Springsteen, Bruce - Devil's Arcade Lyrics

Remember the morning we dug up your gun
The worms in the barrel, the hanging sun
Those first nervous evenings of perfume and gin
The lost smell on your breath as I helped you get it in
The rush of your lips, the feel of your name
The beat in your heart, the devil's arcade

You said "Heroes are needed, so heroes get made"
Somebody made a bet, somebody paid
The cool desert morning and nothing to save
Just metal and plastic where your body caved
The slow games of poker with Lieutenant Ray
In the ward with the blue walls, a sea with no name
Where you lie adrift with the heroes of the devil's arcade

You sleep and you dream, your buddies Charlie and James
And wake with a thick desert dust on your skin


Voice says "don't worry, I'm here
Just whisper the word tomorrow in my ear"
House on a quiet street, a home for the brave
A glorious kingdom with the sun on your face
Rising from a long night as dark as the grave
On a thin chain of next moments and something like faith
On a morning to order a breakfast to make
A bed draped in sunshine, a body that waits
For the touch of your fingers, the end of the day
The beat of your heart, the beat of your heart
The beat of your heart, the beat of your heart
The beat of your heart, the beat of her heart
The beat of your heart, the slow burning away
Of the bitter fires of the devil's arcade

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Springsteen, Bruce Devil's Arcade Comments
  1. anella d'ambrosio

    Questa canzone e molto toccante!!!😢😢😕😇😍😘🎸🎷🎶💎🌲💫

  2. Bastian Meinhardt

    The violins at 0:30 remind one of the soundtrack of the movie "Joker" - and his Devil's Arcade.

  3. Paul Tatara

    This is a fantastic song that, like the rest of the album, is as badly recorded and mixed as anything Springsteen has ever done. My God, it's sludge!

  4. Rob Lucas

    Unbelievable storyteller beautiful song this man is a master

  5. MrMoonlight414


  6. Joep Klazen


  7. Christopher Ian Lister

    top tune, the quit loud format at its best, top thoughtful lyric, doesn't everyone get touched by the bitter fires of the devil's arcade sooner or later?

    JuWe JoHo

    What does the "Devil's Arcade" mean to you?

  8. Άντε από δω ρε τραχανά


  9. John Connolly

    my favorite Bruce Song.. hits my soul to the Core..

    Jim Herd

    Stone masterpiece

  10. Jimmy Giles

    the Boss has written lyrics along with the greatest of all time.  This Vet that comes home with devastating loss of limbs and his wife tries to bring him home completely.  The true wages of war.  We are just pawns in rich, powerful, men's games.

    Michael Burke

    Is that what the song is about?

  11. Sami Supias

    This is like a pray

  12. Uwe H

    one of the boss's best, underrated!

  13. Eager Dais

    amazing tone

  14. Metrios Ippotis

    Bruce Springsteen-Devil's Arcade