Spite - Death Sentence Lyrics

No apologies
No goodbyes
Take the lustful fucker and hang him high
Scumbag, born from the mud
Raised by pigs
Personality of a fiend scavenger
I think I've had enough
Take what isn't yours and I'll cut your fucking hands off
Do you have any decency?
So fucking broke you want a piece of me?
Took the one thing that I call mine
Used your dirty hands to tear apart my mind
I saw the way you looked in her eyes
I saw the way she looked in your eyes
Fuck the past and fuck the future
I hope this feels torture
Wrap this rope around your neck and rot in hell
You make me fucking sick
Every breath you take is another mistake I've made
The fact I've let you live this long stings my very being
Do you have the fucking decency?
So god damn, broke you want a piece of me?
Took the one thing that I call mine
I swear I'm nervous, you're ready to die
I want you to look in my eyes
Feel all of my hate before your demise
Fuck the past and fuck the future
I hope this feels torture
Wrap this rope around your neck and rot in hell
You make me fucking sick
Let me hear you scream it
Hey shit brains don't you get it?
This is who we are, get fucked if you tread it
See your family?
See your friends?
All here to see the way your pathetic waste of life
They never cared for you, she never wanted you
Sometimes we need someone awful to remind us who's been always true
You're a nobody
You are nothing
Look in my eyes
I want to be the last thing you that see before you die
Wait till' I give the okay this moment is mine
Everything's mine
So hang him high
This moment is mine
So hang him high
Watch his neck break
Back and fourth
Back and fourth

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Spite Death Sentence Comments
  1. SinOfLust 420

    Spite I choose you! Spiiiiitteee!

  2. Chocolate Giddy-Up

    33 people got fucked cause they treaded it

  3. JustAnotherMetalSinger

    has anyone made that sound in deathcore before this at 1:40

  4. Lizzy Gilmore

    I beat onimusha in 3 hours to spite...

  5. Chad



    Max Campo deathcore

  6. Kill Katelyn

    Makes me nut.

  7. SamWilliams_Music

    More lows please :)

  8. Justin Mondary

    This song makes me feel happy that I'm not the only one that feels like this

  9. Cameron Ward

    Watch his neck BREEEAKKKK

  10. Happy solenberger

    Best wedding song ever

  11. Josh Valdez

    Good shit

  12. Courtney Kreag


  13. C Nword

    Nowadays that's still remains my favourite tracks of Spite, such a rampage

  14. Kevin Sundelin

    I have a feeling this song is either about the hatred towards someone who stole someone's girlfriend or the hatred towards a rapist.

  15. steven parise

    This is pure fucking hate insanity!

    steven parise

    But so fking good

  16. Processdrone

    aw maaan I know them feels.

  17. Dayle Weeks

    Gutiar tone T H I C C af

  18. dmurdend x

    top shelf boys keep workin

  19. Metalcore Immaculate

    just now found this band, fucking brutally amazing

  20. Ulysses Vazquez

    Why are we all trying to pin this band to a certain sub genre? Like fuck its an amazing band pulling in many different sounds to make a sick song

  21. Chronic_Breakdown

    This song is so agressive I love it. 🤘

  22. Breadtilian

    Check out the clip I have of this song on my channel if you want. If not that's fine too.

  23. JustAnotherMetalSinger

    i am in love with spite, full of hate, blood gushing goodness

  24. Chronic_Breakdown

    Not really a fan of the anti religion bullshit spite is about, but this song and psychopath both sound amazing.


    Well this song is about how he wants to kill the man who took his girlfriend from him.


    anti religion bullshit is cool

  25. Ants In My Eyes Johnson

    1:40 tiny bleh

  26. Your mother and the sand people


  27. Lane Flores

    1:12 though holy fuck

  28. ALLIES

    when the dab hit you back 1:40

    Hunter Martin

    AlliesToTheAdversary same

    JuneYaa Boi

    Thanks for the laugh hahahahhaha

  29. Nate Bassili

    I fuckin' love this band. Perfect mix of deathcore and hardcore

    Emma Martines

    Nate Bassili theres definitely no hardcore in this. Lol

  30. Yussop op

    Sounds fucking great but they fucking say "Fuck" too fucking much. It annoyed the fuck throughout the whole fucking album. fuck.

  31. Cody Emsky

    i can squat 50,000 pounds when listening to WATCH HIS NECK BREAK. cause my neck actually breaks

  32. gerardo custodio

    This one has good volume!! Love it! Thanks for the music found you on Instagram 🤘🏻

  33. Alex Padilla

    1:41 choked on a mosquito

    CJ Watson

    Alex Padilla 1:38 actually

  34. Joshua Salinas


  35. Pooks

    edgiest band ever... and i fucking love it

  36. Dillon6479

    2:25, dan watson, is that you?

  37. Cody Emsky

    working out to this song is fucking great. I have discovered that at 2:49, you can lift 10 times the amount you think you can


    Really? I found listening to this does the opposite for me, i lose all focus on form and im not calm at all which is not the smartest way to lift. You are probably going to injure yourself if u lift the way this makes you feel.


