Spose - Why Am I So Happy? Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Spose:]
You should see these Nike SB’s that I copped online
I turned the AC on then I wrote a hot rhyme
The girl who made my sneakers sobbin’ all the time
Indonesian sweatshop makin’ pennies and she’s nine
I took a clean towel out the closet
Showered half an hour took a sip up out the faucet
A mother in Nigeria, I wouldn’t wanna be ya
No clean water, so her daughter died of diarrhea
I typed a post about my government, was critical
And they didn’t arrest me even though it sounded liberal
In Russia, punishment for that isn’t reciprocal
You question ‘bout the man, then your lifespan’s minimal
When I was six, my biggest worry if I can reminisce
Was that I’d have a Super Nintendo but not a Genesis
Six year old in Rwanda blood what he’s wearin’
They cut his arm off when he wouldn’t kill his parents
I made babies out of wedlock
I read Ladybug Girl then get stoned in the basement by the bedrock
She defied arranged marriage, her betrayed parents
Stoned her to death on the terrace with the cleric
I took a bite of pizza told them, “Give the chef my accolades”
I eat a couple slices then I threw the other half away
A child stomach squealing, begging, he ain’t eat in days
He collapsed with a thud, sounded like a 808
I don’t go to church or the mosque, or the synagogue
If there is a God, he isn’t in my thoughts
A Kurd didn’t fit their definition of religion
Got beheaded in front of his children who lay in prison
I saw a tweet a girl wrote
It said, “I hate school, I’d rather skip it, party, take body shots, and break rules”
School girl got her body shot by the Taliban
Women die to be educated out in Pakistan

[Hook - Renee Coolbrith:]
If I know how it’s goin’ down
Why am I so happy now?
I don’t know

[Verse 2 - Spose:]
I just filmed a video with Bosch
He just bought a drone, flew over a soccer game, we looked at it, looked fuckin’ dope
Iraqi kids playin’ soccer live a humble home life
Mom screams as they got killed by a drone strike
Although neither represent my section
I voted the lesser of two evils in the last election
Some countries only got one candidate
Question them and you can pick which limb they’re gonna amputate
I got police protecting my township
Dial up the number, Crown Vic, come around quick
In Mexico, cops crooked east of Buena Vista
Juan had to join the cartel just to protect his sister
I love my daughter and the smile on her face
I told her she gotta be thirty-five before she start to date
Syrian girls abducted by the caliphate
They’re fourteen, sold as sex slaves in the Islamic state
I feel so alive bumpin’ dead rappers
Life could be like lice, it’s a head scratcher
“Why am I so happy?”, I don’t gotta answer that
“Why are you so miserable?” Is the question that I need to ask

[Hook - Renee Coolbrith:]
If I know how it’s goin’ down
Why am I so happy now?
I don’t know

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Spose Why Am I So Happy? Comments
  1. Devin Barcelona

    This is so amazing. What I call subject matter right hur. I get mocked and considered stupid for being happy most of the time. I got more reasons to be happy than to not

  2. mrs. cringe

    I send this to all the people that complain about there life and do nothing about it

  3. Joseph H


  4. Maddy Vlogs

    First song I ever heard by Spose back in 7th grade

  5. Bambi Kimberly Lynn ORTEGA MORRISON

    Super smart lyrics! Spose u rock.. Could you imagine a rhymesayers Colab with this dude from Maine... Magic it would be!

  6. Wojci Wojci

    Prolly the realest shit out there and it doesn’t even have 100k views. It’s obviously bullshit that this type of content doesn’t get much attention, but I can’t do anything bout it.

  7. chubs mcgee

    Idk how you can even put a thumbs down to this I guess maybe it's to real I just don't know I guess people don't know real talent when they hear it 😂

  8. chubs mcgee

    Why is this song being slept on ??

  9. Ayoush E.

    It's sad how a song about wrapping blunts and getting lap dances from "bitches" is more popular than this truthful and meaningful song...

  10. PiXimperfect

    Desiigner - Panda? Why? Why don't these guys get to the charts?

  11. Joshua Gawne

    this track is awesome, I love rhymes that make you think. ish on all that gold chains and whips garbage.

  12. Austin Khoury

    Tell me not, Spose look like Aaron Rodgers in the album art

  13. Joshua Richet

    This is beautiful. Thank you again.

