Spite - Leeches Lyrics

You can't be someone you're not
Living a broke life through a broken screen
Trying so fucking hard
Slither you fucking snake
Handed a gem you turned into slime
Believing your own lies
If life doesn't break you soon I will
Whine and complain
Shut your fucking mouth
Consume and blame
Expire motherfucker
No one to back you up
No one to give a fuck
Cower like a rat when you take and take and can't pay the fuck up
The stupid whore, she's all you have
She fucks behind your back
Stand straight without a back
Why don't you go die like the frog looking fuck you are and croak
Welcome to the real world
Grow the fuck up
Stay in the fucking distance you spineless bitch
Stay in the fucking distance worth fucking shit
Your life will fall apart
Everything will break
This is spite
This is hate

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Spite Leeches Comments
  1. Queen Queen


  2. Blackspot87 M.R


  3. I'm A Pioneer

    Die like the frog looking fuck you are and CROAK!

  4. Tommy Knight

    I was not prepared for how fucking awesome this band is. Wow.. they really left me speechless after this one.

  5. Penis Goose

    The vocals just flow so perfectly with the beats n shit

  6. CLOWN Bein

    You can't be someone you're not.
    Living a broke life through a broken screen.
    Trying so fucking hard.
    Slither you fucking snake.
    Handed a gem you turned into slime.
    Believing your own lies.
    If life doesn't break you soon I will.
    Whine and complain.
    Shut your fucking mouth.
    Consume and blame.
    Expire motherfucker.
    No one to back you up.
    No one to give a fuck.
    Cower like a rat when you take and take and can't pay the fuck up.
    The stupid whore, she's all you have.
    She fucks behind your back.
    Stand straight without a back.
    Why don't you go die like the frog looking fuck you are and croak.
    Welcome to the real world.
    Grow the fuck up.
    Stay in the fucking distance you spineless bitch.
    Stay in the fucking distance worth fucking shit.
    Your life will fall apart.
    Everything will break.
    This is spite.
    This is hate.

  7. JustAnotherMetalSinger

    this song is too true for so many people i know

  8. Ant J

    2:32 😈🤘

  9. brandon moon

    Heavier than a pregnant whale at golden corral! I love it!

  10. Smokey Beard

    Sounds like he is saying Reese pieces

  11. Hollow Metro

    Listen to this song with just the right headphone

  12. jubly Julian

    his low gutturals are insane

  13. Julian Ramirez

    Just seen these guys to 300 plus at the boardwalk in sacramento! They killed it!

  14. valis 0374

    Well, this band is for real.

  15. blast beated

    fuck yes keep making more of this

  16. blast beated

    fuck yes keep making more of this

  17. Jared Wilkerson

    I hate the vocals, but the instruments are pretty heavy.

  18. Dames

    Spite has become one of my favorite bands, easily. I just love the sound that they have. Really unique. Especially darius' vocals.

  19. J O R D A N

    SPIIIIIIITTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE is the most underrated band ever

  20. Aaron Grice

    OY OY OY OY!

  21. Kristin White

    2:02 vocals.... daddy 👅😍😍

    Chloé Olson

    Kristin White IM SAYING OMFG

    Undead Alpha

    Call me

    rhiannon dw

    1:53 to 2:08 💦👅

  22. Kristin White

    angry seal in the beginning and then angry man 🤔

    Maghoul Jones

    Man Bear Pig

  23. Oli Oxen Free


  24. Austin Howell

    The beginning reminds me of the breakdown in Counting Worms

  25. Ben Bass

    Darius needs to guest vocal on brojob or shadow of intent
    Fuck me

    Nicholas Tignanelli

    Ben Bass that would be dope

  26. Simon Ward

    0:06 its an old ass dog barking lmao

  27. tristananvilcaster

    I love this band

  28. John Mays

    Fuck this band is saving me right now...never change 🤘🤘🤘

  29. Tyler Jackson

    I like to think Braden Holtby the goalie of the Washington Capitals is doing vocals for this

  30. Nick Myrant

    This was filmed on a calculator with a thumb smudge on it

  31. Joey Madara

    The hardcore 2step is like a war cry for all crowd killers

  32. Aaron Grice


  33. Frosty Flower

    If I don't die when I see these guys live to this song I'm gonna be super pissed.

    Jaden Sixx

    Spencer Shofner me too

    I am the father

    Are u dead yet?


    I am the father No.


    Derek P.

    Just saw them last Wednesday in Pittsburgh. It was amazing!

  34. Nocturnal Bloodlust x2

    bad and worse... literally

  35. Lori Noack

    Yoooo what kind of Ltd is that?


    Alex Noack a Ltd Stephen Carpenter 7 string i believe :)

  36. Captain Young

    Yes!!!!! Finally some good music.

  37. Bryan Williams

    The way this dude alway shouts his band's name in their songs, you'd think he was a metal-type Pokemon

    "I chose you, Spite!"


    Sythu 666

    The way he does it sounds so sick

  38. Liz Flores

    if you squint yo eyes its rick from the walking dead lol

    Lando McPherson

    Nah, it's Shia LeBouf


    Nah it's Seth Rollins


    Liz Flores lolll or Chris Delia

    Maghoul Jones

    He is so pissed about Carl dying so he went to metal music to write about it

    Ron L

    Or the one robber from Home Alone lmao

  39. WhateverBoss

    Seeing these guys today with Bodysnatcher. 😎


    WhateverBoss I heard trash cans were thrown

  40. Preston head


  41. SenselessBonkai

    2:07 is that a fender strat?

    Lori Noack

    if that was a fender it'd be a Telecaster bruh

    Joe Grizzly

    SenselessBonkai it's an LTD Stephen Carpenter signature 7

    Lori Noack

    Dude thank you for that. I've been trying to figure out what kind of Ltd it is for ages

    Joe Grizzly

    Alex Noack no problem bud! I had the Strat body model that he put out, great guitars! Definitely recommend them!

    William Bostic

    SenselessBonkai fuck no an ltd

  42. Nolan Davis

    So stoked to see these guys on 6/22 in Fresno


    Nolan Davis damn so i missed them just found out about these guys today

  43. Will Gude


  44. Jordan Lamberson

    Fuck yes!!!

  45. Harambe


  46. Jack S.

    Favorite song by SPITE. spitecult forever!

  47. Abel


  48. LouisMB

    Uff Brutal! ♡

  49. David Apk


  50. Cam Turner

    omg I love this band, liked the theatrical aspect too

  51. joe13LP

    That angry seal noise at the beginning though..

    Jaden Sixx

    joe13LP bro I’m dying. Lmao

  52. Satans braten

    SPITE !!

  53. Joe Joe CreamPuff

    i Came at 0:57

    Irvin Salazar

    hahaha lol your name!!!! clorox bleach LOL


    i mean the rest of the song is kinda better. its a pretty basic breakdown

  54. David Price


  55. ggsweg

    spite cult 😈

  56. Iván Sierra

    Fuck this is AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!

  57. Chris Juarez


  58. Lord of Woe

    such an awesome band 👌 #SpiteCult

  59. Gerico


  60. Sebastian Jara


    Sebastian Jara

    Saludos desde chileee <3

    Josefa Araya

    +Stay Sebaa AGUANTE!

    marce fem


  61. Eric Little666


  62. Kamil

    Sick \m/

  63. James Coverdale

    Favorite Spite Song!! #SpiteCult