Spinners, The - How Could I Let You Get Away Lyrics

Like Howdy Do
Your tin soldiers your clowns too
They’re all laughing at you,
I’m laughing at you too
Like basket ball, five fouls and that was all
The games you really knew yeah, why could I beat you
In the middle of the room got no time to
Count may sheep today

How could I let get away
When I knew I’d need somebody soon
How could I let you get away
When I knew I’d need somebody soon

Like mother goose
Winds you up the turns your lose
Block 10 was beatin’ two
And I can’t tell green from blue no no
Like cat and mouse games of chase instead of house
I’d get so mad at you
Like parents often do
In the middle of the room
Got not time to
Count my sheep today baby

How could let you get away
When I knew I’d need somebody soon
Oooh hooo (how could I lets you get away) baby
When I knew I need somebody soon

Oooh baby (how could I let you get away) how could let you get away baby
When I knew I need somebody soon yeah
Hey baby I didn’t count my sheep I let my woman weep baby
I knew down inside I needed someone soon
Like Mother Goose I done let you lose
And I need you baby yeah
Ooh wee I need somebody soon
Help me now to keep my feet on the ground


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Spinners, The How Could I Let You Get Away Comments
  1. Greg Williams

    Another great by Thom Bell, this man could write some music...we've all let that 1 get away...mmmmmfffff

  2. Greg Lismon

    Great Soul Music 🎶 😎

  3. earl howard

    Love this cut so many memories.

  4. Marquits Horne

    This is true song and I love it

  5. Kelolo OnSolo

    Silky why did you have to go. My babe Rest in Love

  6. Jimmy Chamberlin

    Wish we loved each other like it's supposed to be.

  7. Mike Banks

    "When I knew I'd need somebody soon" what a helluva a lyric. "Got no time to count my sheep today"

  8. Garfield Murray

    everytime I hear this song I think of my father who use to play it all the time. I really miss him.

  9. Cyndi Lunsford

    They just don't make songs like this anymore.

  10. Leslie Best

    OMG! I was a teen when I first heard this song. How I ❤️ THE SPINNERS!

  11. delp emdog

    @ 2.22 Lord have Mercy

  12. Paulette Hammond-Duerson

    You let me on the shelf for 13 yrs. Someone came along, dusted me off and said WoW, look at this. After all this time I can't believe how you are acting. Its your own fault.
    I lost everything, and I went through it. I don't know what to tell you. I deserve some happiness in MY LIFE! Now you weather the storm the way I weathered mine. I didn't do anything to you. One you went a different direction I never bothered you. Now leave me alone.

  13. Lionel Kennedy

    Good ole SOUL music ♥️

  14. Maxine Smith

    Stop..Im here Merry Christmas 2019! 1963 baby!!!!

  15. Dean gaudin

    Big tune

  16. Music Lover

    A classic!!

  17. B. B.

    Takes me back to my childhood, my dad is a big Spinners fan..

  18. Calda Clarke

    Philipe wyn a bad singer

  19. Gerald Carr

    Hey Hopeful Romantic, God did make one more soul brother with that style of voice....ME! I love this song, and you are so right.

  20. protected BLESSINGSTOALL

    YOU'RE A FOOL💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  21. Reginald Dennis

    Got tears in my eyes listening to this song. Remembering when I used to walk across town with Momma and get groceries. Then walk back across town with those groceries home. I miss my Momma and Daddy so much. Sometimes life hurts.....

    DeBBie Montague

    I'm so sorry for your lose! I know how it feela as both my parents have passed too. I think of them everyday. I focus on the good and great thing that happened and smile. Sometimes, I LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!! There are still times when I shead a tear or two b/c I miss them. I don't know that the pain will ever go away, but I do know that it's easier to deal with as time passes. So I encourage you to remember the good days, remember the great days. Think on these things, smile and LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!

