Spose - Kanye Go Lyrics

I worked for so hard so long that I deserve to feel this like this
Victory lap when I walk out the crib
I gotta piss but they're all on my dick, these days
Feeling plus not a minus, these days
Can I get my shine in for Pete's sake (Peat's sake)
Let me take it back

I remember when nobody ever heard of him
My mom worked at Burger King,
My dad was a cable guy
We wondered how we ate at night
and then they got divorced, I was crying when they said goodbye
I love you guys

Throw your food stamps in the air if you empathize
Now I run an enterprise
You know what I symbolize
Even if I die I will never die
Opposite of 9/11 feeling like November 9th

I got that shit that makes Rick Ross go (Huh)
Make Jay-Z go (Yup)
Make Kanye Go (haah?)
I know you're at a loss for words
what could you say?

I used drive in a cutlass
Heat never worked though
Back door busted
Climbing from the first row
Take it to the back seat didn't bother me none
Mom worked two jobs I was on free lunch

If you want an update, I don't got no down time
High digging 45's added of this cloud 9
I think I made a difference with the mic now
I'm making suicidal kids put the knife down

'Cuz I've worked for so hard so long I deserve to feel this good
They said we couldn't but what if we could?
They said we wouldn't but we knew we would
P. Dank
Making plus out of minus these days
And I don't have no work shirt or briefcase
And no name tag
It's the same cat
Putting Maine on the map and I'm back!

I got that shit that makes Rick Ross go (Huh)
Make Jay-Z go (Yup)
Make Kanye Go (haah?)
I know you're at a loss for words
what could you say?

I be spittin' with the viciousness
I be addin' to my dividends
I be reppin' all the villages for all of my constituents
And everyone applaud, Big Sean go (oh god)

Make two trains go (train sound)
Make Jada kiss go (ahh)
Make biggy go (baby)
Make French Montana go (yaa)

Never thought it would be like this
Never thought I'd MC like this
To the point where I walk up in the restaurant
The chef come out the kitchen and he give me free trees like this
He said "Keep reppin me like this"
I said I will
I'll be the people's douche until the day that I get killed
And I don't got no land plots full of crops
drop tops, yachts by the dock
You know what I got
I got

I got that shit that makes Rick Ross go (Huh)
Make Jay-Z go (Yup)
Make Kanye Go (haah?)
I know you're at a loss for words
what could you say?

What could you say?...

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Spose Kanye Go Comments
  1. James Miller

    I have been looking for this song for ages

  2. Alex Giassob

    Dave gutters my guitar teacher haha

  3. Rafael Sianez

    spose is the best

  4. Bailey Nichols

    I don't get why you don't get more views. this is my shit

  5. Don Sanders

    Spizzy Spose Keep Spitting

  6. Supernova

    spose deserves a top spot not those hotlinebing fucks and shitty pop songs cause when spose raps he tells a story not just about drugs or lust and women he is a real rapper

  7. Yessxr

    Favorite song in the album

  8. Peter Allegro

    the shit that makes Nicki make goat noises

  9. Aaron Matchullis

    Spizzyspose please make a music video 👌🏾👌🏾👍🏾

    Chandler / LAstly

    +Aaron Matchullis He did, he made "Nobody" Feat. Watsky

  10. John Nelson

    I don't understand why this music is so uplifting, but it just is.

  11. Isaiah Gava

    Finally, a decent song that I can actually listen by spose :L

  12. mark arsenault

    Caution - this song is infectious: the more you listen the more you listen....

  13. logan choate

    hell yeah love this man

  14. Fueled by Starbucks

    Did anyone catch that update/downtime line? Holy shit, that works so well.

    Not Vestiged

    @Fueled by Starbucks I know what's an update and what's downtime, but I still don't get the line. Help me.

    Fueled by Starbucks

    @Mister Toxxic up/down date/time

  15. Cutty Drama

    Peter Sparker and Dankonia were BOTH as FRE$H as it GETS..    REAL SHIT..   207 on the MAP..   I will admit I wasn't a huge FAN at first..  but  after those TWO albums and watching all his VIDEOS..  Most DEF One of the BEST in the BUSINESS..   Sick PUNCH LINES that are RELEVANT..  plus his personality and flow..  any real HIP HOP head would give respect.

  16. Aditya Narayan

    I hadnt been listening to spose for a while now because I thought he was no longer making the type of music I liked, but damn... This is really good.

