Speed Gang - Something Borrowed Lyrics

(I have seen the dark shadows moving in the woods, and I have no doubt that... whatever I have resurrected through this book.)

(We are all equal, in some form or another. Are we not?)

Life gives us second chances everyday, it's called tomorrow
And every time we say goodbye it feels like something's borrowed
I lay my head to sleep at night and try to mute the sorrow
And every time I do I can't not feel like something's borrowed

Something borrowed
Fuck if I know
Something borrowed
Fuck if I know

Yeah, something borrowed, fuck if I know
Catch me outside on the roof low key
You don't know the dedication
I be putting in all night, homie
Yeah, you a fucking hater, I be getting paper
Shopping with a tailer, serving like waiter
Shoutout to my neighbors, addicted to the cake, uh
I do this every day, brah, I do this every, love
Pop a k-pin, blacked out waiting
For the day you take what's taken
Sucked my dick and then I ate bacon
God was busy so I got Satan, no
Guess I gotta do this shit solo
Yeah I pull up on them hoes like, oh
If you really with it bitch, let's go-oh-oh

Yeah trust is the hardest thing to find
And the easiest thing to lose
But if you got someone who's really down
They would never do that to you

Life gives us second chances everyday, it's called tomorrow
And every time we say goodbye it feels like something's borrowed
I lay my head to sleep at night and try to mute the sorrow
And every time I do I can't not feel like something's borrowed

Something borrowed
Fuck if I know
Something borrowed
Fuck if I know

Don't talk, just act, don't say, just do
If you want it you can get it but you gotta make the move
Everybody where I'm from say they out here making moves
I see them 1 year later and they haven't fucking moved
Shame on you, you wack-ass bitch
Stop running your mouths 'cause you ain't doing shit
Hards work, dedication, solitude, and focus
Attending EDM shows every weekend ain't it
Yeah I'm stacking up the paper, yeah I'm staying low key
I'm addicted to the drugs 'cause the drugs love me
Got tatted for my brother, rest in peace homie
I know I'll see you soon 'cause you visit in my dreams

Aubrey Plaza, do you wanna holler?
Beat the pussy up then I'll give your ass a dollar
Why bother? You fucking with a scholar
Give me a call, pretty please, Aubrey Plaza

You lied to me to protect your feelings
I hate you, bitch, and I hope you bleed

Life gives us second chances everyday, it's called tomorrow
And every time we say goodbye it feels like something's borrowed
I lay my head to sleep at night and try to mute the sorrow
And every time I do I can't not feel like something's borrowed

Something borrowed
Fuck if I know
Something borrowed
Fuck if I know

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Speed Gang Something Borrowed Comments
  1. Dramatics

    ive been listening since barley 10k subs. been here since the start. not one poo song.

  2. Ryan Collis

    2.45 onwards, this verse, the tune, words and all just get me

  3. Connor RK900

    This is your best fucking song yet. Something Borrowed and Serial Killer💙

  4. Austin Marzini

    Glad I found your music I usually listen to rock/metal but your music has this awesome twist to it and I love it 👌

  5. Rift33SRT

    I thought I was the only one that had a crush on Audrey

  6. Bobby Opp

    FUCK YESSS!!! MONICAS on SpFy now!!!

  7. Billy Kirby

    I love this shit

  8. Leah rugg

    I love this song it is on tik tok

  9. Shnozzle Shabizzle

    I enjoy your shit mucho bro. need to tour in Cali. If Steel Panther can do it so can you.

  10. sabin gonzales

    Can u add me on social media bc i can use some tips for lyrics

  11. Augustus.P Crumhorn III

    I wanna meet the people who seriously listen to this music

  12. Wes Hunt

    Why ain't this popped off yet?!

