St. Lucia - Too Close Lyrics

An empty heart, an empty heart
If you ran away too late to take a different path
I hope you escape

An empty house, an empty heart
Throw it away, too late to take a different path
Lets hope we escape

I'll hold you
Too close
I'll take you
Too close
When I fell we'll turn
We'll still be
Too close

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St. Lucia Too Close Comments
  1. tyrenebanks72

    Gawd this song! Woohoo!

  2. Heretta Huston

    Never gets old. Keep coming back.

  3. eck dll

    que hermosa cancion carajoo!

  4. David Huerta

    These guys are going to be huge! One of my favorite groups!

  5. Victor Spadotto

    OMG the end of this music if perfect!

  6. Danny Castillo

    Erasure vibe :)

  7. TravisBago

    I had this on repeat

  8. Calvin Ramhold

    4:05 to the end is everything.

    Yan Ryckewaert

    YES - i thought the same thing!

  9. Lahdeedah

    I need this album.

  10. lanfear664

    One of my favorite tracks of last few years, Somtimes high ambitions can be a good thing; it all came together here.

  11. Nathan Sanchez

    Am I the only one who came here trying to find out where that last part of the song is from?

  12. The Executioner

    Good shit!

    not bad for modern music!

    Cecile Ward

    The Executioner there is still REALLY good music being made, it’s just hard to find as it’s underrated.

    Heretta Huston

    @Cecile Ward Indeed!

  13. budgerigar42


  14. stacy calvert

    A real feel good track.

    Hayden Ewell

    o i feel it

  15. Jacek Szlijan

    I hear Depeche Mode drums in it, not a bad thing, though;-)

  16. perfect fitz

    Surprised I never heard this before. It's updated New Order. Love it.

  17. Shambles7th

    So awesome

  18. rob hartmania

    The last minute is so beautiful.  Makes me think of a dreamy carnival.

    Kaushal Kumar

    Very true...even the last minute of "Forgiveness" gives me the same feeling.

    Hayden Ewell

    so true

  19. Django1121

    how does this music have so few views? 

    Heretta Huston

    Has it grown?

  20. jahmoon27

    What an amazing track. So intense. I can't stop listening to it.

  21. Charlotte Cumberbatch

    Yay!  I love this track, it's so deliciously epic

    Hayden Ewell

    whats it taste like

  22. Lizelle Swart

    Loving the South African addition to this band ! Making us proud JP

  23. Ashe Bouzigard

    good stuff....
    their music never ceases to amaze!

  24. Robin Russell Fenek

    i hear boy George

  25. N Gelf

    this song totally samples Knights of Cydonia by Muse!!