  17. Nick Reinmann

    Dig the beat and verses, but the hook is basically one big name drop... Come on, you know none of those people have ever listened to his music, nor made those sounds after hearing it. I wish he'd get real and take inspiration from those people to develop his music instead of using their fame to make his hook catchier.

    T Groove

    @Nick Reinmann you're the type of person that takes everything absolutely literally huh...the song clearly went way over your head

  18. The One

    Keep it up spose

  19. Matt Grondin

    Gutter you the man!

  20. David Battles

    Where can i cop this?

    Adam Fishman

    @David Battles Why Am I So Happy? (his next album) comes out Friday on iTunes. This song will be on there

  21. Alex Harrison

    love all of your music and listen to it every day

  22. Audrey Miller

    Worth the wait! Keep puttin out hits Spose

  23. Im Roobert

    The 2 people who disliked this video are from Universal

    Nicholas Hassel

    There the people that wanted him to wright a pop song


    @Nicholas Hassel *They're, *who, *write, holy shit.

    James Ayotte

    @sirnike992 Haha. Yeah sir... Nicholas needs to go back to school.

    T.J. Bowne

    @James Ayotte I dun't undarstend whuts RonG with hes spehlling

    Jade Baud

    well poop them

  24. David Battles

    Cheif Keef go Bang Bang

    Joe Marranca

    Rick Ross go to jail.

  25. Morion Tax

    Spose should be on a collab with hopsin.

    Layn Sedam

    They don't music similar enough to do a collab

    Morion Tax

    @OmeGa Dreamzy But spose got known a little bit more by hopsin because of the concert cyper he did...in the end Spose won that.


    Why would they collab their sounds would just clash they're too different for it

  26. Bruin Productions

    I'm steady on my grind to I can pay my dues to buy this album when it drops! I'm so pumped!

  27. Dylan Searle

    Is there anywhere I can buy Yard Sale? Is your Kickstater still open?
    Also what about more of the "Unreleased" stuff I keep seeing on Youtube? 

  28. Nicholas Klingler

    Does anyone else besides me who's a huge spose fan think this song is shit?


    Bby pls

    stem cells

    If by "shit" you mean "the shit", then yes. I agree that this song is the shit. xD

  29. CaptainSnowman69

    Keep kickin ass Spose. Your music comes from the heart and you can hear it in your lyrics! 💖

  30. Life with Liam

    killed it

  31. Beardy_airsoft

    - - - - - - - - bars

  32. Fueled by Starbucks

    Lmao french montana go huhnhh

  33. damexicantaco1

    omg loving this album

  34. Gavin Dunn

    When will it be on iTunes ??

  35. esxf77

    Keep up the good music

  36. EmerGoHard

    You're a beauty spose. <3

  37. Chris Shunamon

    That opposite 9/11 line got a chuckle. Liking the sound of these last two songs.

  38. hggy21

    Ur the best man.

  39. hggy21

    Thank you Spizzy Spose

  40. JTSHEHE23

    Straight bars bro

  41. TheRazrsharp16

    keep making dope music, never been disappointed in your work

  42. Bobby Sampson

    Spose, you rock.

  43. CrossEyedShark

    1 day spose

  44. Mad Morpho

    Love your music.

  45. Xander Morley

    I love your music so much mannnnn
    P.S I live in maine too,it's awesome here

  46. Moe Munny

    Actually not liking these 2 new songs :/ and i like everything spose does.

    Nick Burns

    Yo, just sleep on it a bit. He always has a couple songs I don't love on every album, but at least he's doing some experimenting.
    He'll have some stuff for you on the album.

  47. Arod 4804

    yes i have the 50th tweet

  48. Michael Paige

    I didn't like the last album but this album is shaping up to be amazing, great work.

    Johnny Boy

    @Michael Paige Dankonia? Or Peter Sparker?

    Layn Sedam

    The Peter Sparker Mixtape was amazing. Dankonia had Mountain Dew and Aerosmith and Hide Yo Drugs, but those were the only songs I LOVED on it. Spose has never dropped anything that wasn't praise-worthy. If you mean his last ALBUM, (The Audacity!) that album was also amazing.

    Michael Paige

    @OmeGa Dreamzy Opinions are a fun thing aren't they

    Zach Hartman

    @OmeGa Dreamzy dankonia was tight af. Outcast beats n shit

  49. Manny Dea

    Great track, Spose :)

  50. zebraloveroi

    I freaking love Spose