  13. Enigmaa

    When we getting the next banger 🤙

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    Not a single person in my school knows who speed gang was and I showed them now I here it every were there

  15. Killzone

    can u make more so songs please please please

  16. marshmallow Crusher l

    I'm new

  17. Victoria VanHousen

    Come to New York! My boyfriend and I are HUGE fans!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Loosid Dream

    Should do a song with doobie that collab would be lit afff

  19. Michael Jackson

    I lay my head to sleep to mute the sorrow

  20. William Thomas

    Keep going speed gang I’ve been a long time listener. You’ve helped me through all my bad times when I was lost and I’m happy to say with your music you’ve helped me through so much thank you. Much appreciation for you sir. 🔥👏🏻

  21. Kai Meese

    "This, 1-900 and Bitch go die" is the way to go for me, SPEED GANG. 😈🙌

  22. Bo Norton

    Why is red lipstick still not on iTunes but this song is

    Bo Norton

    I like the song don’t get me wrong but like wtf

  23. Bradley Hudson

    Be more active speed I miss you go in tour plz

  24. Emily Krause

    it's the best song you made yet speed gang whats your reel name

  25. My name Jeff

    Love your Jeremy you mean so much to everyone my mankeep your head up .!

  26. opposition Records

    Yo I would love to make a song together I love your music bro

  27. pumpkin spice latte

    Um I'm going to say that I'm 11 and I have been listening to Your songs for a year and I'm a huge fan of you 😆

  28. dog616 blizzard snake

    Hi I'm a huge fan

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    Король 📌

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    I love you so much!!!

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    Can pls drop the unreleased song called ( FOR YOU ) I,m addictive to the snippet

  32. Rebecca Harwood

    Damn i love this

  33. Martell Green

    Richard Romero at the beginning.. 😎

  34. Money Money

    Still no new songs

  35. jayshawn manning9133

    sorry pornhub speed gangs new song came out ps i know im late

  36. Brendan the legend

    Yo 616 thanks bro your music gets me through bro been hard lately with the crazy thoughts listen to ya music and shit seems to get better tomorrow may not come but then again fucked if I know but serious I've had suicidal thoughts for a long time I'm just glad I found your music it was all on accident but it was for a reason to keep me going cheers bro you are a fucking legend 👌👌👌👌💕👌👌👌😃😃

  37. Veronica Bryant


  38. Money Money

    @speed gang can u drop 55t bird if u see this comment could u upload it , i saw a unrealesed snippet it is a greats

  39. Money Money

    Another night another month almost no upload just ruined my day

  40. Money Money

    When are u going to drop another song @speed gang its been 3 weeks i miss ur weekly uploads no cap

  41. Money Money

    Im unsubbing u dont upload right u have us waiting to long thats messed up

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    do u play avakin life

  43. FlashTheProTv

    catchy af

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    someone make a nightcore of this

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    I love this song💙💙💙

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    I love this track. Mad love

  48. Lil Sav

    I really fuck with you Bru. Fuck em haters💯. Keep doing you speed gang

  49. Kessa Wissenbach

    LOVE YOU Jeremy

  50. Monokuma 420

    Love the work. Keep it up man. You're killing it. Soon enough you'll get the recognition you deserve. You're fire man, keep it up. 💯

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    Songs like this are worth the wait these are the good ones

  52. Brendan the legend

    Sup speed gang loving the new track Bro fuck you truly are the best aye the best line ever is from run that shit. Hey baby girl what cha doin tonight come fuck with me an ima treat you right ima hold you down ima eat you right ima have that pussy looking like a water pipe like drip drip ya fucking with a pro you dont want that shit. That is fucking gold and I love it bro and also berry yum yum is a great 1 fuck every song of yours is on point bro 616 god for reals

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    Yoo speed yo music is dope my bro keep up the good work n stay grindin dawg🤘🔥🔥

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    Ahhh!! I love your music so much! Very excited about your new song!!

  55. Speed Gang


    ITUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1478592062?ls=1&app=itunes

    APPLE MUSIC: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1478592062

    Meagan Dobson

    lets meet

    Aly Carrier

    My new favorite song. He just keeps killing it.


    Speed Gang this shit is fire


    Yoo its my birthday today and it would be awesome if you could make a birthday song would be much apreciated ❤

    Jack Fehely

    Speed gang

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    Felicia Jxdy Likes THis

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    This shit was dope!! Glad to hear something new!

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    #speedgangtakingover #616god . 🙏🏼🖤 waiting for more to drop

  63. illeanna rae .

    I LOVE YOU JEREMY . 616 god babyy . 🖤🖤

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    Keep dropping music, it's keeping me alive spiritually

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    First song I've heard and this is so wavy🔥

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    Speed gang is back bitches

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    Thank god for this <3

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    This damn songs addicting !! Proly heard it 10 xs already, love the message, the chicks in the backround !! 👍 defiantly a banger !! 🔥🔥

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