    Dora Morris

    @DeBBie Montague Amen I agree you both in my prayer both of my parents decease and my only son was killed 2006 oh but god Peace and Blessings to us

    Quincy B


  22. Sharon Lee

    How could HE let me get away????? SMH!!!

    Paul Weber

    Probably because he didn't deserve you...

  23. Renee Crawford-White

    What a voice..... 💕

  24. Renee James

    We used to slow dance to this jam and step to "I'll Be Around" and "Mighty Love". We also rocked "Babysitter" by Betty Wright, Cisco Kid by War, and "Neither One of Us". These songs were huge in Chicago on the southside. The question everybody asked on Friday and Saturday nights---Where's the set at? Anybody else remember that?

    darrell carther

    I remember those days like it was yesterday. From Gary, Indiana now in Dallas,Tx.

  25. Guy Jordan

    2019 baby real fucking music

  26. J SMITH

    This song and "Love Don't Love Nobody"!!! ❤❤❤

  27. Jason Dean



    love this song memories of being a kid lol.

  29. Donnie Gonzalez

    Sounds catchy

  30. Ms. Carter

    ♥️🔥 ♥️🔥 ♥️

  31. Jeffrey Chandler

    I can vividly remember as a teenager observing this phenomenal group on Soul Train sing this song. I knew then that the Spinner's contained a special quality and uniqueness.

  32. Samuel Griffin

    Sweet soul music from Detroit Michigan

  33. eric ramsey

    Real nmusic.

  34. Keith Hawkins


  35. darrell carther

    song brings tears to my eyes thinking of the one i let get away

    Cyndi Lunsford

    Aww...Darrell. She's still thinking about you too I bet.

    Robert Goines

    I know that feeling my brother I walk around trying to smile when people ask me how am I, + I have my 3 grandsons that are better than any alcohol or drug to I help with the loneliness and the depression but it's only a temporary fix if you will. My wife passed away 13 years the end of February + I try to keep myself busy but the truth is I'm such a lonely man. I'm empty when I'm not not around my children or grandchildren or my friends. But I keep plugging along + I know God gotta plan for me + I don't know what it is but I know Jesus knows what is best for me so I don't question him. my prayers go out to you and anyone else that are going through a rough time with this thought God is never late. He's always on time + just have faith and God will reveal his plan for us. We just have to believe, have faith and just keep God 1st. God bless you my brother

    darrell carther

    @Robert Goines Thank you Robert for the uplifting words. Your erxperience and testimony is someone else's motivation. Be strong bro and be blessed.

    Robert Goines

    @darrell carther thank you my friend for the encouraging words. I appreciate the love + support. God bless you as well

  36. Dale Schmitt

    Several years ago I was in a record store and the man behind me was buying the Very Best of Spinners disc you see above. I already owned it and I asked him if he knew this song. He said no and I told him to pay attention to it. it's better than all their big hits, and those are pretty wonderful.

  37. Berry Barfield

    I truly love this group,much love to ALL from Lumberton NC!!

  38. Terry Power

    Real Music!!!

  39. Eartha Mist

    Love the meaning behind this song ,yet the melody is so beautiful.A true blending of beat and memory here.A lot going on in this composition---love it.

  40. Boyd Daniels

    Wow I remember this song my dad used to play this song when I was a little boy.i miss him so much make me sad .but still good memories of him!!🎼🎹💯👍🎧🎤✌️🤟🏻🍸

    Spencer Whitsett

    Respect bro✊💯

    Cyndi Lunsford

    Hey Boyd, treat women like they do in these songs and it will make your dad proud.

  41. Erica Kane

    I love this song takes me back to when I was a kid my mom off work cleaning the house my dad fixing the truck windows open old school blasting


    Cute! Everybody always seems to recall Mon cleaning while their favorite songs were on, including me! Check it Out! Ciao!!!

    scram jones

    Babygirl.....wow! You just hit me with that. Miss those days, smh.

  42. Ileen Randle

    I Remix it using the Most High in my own Words.....KANNNNNNNNNN 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Charlene Jones

    Love any and all things Spinners. Best music ever.

