Frankie Lopez

    This is Hip Hop

  81. Confidential Collection

    🔥 🔥 🔥 This man does not age!!! Still bumping address till this day. Like if you still doing the same.

  82. omar Rashad Yahudah

    Ok ach educated trunk music

  83. Dra’ Koo

    Yoooo, where the hell you been bro? Great to see you champ.

  84. Unbias Heavyweight Rankings and News

    Knowledge = Speaking on them colored Israelites you hang with

  85. Shedrick Loyd


  86. Steve Brown


  87. Minoe Mann

    His MMG shit was more 🔥🔥🔥🔥 imo. If your gonna do it then resurrect intelligent trunk music cause this is a snooze fest.

  88. ToneLuck

    Stalley loves himself a beautiful chair. Aint none wrong with that, G.

  89. Kenneth Fuller

    This is real smooth.

  90. cokeera87 DopeSauce

    This some serious certified trash 😒

  91. NateMoore

    Conscious rap risin 🙏🏽

  92. Random god

    is backkkk

  93. babajohn100

    This is some good thinking music

  94. Chanelle Fabrian

    Sssuuupppeeeerrrr underrated!!!

  95. raw raw

    Dam stalley we share the same bday no wonder i like yo shit twinn 10 30 1080