Speed Gang - Shady Lyrics

(I was Jack and you were Sally the darkness to my valley)

When you love somebody..
You don't do what you do to me..
I tried to trust you..
But you left me here just wondering..

You shady shady shady shady shady shady
Stupid bitch!!
You shady shady shady shady shady shady
All over again!!

You shady shady stupid bitch..
I tried and tried you make me sick!
I thought you cared and wanted this..
You said you loved me fuck you bitch!!
Yea once again your back in my life
Once again your gonna make it right
Once again your out all night
Once again you don't call me I..
Need to let go foreal this time
Need to get you outta my mind
Need to stop trusting you and your lies
Need to do me foreal this time

When you love somebody..
You don't do what you do to me..
I tried to trust you..
But you left me here just wondering..

You shady shady shady shady shady shady
Stupid bitch!!
You shady shady shady shady shady shady
All over again!!

Yeah I act like it don't hurt
But it really kills inside
Drop top massi wit a all red inside
Baby ripped my heart out
Now you can see my insides..
Unsaid things.. loose ends and they don't tie
Yea tha sex was good but not hurting is better
GVSU you wore my sweater
Me and you I thought it was forever
But I guess you like snorting coke much better
Over and over the same old weather
Poured my heart out like a old love letter..

(I was Jack and you were Sally we layed in bed with Sassy)

When you love somebody..
You don't do what you do to me..
I tried to trust you...
But you left me here just wondering..

You shady shady shady shady shady shady
Stupid bitch!!
You shady shady shady shady shady shady
All over again!!

An ..I hate everything about you..
Why do I still love you?
I hate everything about you..
Why do I still love you?

(Lindsey, Lindsey, I love you, you kill me!!)

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Speed Gang Shady Comments
  1. Dawson Koon

    I like your music

  2. Michael Brumage

    This is for my ex

  3. unknown bish

    Who still lessons to this in 2019

    I love the music 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💝💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🖤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💙💚💛🧡❤💜🖤🖤💜💙💚💛💛🧡❤

  4. Lorissa Thomas

    Let’s here more like these ones you made in 2016/17!!!

  5. Tyler Kyplain

    This song hits me really hard

  6. do me Doobie

    Lindsey Anderson was a bitch🙄

  7. Cortney Porter

    Feel this on so many levels.😔

  8. Koel Porter

    You are truly amazing bro love all your songs specially made it this far relates so much to me

  9. Alex Rojowski

    Love u speed gang

  10. Bradley james

    Jazmine.......i love you 😥❤

  11. Ashley Huff

    Gun rue 616 love yall keep reppin our motherfucking city yo

  12. Exiled Destiny

    Speed Gang is lit af cant get enough

  13. Tabbie Linn

    You da best speedgang

  14. SHARK MODz

    Bro seriously this brings back memories, but it helps a lot. She was my ride or die and she stabbed me in the back. She a shady bitch frl. Thank you for helping me through my life with ur music speed gang. Much love💯🔥

  15. Xoxo Redskyella


  16. yung brown tha yung killer

    Yo speed gang your music is a good thing i love it

  17. Colton Baker

    Memorized this song in less than a week my ex played me and was a shady bitch and broke my heart so I played this song for her

  18. Matt Frisch

    I need to do me for real this time and stop trusting motherfuckers that take advantage of me cause i gotta big heart

  19. Roy Giroux

    This song explains pain... I love it.

  20. Jeffrey Arendale

    Dedicated to my ex lol

  21. Forever Unknown

    One of my favorites girl I been dating for 2 years have been going through alot and it hurts back and forth I play this one songs at least 50 times or more a day when I'm in bed i play it and I just think about what I'm doing she's doing how were doing and I can feel my heart beat fast or like it's cracking or something I gave her the world and i still am because when you love somebody you don't give up and you don't repeat so this song helps day by day even when I'm happy I play it because it always hits me and gets me thinking hm so thank you

  22. ArsnO wilson

    Flip tunes beat ??