  14. Bailey Curry

    this song needs a 10 hr loop

  15. David Hess

    Amazing, I was turned onto Eyedea by my girlfriends 16 year old son, from there i learned about Watsky, Atmosphere, and then, just today, Spose. I grew up hating rap... ya know, cause it wasnt rock n roll and all they sang about was money n guns. I really missed the boat on this one. There really is great rap music out there, but the TV will never give it to ya. They just want to continue the consumer culture, and mainstream rap does an amazing job of that. Thank you for posting. This song really puts your "shitty" life into perspective!!

    Jordan Ferniz

    Atmosphere And eyedea are what I grew up with. Shit never gets old just louder and more fluent

    Bambi Kimberly Lynn ORTEGA MORRISON

    Holy shit! I get this! I am this too

    Ova Wolf

    There's also Weird Al, mc frontalot and lonely island.

  16. TigerTastic

    This is amazing hands down.

  17. Jeremy K

    When I've had a hard day, I throw this on. Thanks Spose

  18. Enrisa Anaya

    I love this song.

  19. mercanerie98

    This song is too rushed, Spose slow this song down. Take a chill pill!

  20. copperbonker

    this is why I hate almost all popular music because theyre never concerned about the lyrics now, now its just about the beat and that's why spose isn't as popular as he should be, because in this era of rap its all crap now and I feel like spose portrays this sterotype of "modern rap" in his song 'pop song' and actually its spose and the flobots that got me into rap, before I thought it was just all Kanye west bullshit and I still hate that kind of rap to this day. lets make spose, watsky and every other rapper like that popular. Lets get rid of this modern rap sterotype. theres a reason rap stands for rythem and poetry.


    I agree, well said man

    G- Master



    @G- Master yeah man!

  21. volts- ѧ

    I saw a tweet a girl wrote: it said "I hate school- I'd rather skip it, party, take body shots and break rules."
    School girl got a bodyshot by the Taliban, women die to be educated out in Pakistan.


    +Isaac Clarke "If i know what's going on why am i so happy now I don't know"


    I don't know

  22. SeveralThingsWrongLyfHax

    I want Spose and P.O.S. to do mixtape together

  23. James Pringle

    Amazing song. A lot of perspective. Its cool, remembering spose claiming to hate political rappers

  24. Arod 4804

    after exactly 5 months exactly Spose has 11,200 in this song

  25. darren hooley

    the beginning tune is insane with headphones on

  26. Firewisplet

    God, this song is depressing AF.

    Dominick Stewart

    it depends on perspective, its supposed to show gratefulness.


    Don't take anything for granted homie.

  27. Abel the Rapper - Dumb ShXt Ink.

    Love you Spose! Never stop making music! I'm gonna work with you on day! Love the intro on this song!

  28. Arod 4804

    how is spose not famous???

    tristan parker

    To be fair, as much as I like spose, Dicky is a far better rapper, but spose sings better and the productions are even imo
    They're all great artists, and Watsky and Spose are in the same area, while Lil'D borders something else, constantly dipping into more traditional rap compared to these two
    Also, atmosphere is famous lol

    John Austin

    Arod 4804 Couldn't have said it any better than that. Well put. Agreed.

    Parker Jeans

    Arod 4804 because he markets in Maine

    Kathy Williams

    Arod 4804

    idk....but this the most heart breaking & the truest song that I think I have heard...

    I am so happy to be born in a country w/ food, clean water, freedom to express myself & the right to vote & so many other rights that r afforded to us & countries around the world but not, unfortunately, the majority...

    Ova Wolf

    People overlook nerd rappers, it a poorly marketed art form with a huge demand

  29. Tyson Nightingale

    Unreal song!! So clever!

  30. Flow Nova

    This is why I'm so happy.
    I dream of a collab with DeM AtlaS!

  31. cookgoddess23

    Fucking incredible

  32. Aditya Narayan

    Damn... Man! Why can i take this offline.

  33. hacked technothief

    The beat is awesome
    but the lyrics are amazing

  34. Not Vestiged

    Renee has an awesome voice. Love this song and this album

  35. brady T

    Amazing song spose!

  36. La Fee

    This album blows your already fantastic albums and mixtapes out the water, holy crap.

  37. TheDeadSea182

    Perfect Ryan, always.

  38. jeffguroo1

    Batting a hundred so far. Keep those thumbs up.

  39. peeweeman543

    Uhhh, that saxophone though, yaass!!!

  40. Carson Schraa

    Nice dude, this is fucking sick

  41. Alexander Nussbaum

    Fucking dope