  44. Jameal Dumas

    This song makes me think of my mom!!

    Ileen Randle

    Jameal Dumas ❤️

  45. Lil Peaches Ali

    sing my song Philippe Wynne

  46. Kurt Adams

    The GENIUS of Thom Bell

  47. Kurt Adams

    Sweet Philly Soul

  48. Therlo Stallings

    Beautiful song. Beautiful. Absolute non sense but damn those brothers could sing.

    Berry Barfield

    Yes they can,much love to the Mighty Spinners



  49. Patricia Coleman

    Nostalgia pierces the soul deep.

  50. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's R & B 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1993.

  51. Gustavo Martinez

    Can't beat the old skool soul .

  52. Brian Wilson

    Caddillac music

    Spencer Whitsett

    Lol hell yea

  53. Pam Thornton

    Best memories

  54. Pam Thornton

    What a great song

    Ora Silmon

    So thankful for youtube... Nothing like good music with lyrics of meaning, I just love it.

  55. kjchicago1

    Has That Stylistics-like lush sound in it

    Kurt Adams

    Same producer. Mr. Thom Bell

  56. Brandi Freeman


    James Thornton

    25 years old youngins. Damn shame

    Tracey Seace

    Brandi Freeman They bumped their heads—a lot.

    Rick S

    They are fools who don't appreciate fine old school music.

    cecilia flores

    For Real!

    Elgin hogan

    Must be young!!!!!!!!

  57. Patricia Wilson

    Good memories

  58. Sharonda Madison

    My my my memories early 70's and this album playing on mommies stereo/hi-fi 🎶🎶💖❤

    Lee Dean

    A mesmerizing performance by Ms. Simone, who was a divinely inspired talent. We miss you so much.

    Fredrick Williams

    YESSSSSS I was Mamas DJ.

  59. Deshir Thomas



    @ 9.26.19 Old school for life!


    And beyond!

  60. Steven Jackson

    The first 45 I ever bought. Chicago Southside. Thought I understood what was going on. Great memories.

  61. Optimistic One

    One of my favorites. So smooth and mellow. In my opinion, they just don' t make men with voices like this anymore. If they do, there aren' t that many.

    gloria rollins

    Lynn H in fact there are many great singing talents around, they want to rap because “ lyrics and meaningful music “ is not happening at this moment, but the world is round!

    Kenneth Thomas

    How right you are because music now is about being disrespectful to women and that's sad

    Gerald Carr

    Hopeful Romantic, there is one more voice that compares with these guys. Yours truly! I love it, and I'm in full agreement with you.

    Jurassic Coast Comics

    Miguel - Usher - the weeknd

  62. Brian Catron

    How could WE???...

  63. curt t stover

    Waking up getting ready for school!!!

  64. LUCKY 472

    <(-_-)> NOURISHMENT for the soul! !!!!

    LF Jones

    Give the drummer some!

  65. Mr Killez

    Whoever disliked I will kill your family in public by burning them on a steak and then when you fry for them I will rip the skin on your neck in half and pull out your throat with my hands and wear it as a fucking decorative scarf and sell your eyes as prothstetic balls

    Nicholas Donaldson

    Hahahaha, a bit extreme but I understand.

    k sudduth

    Man you crazy!!! Lol

  66. Gustin N

    Motown was an amazing time for music..

    John Wilson

    This song was on Atlantic Records after The Spinners left Motown ..

    LF Jones

    @John Wilson Yea, assigned to the black section.


    This is Philly Soul. Don't be ignorant.

  67. John Kaveski

    love this stuff

  68. Alicia jones

    This Is Favorite Song. 🎼🎺🎷🎹🎧

  69. fryelee11

    My second favorite all time group.  A close second to The Temptations.

    Angle Johnson

    nope spinners were better you are crazy lol

  70. Greg Bryant

    Memory Magic😊😊😊😊😊

    Michael Murray

    Damn 17 and in love.