    I find this very relaxing, metal is the only music that enables me to focus and channel my energy efficiently. Everybody is different!


    agree so much this is the type of music that unleashes the beast inside of you when working out


    Dude Spite is so sick to workout to it's like fuckin steroids in your ears

    clark bolding

    If you don't lift then wyd listening to this music? Part sarcasm but also genuine question

  38. SenselessBonkai

    fonz made stay sick records?


    SenselessBonkai yeah. spite n enterprise earth are under his record label.. two of the biggest deathcores bands atm. let that sink in


    That's because he is awesome. Much respect to him for starting this label

  39. Hank Grossen

    Fucking perfect signing.

  40. Hategettoknowme

    This song and band have potential. The riffing is chill but the lyrics seem like a pissed off 8 year old wrote them.
    I mean how many times have we heard this same story in a deathcore song about a guy killing someone who stole his girlfriend.
    There's nothing original here.
    So much hype about this band and they end up sounding like every other "hardcore" band out there.

    Benjamin Reiter

    you think too much man, that's why i just fill in shit with my imagination, like when he says watch his neck break, i think about defeating a mass amount of enemies as if i were goku straight fucking shit uo, things are easy when you don't read into it so much.


    Hategettoknowme dude, that's exactly what I was thinking. Sure it's got a nice heavy sound, but there's nothing original. The excessive use of profanities just made that more apparent. I mean, I know that's already a common thing, but my point is it seems like they were throwing profanity in there just to flesh it out, like using lots of adjectives in a paper to hit a word count.

    Ruben R

    Hategettoknowme but what I love about this band is that you can tell the lyrics he writes he feels em with the way he vocally executes them. this band sounds agry cause what Darius writes about is what he's really pissed about & that's what brings out the pissed energy

    The Aerohead Experience

    Hundreds of band, and you want original content? The fuck outta here...

    Kevin Sundelin

    Not sure of what you're talking about, Deathcore songs are never about love or relationships

  41. Shane Candy

    Fuuuuruh, Some of these drops that Spite are putting out rival even some of the more mainstream bands, love it!

  42. trevan cornell

    watch his neck... ( pause) BREAK! fucking was not expecting that shit brutal

  43. Alejandro Griffin

    Flames come in @ 2:50 because of how fire this track is.

  44. Justin Novo


  45. Devon Leveille

    spite better be attending warped tour

  46. Taha Ülkem Sulak

    2.50 is sick.

  47. Ricky Witte

    You guys have never heard of Chugcore, lmao. This band came from Chugcore.

    Brad Kraus

    +Ricky Witte who fucking cares

    Ricky Witte

    +Brad Kraus lmao quit your whining


    +Ricky Witte I'm sure most people have heard of Chugcore lmao what are you on about

    Aaron S

    You sound like a fucking idiot

  48. Abel

    These guys go hard.

    kaylob howard

    i know man this is like my new favorite band

  49. The Faded Line

    omg this is fucking dopeee

  50. C Nword

    Spite is godamn sick

  51. Scottay

    not crazy about it but damn it grooves and I can appreciate that

    Braille Black Bearer

    Their self-titled has some really groovy riffs


    +Braille Black Bearer This is their self titled

    Braille Black Bearer

    +BrickWolfy Not the whole album


    @Braille Black Bearer true

  52. alejandra pan

    fuck yeeaaaaah


    Oh yeah, fuck em up

  54. Naza Foxx

    Genial <3

    Pablo Daniel

    Naza Foxx TwT hola 7u7

  55. Braille Black Bearer

    Watch. His neck. BREAK.

  56. Cam Turner

    I only subed to this channel a week ago, the universe is so good to me :)

  57. yung phenex

    Stay sick has such a diverse roster of bands. It's refreshing and awesome. Nice job Fronz

    Ruben R

    yung phenex I can't stand Attila but I got mad respect for fronz for starting a sick ass label giving us all these awesome bands

  58. Marius Soko

    1:39 is beautiful!

    Samuel Linteau

    Nothing is beautiful

  59. SendMeHate Bois

    >guy steals your girlfriend so you murder him. Lol nice one.


    it seems like people in here dont realize that the "core" in deathcore comes from hardcore. deathcore is death metal and hardcore together. they are a deathcore band. and like someone else said, theyve also got the beatdown thing going on


    Its deathcore stfu all ready.

    uber goober

    What a contrarian cunt.

    Delta Blood

    SendMeHate Bois “hey shitbrains don’t you get it, this is who we are get fucked if you tread it” sincerely, a deathcore band.


    I 'll settle this argument it's blacken deathcore

  60. Nigil Johnson


  61. Until Royalty

    Pretty rad guys

  62. Triston Martinez


  63. Corrine

    Will forever love spite

    Random Randol

    SAME ,

    Guiseppe Paparo

    Corrine Green i

  64. Evan H

    Dope. Sounds like Last Ten Seconds of Life or 2x4.