  23. Christopher Gano

    U Sexy little thing I’m just a skater boy and we made one year and sum Marlana long brown hair with pretty eyes and number one in mine mistakes I made but so did you you said you loved me I said I did too but it grew and grew like the pot in our backyard on and on you kept on dragging me in more love is what I gave to you until our last day so foolish was I you looked me in my eyes and said that you loved me the day you fucked me like three times that day but your feelings changed you told me we were over I cried and I cried tryed to convince you other but you slapped me and said get over fuck you bitch you took my soul and heart and I can’t see enough to recieve my stolen property all black prelude I like it better I think I might drive in bad weather get real high just one last time as I climb my rpms and crash i won’t be able to even say goodbye methamphetamines running through my insides tryed to get over you but it from the inside everyday I look at the scars on my arms like why the fuck would I your in my mind like get the fuck out goodbye crush me some powder and up my nose it goes I forget our you for at least a little while crash crash I’m about crash coming down sucks because it becomes harder

  24. Zoey Bird

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. N_Sun Sun

    I remember my best friend

  26. Kali Rae

    I wish you understood how much your music actually means to me. Lol thats the shitty thing about this. I wonder if he actually looks at the comments.

  27. Evan Basso

    Speed gang please reply
    Your music is the bomb

    What got you into music

  28. Cherish Francois


  29. Faith Maisyyy

    This song may be made in 2k17 but it's making it through 2k18 just fine 💖

  30. Beana Gatewood

    love love <3

  31. Twinkie

    Instrumental name?

  32. David curtiss

    Your music is the shit im always listening to it

  33. Judith Deltess

    your songs are so lit

  34. Braden

    Dope song man

  35. Nick Pride

    Speedgang please respond to this

  36. Esmeralda Arias - Chavez

    I love it ♡♡♡♡♡ #SHADY #TEAM #SPEEDGANG ♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆


    Whoever disliked this song you putting more pain on speed gang cmon ppl show some fuckin respect for this guy he just went through a break up so stop disliking this song


    I've been playing this song for about a week now

  39. charlene deponte

    they need to have their songs avaible on spotify 💯💯💯💯💯

  40. Nick Pride

    Song is fucking fire my workout music all speesgang songs

  41. Breanna Storm


  42. Fuck Life

    Speed gang takeing over 😂😘616 guys remember that 😉💞

  43. Erik Boling

    this song is the shitt love speed gang you rock if u havent herd of these guys you are missing out got to listen now

  44. Erik Boling

    this song is the shitt love speed gang you rock if u havent herd of these guys you are missing out got to listen now

  45. Talon

    hahahahaha is he for real? this why i cant take rap serious

  46. 100bandz_lovinman 30bandz_38

    speed gang u copyed that old rock song lol. i hate evrthing about u i hv u on snap that kid lol and. why do i still love u make ur own. and u copyed hate it love u coped 50 cents that dowg part not cool

  47. Fuck Life

    love your song speed gang 😎😎😎😏❤

  48. Elizabeth Gatchel

    I rep SPEED GANG in WABASH INDIANA 🌽🇺🇸😝😏💯😘


    My Homie You from Indiana too thats wassup

  49. the binx complex

    damn bro what did that bitch do to you? This music's dope , that bitch really fucked you up your music gives me motivation my bitch did the same to me

  50. Fire Squad


  51. Sedona. Skye

    only thing i need is speed gang

  52. Ivan POOskie

    I like how this has a little part from "I hate everything about you" by Three days grace

  53. kiari joann


  54. Mariaa See

    get so many memories that go thru my head when I hear this song. 💜💛💚💙❤ speed gang gets me thru all most of my problems 👌

  55. Randee Miller

    shady shady stupid bitchhhh. 😈


    check out my cannel for lyrics on screen

  57. Dakota Martin

    showing love from ks keep it up shit really hits home least I got my daughter from it keep it up

  58. Natalie Alick

    Omg lovin ur song SPEED GANG<3. Where's ur lyrics?

