Springsteen, Bruce - Be True Lyrics

Your scrapbook's filled with pictures of all your leading men
Well baby don't put my picture in there with them
Don't make us some little girl's dream that can't ever come true
That only serves to hurt and make you cry like you do
Well baby don't do it to me and I won't do it to you

You see all the romantic movies, you dream and take the boys home
But when the action fades you're left all alone
You deserve better than this, little girl can't you see you do
Do you need somebody to prove it to you
Well you prove it to me and I'll prove it to you

Now every night you go out looking for true love's satisfaction
But in the morning you end up settling for just lights, camera, action

And another cameo role with some bit player you're befriending
You're gonna go broken-hearted looking for that happy ending
Well girl you're gonna end up just another lonely ticket sold
Cryin' alone in the theatre as the credits roll
You say I'll be like those other guys
Who filled your head with pretty lies
And dreams that can never come true
Well baby you be true to me
And I'll be true to you

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Springsteen, Bruce Be True Comments
  1. mocha mochiña


  2. Ian Tyrrel

    One of my favorite songs. I'm in self-imposed exile in Asia, but I'm actually from Long Island. I just sent the lyrics and this YouTube link to a woman I really care about...

  3. Mark Levasseur

    Another example as to why he's the Greatest songwriter ever...

  4. Madferit O

    Bruce and Oasis are my favorties of all times. Both had killer B sides that are far better than many hit songs back then and especially nowadays.

    Ian Tyrrel

    Very interesting! I live in Southeast Asia, but I'm American. I've been traveling around the world for about 10 years now so I've heard a lot of people play Wonderwall. Since I am a professional level musician I get really tired of that song and I simply don't play it even though I'm sure I could learn the chords in a jiffy. There are actually bars in Cambodia, in the party areas that Clearly say no Wonderwall in big signs above the bar. So I never really got into Oasis although I grew up in the 1990s. Now you've made me think that I should perhaps listen to some of their b-sides :-) but at the end of the day no matter how good the music of Oasis might be, Bruce Springsteen will always be my main man and my number one musical inspiration for life.

  5. Michael Goldenberg

    This and “Loose Ends” are my favorite Springsteen songs.

  6. Madferit O

    One of Bruce’s greatests. Without a doubt.

  7. Ricardo Charley

    I would have scrapped half of the river album and replaced it with a lot of lost gems he originally had recorded for it such as Loose Ends Where the Bands Are Wanna Be With You Stolen Car the earlier version Roullett a lot of great songs I always thought the River final version was a bit of a letdown

    Ian Tyrrel

    Back in the 1990s, long before YouTube was a real big thing, I used to belong to an email bootleg Trading community. I paid about $30 to a Swedish guy and he sent me six 90-minute cassette tapes of the river outtakes. Some of those songs ended up on the tracks box set, including this one of course. But literally the river could have been 8 LPS instead of only two. The river album, similar to Darkness on the edge of town, was meticulously set up to tell us a story from beginning to end oh, sort of like an opera. Little Steven was extremely pissed off at the fact that songs like restless nights, and roulette did not make it to the final album. If I was little Steven I would feel the same way :-)

  8. Emilio Moreno Marugal

    Precioso tema. Gracias por traducirlo al Español. En España, Madrid, hemos visto alguna que otra vez al Boss en acción.
    Thank you very much to Supergenius 76 for sharing this beautiful song.

  9. Matthew Leary

    always be true

  10. jasonwheel

    a Bruce lost classic that never got the recognition it deserved.


    jasonwheel actually thats not really true. it quite a workout on the tol tour back in the day. in fact it was one of songs in the show that made us wonder what was going on with that guy and his marriage. we found out soon enough lol. ancient history.

  11. Paulverb

    According to Bruce's book, this song made the first cut when The River was proposed to Columbia Records as a single record. However, it got lost in the shuffle when Bruce expanded The River to a double lp. I will always remember it as the B side to the 45, but one of my favorite songs.


    Paulverb you can find that early version of the river album, called the ties that bind, in the anniversary river box. it was pulled by bruce at the last minute in favor of the broader double album that became the river. the slightly alternate version of be true on tttb album isnt as good as this b-side version imo.

    Ian Tyrrel

    There is also a song called Mary Lou, which has extremely similar lyrics to this one but it's a totally different song musically. I don't think that that one was on tracks box set but it may have been I'm not quite sure. It was on the six cassette tape version of the river outtakes, the old bootleg which I wore out when I was a teenager. Little Steve was very pissed off about certain songs being left off the river, restless nights, roulette, Etc. He was 100% correct and if I were a little Steve I would feel the same way, but after all Bruce's the boss.

  12. Tish M

    what's a B side?
    -Bruce Springsteen (my guess;)

    Steven Campbell

    B side is the second side of a vinyl record. The A side was usually the hit song.

    Tish M

    uuuuuh, no need to explain. i commented based on the thread on this. sarcasm, it's. oh, never mind.

    Steven Campbell

    +Tish M lol sorry I'm awful as Sarcasm lol this song should have been on The River.

    Tish M

    np, i've been listening to early Springsteen and am just in awe each time I hear his lyrics. so way ahead of his time, but so timely. the music, melodies, and message are akin to what a master in his chosen field represent.

    Jamie Stimpson

    his lyrics were way ahead of his time? You realise that Bruce Springsteen proceeded Bob Dylan right? And that lyrics these days are pathetic!

  13. david james



    david james no shes a photographer. i think its about his previous gf, joyce hyser, who is an actor. she did end up in a few tv shows.

  14. Brian Regal

    Yet another example of how Springsteen's b-sides were better than other artists entire primary output.

  15. Adele Paladino Alvino

    Great song !

  16. maria zarhouni

    amo Bruce springsteem

  17. Jonathan Lee

    ciassasin 852, courtesy of Mr. Tom Scholz, says "well given advice" indeed. may no one forget about BRUCE in these "interesting times"....

    Mr. John Irvine, take it away, courtesy of all those who spoke out way before everyone who preceeded the likes of someone like me, about an ancient Chinese curse....

    and let EVERYONE remember JFK.




  18. Fakename70

    Not just the B-sides, but entire LP's. This guy would scrap one with a flick of the wrist in the '70's if he didn't feel it was right. That's how The River ended up as a double LP, at the expense of single LP The Ties That Bind.

  19. 2 Hearts

    Stone cold classic.

  20. lyonslaforet

    If you want to know how the Boss treated his B-sides, just listen to this gem!