Speed Gang - Red Violin Lyrics

If you want me to leave
You can tell me to leave
It would tear me apart

If you want me to stay
And the feelings were fake
It would put a hole in my heart

And if you wanted to bleed
I'd get on one knee
And I'd tear it apart

If you coming with me
You can hop in this seat
And we can go into the dark

You want it...
You got it...
I'm not... Around bitch
You told me you loved me
White lies bitch
Like fuck me

Now I'm rollin up
Sip another cup
I don't wanna talk
Just wanna fuck


No not me
No not I
Cast another spell
Doin' coke lines

If you want me to leave
You can tell me to leave
It would tear me apart

If you want me to stay
And the feelings were fake
It would put a hole in my heart

And if you wanted to bleed
I'd get on one knee
And I'd tear it apart

If you coming with me
You can hop in this seat
And we can go into the dark

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Speed Gang Red Violin Comments
  1. Montana Matheson

    Some legit fillings have bro I fill ya keep the shit coming one my favor songs by ya

  2. Jaylynn Moore

    Lil Peep😈❓ Fetty Wap😣❓... NAH IT'S SPEED GANG NIGGA'S❕❕✴😍😈

  3. Sadia Begum

    love this song. can't stop listening

  4. Claudia Begay

    For real nice 😎😎😎😎

  5. La-la Love

    This song is to my one and only true love I will love u till I die!!!!

  6. Crystal Merkley

    this needs to be on Apple Music !

  7. Andrea Riegsecker

    and another badass song!! love it!!

  8. keya oxendine

    @speed gang if you see this comment plz go to my channel and check out the shout-out video I gave you !! Big fan 👌


    Best song I think I’ve ever heard ...peep flo

  10. Michael Brumage

    I can relate to much to this song

  11. Dakota Cavanaugh

    Add this to iTunes!!

  12. Terry33

    This would be good n half vid n half lyrics at same time that be litter but its already lit

  13. Tony jazz

    No matter how long this song never gets old same for std !!

  14. Tye Couch

    I love the lil peep monologue ab depression 😞

  15. Joy Gray

    Why am I crying rn??? 🖕💔

  16. Douglas Paupanekis

    Keep rapping i like it ill fuck you spped gang im from L.A.

  17. Hopsin Son

    I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna fuck🔥

  18. Street Disciple Productions

    I was with this one girl for almost a year she cheated I left and I relate to this shit so much

  19. Kara Decker

    Don’t worry I have been though a lot of shit in my life to .speed gang . I’m so sad about it I do things I shouldn’t do.

  20. Kara Decker

    I love you speed gang

  21. dumb shit science

    This song hits me hard and so does "made it this far"

  22. Garrett Calliou

    always great stuff!! love this song man!!

  23. FlamesThe616God

    hope ur doing better then u ever have been always keep ur head up man life is full of surprizes im always here for ya music is the key to happiness

  24. YoungVisionTrilogy YVT

    Just realized the beginning is from a peep video

  25. Taven Grimes

    I like it

  26. Talon 1

    love this song

  27. Baby K

    Straight fire

  28. Baby K

    Fuckin with the vibe

  29. do me Doobie

    Alittle short but, Wtf, it's still lit!

  30. Randomgears707 Plays

    Bruh your music helps me through everyday and especially today

  31. Mazda Lover

    Hey i love you jeremy this is my favourite song.

  32. Riley Smith

    Speed gang u blowing up , great song it really speaks life

  33. 21fredo Fredo

    This gives me a lil peep vibe it is very good didifferent a lil but good

  34. 21fredo Fredo

    Speed gang rising and grinding !!

  35. Teo Lumbee

    Luv this music

  36. Kathy Schober

    I love this.... Huni you shared this perfect time

  37. isatta knowlden

    I love it

  38. LaceUp EST

    bro what is going on scared for ya you are raping deep af now just hope all is well never give up look at u g u are up there but that shot does not stop feelings like I said u have it made look at what u have and became look at some famleys u are my g for life 616 ✌ real shit


    Not released a single song that isn't a tune can't thank my mate enough for introducing me to your tracks 🏆🏆👌👌

  40. Tiara Lariviere

    I think you should add your music to Google play music it's would be the best!

  41. Gaige Newnam

    call 443-205-5466 phone you] gaige

  42. treasure halcrow

    damn bruh. this is one of your songs that are fire

  43. Hanna Biswell

    shit bruh i love this shit you should make some more stuff like this

  44. Jordan Liang

    Bro, you need to get Spotify. Your songs are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Speed Gang

    Any new fire all your songs are good they help me alot

  46. RedNeck-Kracker

    Great song ...

  47. Speedie 616

    Any new fire coming all these songs are dope I can't wait for new ones speed gang your blowing up

  48. Speed gang Foeva

    All these songs are fire I have very good vibes any new songs coming soon

  49. Murda Lands

    doing coke lines :)

  50. Nathan Plum

    love the beat and pace of this one

  51. Vanessa Ann Jurasin

    I love it so much!

  52. Chris Millis

    I've been sharing songs with everyone I meat ppl be like wtf hews this next thing you know there telling there friends for real love the beat the hole song of every song i play really thanks couple songs kinda keep me going threw the day piece out bro

  53. Jordan Stapleton

    speed gang your music helps me get through everyday, i love all your songs

  54. RoyBot Beats

    Damn. I feel this one.

  55. RoyBot Beats

    Damn. I feel this one.

  56. RoyBot Beats

    Damn. I feel this one.

  57. Nathan Hirth

    90k! SO CLOSE TO 100! You deserve it fr 👌🏼👌🏼

  58. F4TKITTEN Beam

    Lit as fuck keep doing what your doing bro.