  59. carter amidon

    why does this song make me sad

  60. Joshua Spohn

    some fire doe I be bumping this

  61. Thelegend27

    ya know for the ones who don't know... he struggled with her for a long time (I think) acroding to his other songs anyway... much love bro

  62. Johnathon Isbister

    this reminds me of my sister 😔😔

  63. james kolasa

    killin it speed gang love ur music so much i can relate to keep up the dope flows 616

  64. Joseph Greenfield

    Can't believe I just now found speed gang... I have yet to find a song I dislike. It's music you can connect with it's all amazing 😍

  65. Andie

    This songs reminds me of my ex who broke up w/ me

  66. Iziah Pugh

    keep it up homie, shit is fire asf bruh, I be going thru the same shit bruh but yo music makes me relate fr, yo if you traveling and ever in Indiana come stop and smoke a blunt or somethin man lmao, stay trippy my hippie

  67. Madilyn M

    Ohhh my

    Undead Skill

    Madilyn Malkovich you too

  68. Scoot

    love thise song ♡♡♡♡

  69. Storm Entertainment

    good song bro, im going through the same shit bro, u can get through it even tho it hurts so bad man, im left here wondering myself man, wish u the best man and keep it up on ur music career put all ur efforts into it, then when u got the money who can really bring u down, even tho it does hurt being lonely:,(

    Speed Gang

    keep ur head up homie

    Storm Entertainment

    Speed Gang thanks bro for real

    Scott Hannibal

    First I hear your music it’s amazing I really hits me hard god bless speed gang. Keep struggling.

  70. Wallace Archdale

    love it

  71. John Last

    Speed gang needa get on Pandora

  72. Alice Dylan

    Omg. Love the song 💕 I legit have to play it a couple times a day 😂😂

  73. Sinead x

    my heart I love this 💛💛💛

  74. OnlySaiyan

    I LOVE THIS SONG... lemme stop lying I love ALL OF SPEED GANGS SONGS!!!!!!!!

  75. Carl Draht

    bruh speed gang always be dope af

  76. Travis Miller

    Yo speed gang, in life we all gonna have hater's but f**k them hater's keep doing what you do..

  77. Deborah Estrada

    diz so true👌😐💕

  78. reekaa hall

    speed gang I love all ur fucking songs .......

  79. Hayley leigh Cunningham

    💖 this

  80. Travis Miller

    Good song

  81. Andie

    Idk but I can totally relate to Jeremy

  82. Mark Sisler

    i love your music almost every song i can relate to with some type of female shit is fire bro i love waht you do and what you do it for

  83. Young C

    Ohh yupp he's back sounds like his old shit

  84. Matty Suutyy

    so reminds me of my ex wife still love that bitch but she shady stupid bitch we broke up lol

  85. Jason Smith

    new favourite 👌👌

  86. NMH

    Loving your music more and more everyday.Aye, I'd for sure pay to see you perform. Keep up the good work man, keep this heat coming. Can't get enough

  87. Robert Arias

    This song is so dope leaving a like👍

  88. RaQuel Thomason

    <3... @speedgang

  89. Shaky

    OK one cuestion This is Speed Gang or is Fetty Wap?

    Roy Giroux

    Shaky one question are you stooopid or dumb?

    Shawn Beatty

    Shaky $peed Gang

    steeler gang ninja

    @Speed Gang my boy you is the best rapper in my opinion

    Dayday.cookies Dayday.cookies

    Dumb ass it's says his name all over it

  90. Nikki Zaifert

    I am addicted to this fucking song!!

  91. Deborah Estrada

    i luv dis💗💋

  92. Cody Donahue

    Keep this shit coming bro!!! So firee listen to your shit every day bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. Stasha tiffykins

    tune, fuck idiots i swear, i don't give no fucks no more

  94. Joseph Waterstraat

    yo I listen to this at least 2 times a day #speed gang

  95. Patar Knockerz

    Keep it up mah g.

  96. Speed Gang

    Snapchat: patronbullets

    Instagram: patronbullets

    Twitter: patronbullets


    Yo, your music be blowin up my speakerz, Don't care who you sound like, you basically all I listen to anymore

    Cody Taylor

    arizonababygirl78 wat you said all I ever legit listen to

    steeler gang ninja

    @Speed Gang why don't you want to make songs with fetty wap

    Shaun Blake

    @Gavin Dioguardi357 😂what?

    clayann charles

    Speed Gang I love your songs tho