  59. keya oxendine

    Speed gang is blowing up 90 k awesome

  60. Timothy David

    Who else from the Lou?? This shit needs to go viral

  61. chris

    Me being a leo i can relate to about everything you sing about i love the music speed gang keep dropping music

  62. mlg recker


  63. mama shama

    one of the songs that actually have meaning to it

  64. Justin Barse

    Your songs are lit asf


    drop some new songs bro
    # speedgangtakingover616

  66. Devin Davis

    Bro keep dropping these fire songs love this one and get lit my top 2 songs keep up the good work homie love your work 👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👏

  67. Becca DeLong

    Love this vibe man 💌

  68. Alice Dylan


  69. *insert name here *

    I’ve been watching you blow up when you get famous don’t change up remember your fans. You’re here for us we’re here for you !! Keep it up, much love!

  70. Storm Tracey

    ur most defiantly an idol. once I get my music facebook back up. ill shoot u some my voice. trying get it out there. and have people help me conquer my dreams. ur truly an inspiration. I may not look like much. but I got breakdancing skills and singing like a motherfuxkers and a mindset beyond belief . if theres anyway u can help or help keep me updated on shows to follow my dreams 2606105676. shoot me a text. live on old lol fort . I'm conquering the dreams my dad never got to before he died. and that's my determination. just need help turning my ideas into miracles. my voice into the song of beauty. and my dancing into art again

  71. Ethan Siler

    always with the fire 💯💯 this really hits me hard rn but I'm making it thru it fuck bitches 😪👌

  72. Yvonne Siwulich

    Love it Jeremy

  73. Melissa Chavez

    Sound s Like my Ex HUSBAND

  74. twilight seafoam

    I relate to this so much. I trust one person and they break my heart

  75. lukeman987

    Why are you not on Spotify though...you need to be on there

  76. iced glitcher

    This song is dope asf keep up the work bro

  77. Lil Peep

    this dope asf bruh

  78. Lisa Brauckman

    oml. this shit too good

  79. c.c.kash

    Y does every song he does go with auto tune

  80. chrisy

    Kinda reminds of OZZY Osbourne song 💜💜💙💙😎

  81. Kai M

    Luv the new song... It sucks being a young fan, because I'm only 16, nd people say Im too young nd not suppose to like this type of music, but I really love your music, your music has always help me when times go rough.. keep it up with your amazing music, I will always listen to it nd never let haters say I can't,

    ItzYeGirl 03

    I feel you, I’m only 15 and I listen to this. It helps get through your days


    I'm 13🤣🤣

    Cole Sultemeier

    17, man you can listen to whatever music you want, its whatever you vibe with. I go back and forth between metal and rap all the time

    Connor RK900

    @Cole Sultemeier me to bro i listen to rap metal and Mexican music. Weird combo but idgaf

  82. Anthony Stockman

    Hey Speed Gang if u want to meet up sometime my number is 309-316-0213

  83. Anthony Stockman

    Speed Gang u r awesome I wanna meet u in person and do a song with u maybe we do the song H.O.E

  84. spiceman

    Who hurt you speed

  85. John Candelaria

    Is that him talking at the beginning?

    Jenny Swain

    John Candelaria. yea it is


    Nah thats peep


    Greyson Powell no lol its speed gang

  86. emma benjamin

    Can u get ur music on Spotify 😩❤️

  87. Ivy Husted

    All the 14 ppl that didnt like this song can go fuck them selfs this shit it amazing asf!

  88. Anthony Candelaria

    this is now my new favorite song ~no not me , no not i ,cast another spell doing coke lines

  89. ItzYeGirl 03

    It’s kinda like a Lil Peep song, the vocals and the beat. I like it😁

  90. lil kill

    Yo keep up da good work doe

  91. Reaperholic 1

    Bruh is it alright to cry? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jaylynn Moore

    yes it is juss stay positive like he said. Man it's hella hard but im here for you man stay strong

  92. Black vynl

    Your one of the few actually good White rappers you needa keep it up u got me through alot of stuff u on sum good stuff keep it up my man

  93. Nelly Ingermann

    Your are an amazing rapper you just got another big fun for real

  94. Teagan Moore

    Love this. It's soooo deep and relatable

  95. Kool Kat

    Got a lil peep vibe but loving it💘

  96. Cici

    This song is so dope as well as your other one xD

  97. Sam Morgan

    Bro i feel this shit deep as hell 😩🖤 you keep on banging bro you gon make it to the top cuz I'm already telling people about you man.

  98. Stacy Khron

    Aye it's fire either way

  99. Speed Gang

    Switched It up a little For This One. More New Videos and Bangers On The Way!! An If Your reading This rn I just wanted to Say I appreciate Your support!! Been going Thru some shit the last few months. But im back on My Grind and back in the studio. I Love You Guys Stay Positive No Matter What <3 

    -Speed Gang

    Dawn Maskrey-K.

    MY♥️HEART♥️WILL NEVER, EVER LOVE♥️ ANY OTHER.👻🎃👿💀👻🎃☠️👹🤢👺👾💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🖕💪🎃💀☠️👹💪🖕💋🍦🍧🍦🍧🍦🍧🍦🍧🍦🍧 XOXOXO XOXOXO DAWN FROM THE 612, 612 💋👻

    Josh Owens

    Keep doing wat u doing bro. I hope life gets easyer 4 u


    @speedgang been a yr still bumping this no matter what never give up such a cole world :( 100%

    Drake Clark

    Speed gang keep ya head up man I love ya music I’m a huge fan comment back plzzz